Hi, this is another trip that I write it for you guys. It is a short unplanned trip.

The only goal of this trip is to visit the sea which is not far away and the most important is to travel with a cheap cost in a low budget tourist ... ^_^

^_^...Let's go travelling together.....^_^

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I begin the journey from Korat, my hometown, around 03.00 a.m., I drive slowly which my first propose is Chanthaburi province. My first visiting point is Maephra Patisonti Niramon Church. The church is located in the same area of Streemandapitak School (originally this school teach about religious), it is a Gothic art style Catholic Church. At first the apex is built on the rooftop but it's demolished in the world war 2 period, the goal is to prevent the air attack. The wooden church is decorated with a stained glass shaped as a saint. In Christian, the Virgin Mary with a peaceful on her face is a sculpture that shine of merciful. The sculpture is standing in front of the Gothic church that looks marvelous but inside is left over calm, bleak and beautiful decorated by art and design of Europe style. The gorgeous building is located here from time to time, more than a century. Maephra Patisonti Niramon Church is not become the most beautiful church but it is also the center of Christian people who believe in faithfulness. It is not only built for Chanthaburi people but it is extensively throughout the East Coast area ( Thank You information from http://www.paiduaykan.com) and it is a normal thing that Google map will lead me to a wrong way hahaha, making me a looping drive but not once that it make me feel disappointed because I always lost the way when believing in Google map hahaha. But in the end, I can find the way to the destination because I ask the local people there.

I go there when the sky is not bright, the sky is white and the sunlight is very strong. I can say that it's an extremely hot day.

I walk around taking a picture of the church. The weather is hot but my heart feel strangely calm.

Let's see a picture from this widen corner, a panorama view of Maephra Patisonti Niramon Church.

Hidden myself from the hot day inside the building

People who enter the church should make yourself calm and dress tidely

Inside is cool and and very peaceful.../\_/\

After visit the church, my next destination is Chanthaburi community, an over 300 years old community. It is located in the city of Chanthaburi. Chanthaburi river edge ( Chanthaburi River), it is an ancient house here. There are many style of houses such as a Thai style houses beside the river edge, Europe mixed with Chinese architectural building style which you have to cross Niramon bridge to see it.

ฺBoth side of the river are old and new houses switching together.

This wall is another landmark of this place that I have to take the picture.

Since the day I go there is a normal work day, not many foreign tourist. Stores almost close so I can only walking around and take a photo of local people lifestyle. I am enjoyable but I would like to say that it's extremely hot hahaha.

This store is great, it's the place to showdown knowledge and it's the place where late adolescence of this place gather together. I would say that it's very lively.

Another one of my goal, but .... it is closed...I want to cry out.

I spend times walking there until it's time for lunch to add energy...Jae Jim restaurant-Mhoo Leang noodle restaurant... I enter noodle restaurant but I order fried Suki. It is delicious, save a lot of money, the seller is kind...so I take this chance to ask for travelling information...hehe.

And I get another goal, Kung Kraben Bay Royal Development Study Center.

Kung Kraben Bay Royal Development Study Center is established since the initiative thought of King Bhumibol Adulyadej when he visites to open the ceremony of King Taksin Monument in Chanthaburi on 28 December 2005. His royal thought was given to Chanthaburi's governer, the important details are listed below...

" To consider a suitable place to proceed the development of fishery and agricultural project in the coast area, Chanthaburi province".

And he also donated money that populace in Chanthaburi gave to him to use as a fund to start the project.

Next on 30 December 2005, King Bhumibol Adulyadej had given more speech at Chitralada Royal Villa which was summarized as below...

" To consider forest degradation area or public area to establish the Development Study Center ,the same as Khao Hin Sorn Royal Development Study Center to become the study center area about developing the area in the sea coast". Chanthaburi province has collaborated with many relevant departments to set up the area in Klong Kud sub-district, Tamai district, Chanthaburi. It is an area that established to Kung Kraben Bay Royal Development Study Center since the year 1982. The area is a government area that proceed the demonstration and developing the sea coast area by combining knowledge from each department to plan, manage, develop and sustain available resources.

I like this place so much, it is a wooden bridge which leading to mangrove forest, I feel so enjoyable.

The day I go there is quite lonely, maybe the reason is because I am travelling on the normal day which not many people travelling on this day but the charm of coming on a normal day is that we don't have to be in the crowded place and this is the reason I like to travel on the normal day...^_^

I walk alone the way to the river mouth. It is so beautiful. I am pity that on that day the sky is unclear and not beautiful. This is the only picture I get...Y_Y

There is a canoe boat too but today for me I think I am not okay, I am afraid that the boat will overturn and we both get drowned hahaha. Here is the picture before I departure.

I drive outside to take picture in this corner. It's beautiful and peaceful, suitable place for relaxing so I take picture of my child as my memory.

Now let's continuous the journey, my next destination is Noen-nangphaya view point, you can see a road to Kung Wiman beach or an official name is Chalerm Burapa Chollathit which is named as the most beautiful road in East. I am so pity that the sky is not bright so I can take only the picture with a gloomy sky instead...Y-Y

Noen-nangphaya view point, you can see the widen view here. Anyone who want to go to Chanthaburi should not miss this place.

Before the sunset and the light disappears, I see one best corner so I go and wait there to take a picture. I am not sure what is this corner named but I think this is another beautiful corner.

Last picture with this last light and I will go back to Chao Larn beach to find a place to sleep because tonight I still don't know where to sleep... hahaha.

After the night, I stay at the accommodation near Chaolao beach with the price of 400 Baht/night, the room provides water heater which it makes me relax after the whole exhausted day so it boosts up my energy to adventure today. My destination is Samae San Island, the island that I just have heard last night because at first I intend to go to Ko Kham but... Ko Kham is not opens in a normal day so I have to change the plan immediately.

Samae San Island is located in Sattahip district, Chonburi province. It is 1 of 9 island in Plant Genetic Conservation Project of Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn ...To buy a ticket to Samae San island, you have to reserve the ticket in advance. Tourist who want to cross the Samae island have to come and queue up and buy the ticket day by day... The ticket price of Samae San for adult is 300 Baht. The ticket price includes visit a museum, round trip boat to Samae San island, a car service, toilet, shower room service...You also have to check the price again, Again I book the ticket around 11:00 am., I notice that many foreign tourist are visiting here and they come with a group tour, taking loudly to each other. Me myself don't understand the language but I just peek at the beautiful and white ladies hahaha. I take a photo while waiting to get on the ship.

Finally it's my turn to cross to the island. For me I have ever been travelling to visit the sea in the southern part of Thailand so I don't know beautiful the sea is but for this place, unluckily that the sky is not beautiful... but the sea water is clear and the beach looks really white...^_^

Actually I want to peek a picture of the foreign lady but the tour guide stares at me and make me afraid of him so I better just take picture of the view instead hahaha.

Let's see the picture of many activities, playing in the water, diving, cruising, volleyball beach or sleep and relax on the beach but it depends on each people happiness. For me, I choose to walk around and take the picture hahaha.

I end my trip with this picture before I shelter myself and eat Mama noodle alone, take a nap and waiting for the boat to go back to another coast ....^_^ Saving energy to drive a car. My accommodation for tonight is a at Rayong.

Last day of the trip is at Khao Laem Ya National Park.

It is located in Baan Pae, around 20 kilometer not far away from the city. It was renowned as the third marine national Park that cover all the coastline and sea as well as different islands such as Mae Ram Phueng Beach, Khao Laem Ya and Koh Samet which includes Koh Samet, Koh Chan, Koh Kuti, Koh Kam, Koh guai, Koh Pai Teen, Koh Talay and Koh Tai Khang Khao. The attractive point is Koh Samet or Koh Kaew Pitsadarn.

The national park has 3 routes to go and explore which is Koh Samet, Koh Kuti and Khao Laem Ya. You will find out that there are many species of plant along the way such as Ma Now Pha, Ton Kai Tao, Ton Kan Pra Yat, Ton Sa Met Dang and wildlife animal such as Masked palm civet, small weasel, Crab-eating macaque, Finlayson's squirrel, swallow and owl,etc. These 3 routes are also known as a viewpoint too.

National park admission fee for Thai, adult is 40 Baht, children is 20 Baht.It costs 200 Baht for foreign adult and 100 Baht for children.

Don't waste anytime now, let's go explore it.

There is no beach to play in water, it is suitable for taking a photo, strolling and look at the view

The strong wind blows, just strolling and relax here.

I am really jealous of this uncle lying there, he makes me want to stop the time right now.

If I have a chance, I would come back to this place again with someone to sit on this swing together. I imagine that it would be so nice hahaha.

I still keep walking and taking a rest when I feel tired.

I am so enjoyable walking along this trail.

Viewpoint from a sky view.

I am wondering about the purpose of setting this stock up, if any one know, this tell me.

Here is the last 2 pictures in the last light of the day at Khao Laem Ya. Thank You everyone's comment and sharing.

If I have a chance, we would see each other again.../\_/\

Thank You very much ...^_^

Yuttana Pichanchai

 Friday, April 1, 2016 11:19 AM