Hello guys, Sawadee Kha, today I'm back again..... with Japan!!!

This trip, I make a detour a bit which takes 8 days and 8 nights.

I travel from 25th December to 2nd January (sleep on the flight on the 25th and travel back to Thailand on the 2nd).

We have planed this trip since May. We took a very long time to find the ticket as we wanted to have the inexpensive and a great time ticket.

Finally, we got the Vietnam Airlines which offered full service under the condition that we need to transfer at Hanoi and waited there for about 3 hours which is fine by us.

After getting the ticket, now it's time to plan the route. Since I also make a travel program, now I get to travel myself so I wanted to only go to the highlighted places and I also believe in my toughness as well.

I think it should be fine even with long travel to several cities. Below is the rough plan for this journey:

Osaka / Kyoto / Kanazawa / Shirakawa / Takayama / Kawaguchiko / Tokyo / Osaka

How is it? Too many? Hehe, now let's start our journey....

P.S. Due to this trip to Japan is for leisure and not for working, so the photos would be a lot and a lot. Therefore I will divide my review into several parts.

P.S.2 We rely on JR PASS for most of our transportation mode and if there's any additional fee, it will be marked for your reference.

This is the equipment used for photography in this trip:

- Fuji x-m1

- Lens : Kit 16-50 , fujian 35mm f1.7

I also have my own page now, please stop by to say hi sometimes :)



Our first day starts from Suvarnabhumi Airport. We have a 18.35 p.m. flight to Hanoi. We arrives Hanoi at 20.25 p.m. and wait there for another 3 hours.

Before flying, it is a time for photography practice. It is such a magic hour, how can we miss it!!!

There's food and beverages service on board as well. Of course, this is a full service flight. Anyhow, I didn't take any photos as we were too busy chitchatting.

But while we are waiting at the transit, we can't resist not to try Vietnamese "Pho" or noodle. Well, we are already here, why not, right?

The taste is quite good and inexpensive. It is a set of Pho and a can of beer for 5 USD which is about 177 THB. Well, it's cheaper than those in our airport.

But...the thing is... at first we didn't mean to have any food, we just ordered beer which was 3 USD for each can. Then, we turned and saw Pho for 4 USD each!!! So....why didn't we just order this set since the first place, right??!!

This is the shop we enjoy for this meal. They also offer the plug for battery charging.

Let's continue our story. After we are full, let's go to wait for the flight again. But!!! there's some story happens....

We take out our boarding pass to see our seats. Since this is the check through ticket, we think it won't have any problem.

But when we look at the boarding pass, we found that we were assigned separate seats. We come together but let us sit separately?

So sad.....we also know that it's our fault that we didn't check it since Thailand but we also didn't expect them to give us separate sets neither since we sit together on Thailand to Hanoi flight.

We have consulted each other quite sometimes before deciding to ask the Gate staff.

The staff was really kind and said they would check for us. They said that the flight was full, if we were to sit together, we won't be able to bend our seats.

Well, we thought sitting separately seemed to be a better choice, so we said that's fine and thank them.

But the same staff called and recheck again.

Finally, we got the regular seats that we can bend. Wow, thank you so much for your help and kindness :)

At midnight, it's the boarding time. Our flight is at 00.30 p.m and we will reach Kansai Airport at 06.40 a.m.

After that, we are freshen up and go to activate JR Pass, which...has a very long queue.

We plan to leave Kansai at 08.43 a.m. for Kyoto, but when we got our pass, it's already 08.35 a.m.

Well, we are in a big hurry now..... dragging luggage, getting down to the escalator and finding the van that we need to get on. Then, we quickly jump on, put our luggage and look at the watch, it's now 08.42 a.m.

Oh my...... I made it. Now, let's move on!

About 1 hour and 15 minutes later we arrive at Kyoto Station. we wanted to visit bamboo forest first so we need to deposit our luggage at the locker.

The lockers have so many types and prices, you can choose the most appropriate for you. We choose the 1,400 JPY one.

If you don't have coins, don't worry, this country has already designed the most convenient kind, you can exchange it nearby.

Then, we move on. After we arrive at Kyoto, we haven't step outside the station yet and now it's time to catch another train.

Next destination is bamboo forest and romantic train~

From Kyoto Station, we get off at Umahori Station and walk towards Torokko Saga Station.

We arrive a bit too late so we didn't get to take the photos of the singing bamboo rats.

Sagano Romantic Train will take about 25 minutes. If you ever come to Kyoto, I must say this is definitely a must not miss activity. It's just fantastic for me.

The train will run along the Hozu River and go pass the beautiful valley of Arashiyama of Kyoto.

We are free to enjoy it in open area and closely to the nature.

The water is so clear. If you have time, you can also try to boating. While we are passing by, the tourists in the boat also wave to us, so cute.

Along the way, we will go pass Hozkukyo station in which the bamboo rat family is singing for welcoming us.

Then, we arrive at Saga Arashiyama Station which has bamboo forest. The train fare is 620 JPY each.

If you don't want to walk, they have the Rickshaw service for you. The service guy looks very strong and good looking. But I want to walk ~ /me wave to them.

There's not much people while we are here but why there's people head in the photos. I recommend that coming early is better.

When we keep walking straight, we will see the main road selling many food. Wow, just in time, I'm hungry now.

After wandering and finding something to eat, now we are going back to downtown Kyoto.

As soon as we get out of Kyoto station, we see this outstanding Kyoto Tower.

In the afternoon, we will take the bus to Kiyomizu Temple.

There're 2 buses going to Kiyomizu Temple which is line 100 and 206. We take the line 100 and get off at Kiyomiza-Michi Station.

And to go to Kiyomizu Temple, we must walk, walk and walk!!! And it's about a km uphill walking. Oh my......

On the way there, we didn't take the main road where people are selling stuff. So the route we are taking has less people and easy to talk (really?).

The fee to go into the temple is 300 JPY each. Now that we have the ticket, let's get in!

Since we visit here during winter so it gets dark very fast and also very cloudy.

In this photo, the trees are so dry........

This is the famous corner, but why when I took, it looks like this???

Let's talk about the temple a bit, otherwise, it's not like a person who works in travel business.

Kiyomizu Temple is one of the temples that visited most by the tourists.

It was built in 780. It had the water naturally running from the Otowa Waterfall and therefore it comes another name as "clear water temple".

This temple is also registered as the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.The highlight of this temple might have been the Hon-do which is located on the hill. The wide wooden terrace was built out by several hundreds poles. More importantly, no single nail was used for this construction but the Japanese wisdom putting them together just like the above photo.

Walking down from the viewpoint and under the sanctuary is the 3 sacred streams of waterfall. Most people would drink it to pray for health. It is believed that this water is the source of longevity as well as healing diseases. The legend has it that if you drink all 3 streams, you will succeed in study and career as well as good health and long live.

On the way back, we walk on the main road in which they sell many things along the way.

They sell souvenir, snack and ice-cream. We also have ice-dream despite it's cold. Well, we just want to have it, haha.

We will also be able to see a lot of people dressed in yukata and kimono. You can also rent it, walk around and take some photos.

The price is.....I think more than a thousand baht. For me, I'd rather keep that money for food like a fatty kid style.....

And that's it, the first day program. Tonight, we are staying at Airbnb.

It is far from the train station but very comfortable and convenient as the owner picks us up and drops us at the station and when we are hungry, they also drive us to the restaurant.

The house is also very cute, I love it. I will put the price at the spoil link below.

This is how the house looks like.

[Spoil] คลิกเพื่อดูข้อความที่ซ่อนไว้https://th.airbnb.com/rooms/5662179

We got each night for 1,120 THB as when we booked, we got a good exchange rate.

Let's move on.


Today, we will travel to KANAZAWA . From Kyoto Station, we take the LTD EXP. THUNDERBIRD train which takes about 2 hours.

Before getting on the train, we buy the Bento as our breakfast at this shop.

This is how it looks, very cute. The price is about 700 JPY, the taste is quite good, a pass for me.

The times passes so fast (of course,I sleep as soon as I finished the Bento.)

Now, we arrive at KANAZAWA, the origins city of Hachiban franchise restaurant in Thailand.

Once we get out of the station, it's snowing.....Wow... at first I thought we wouldn't see it as the weather forecast said it's going to rain. But now it snows, which is even better, hehe.

Before starting to go around, we need to book the bus to Shirakawago. As we found, the website said we need to make a call for making a booking.

But the call didn't go through so we decided to buy there.

And the surprised thing happens again. The morning bus that we wanted is sold out T^T, now only the last bus in evening is available which means we might not get to tour around Shirakawago village.

This is because we booked our hotel at Takayama and this time of bus wouldn't allow us to tour to Shirakawago. Most people travel to this village but stay over at the other city.

But thank god that the staff said the 14.00 p.m. bus is now available while I was thinking with my boyfriend what to do. Now, it means that we can also travel in Shirakawago even though with a very limited time, Yay!!!!

Oh! The bus from KANAZAWA to SHIRAKAWAGO is Hokutetsu Bus not Nohi Bus.

I'm also not sure if they have Nohi Bus but I think that Nohi is the bus from Takayama.

This is where we can buy the ticket.

From the Kanazawa Station, we will find Starbucks and go straight a bit, in case someone wants to follow this route.

Ok, now that the situation is solved. Let's move on. We are so determined to buy this ticket, as you can see, we drag our luggage along, haha.

To travel inside this city, I recommend to buy a One Day Pass Bus which they will run in left and right loop. The ticket is 500 JPY.

This city is close to the sea and of course, there's a fish market. Now we are quite hungry, so we will find something to eat at the fish market first.

The fish market is called Omicho Market. Once we see the stop, we get off right away. But why does it look a bit strange.......

Well, isn't that fish market supposed to be busy and alive? Why is it so quiet? After continue walking for a while, now we realize something is not right.....

Oh no...I'm so cold and hungry. Where is the fish market? Suddenly, I see this coffee shop, OMG, quickly go in.

The owner is not Japanese but he can speak Japanese.

The atmosphere of the shop is quite cute, so let's have a zip of coffee to release the cold.

The shop nearby is also cute.

The snow is so cute.

Finally, we open the map in the mobile phone to find that we need to get off at another stop for fish market. So then, we just keep walking and finally we arrive at fish market, yay!!

Omicho Market has everything available, especially fresh seafood.

It is said that Kanazawa sea has both warm and cold water tides meet, so there's a lot of fish here. Fisherman is the major occupation for this town.

Fresh Wasabi

Walking here and there, we find this Udon shop with a lot of people. Let's try it out.

We just want to try, so just two sticks are enough as we still want to have some fish, hehe.

Wow, having this soup is so good.....oh my... just good.

We find the shops to eat for a long time. Every shop has a lot of people. That I'm so hungry and don't want to wait so we just have our food at one restaurant which has less people.

This dish is 1000 JPY, the taste is ordinary but very fresh.

After that, we continue our travel. At first we were going to to to Samurai area (Naga-machi Buke Yashiki District), but....the bus seems to be going in strange places.

When we asked the driver, he said we got on the wrong bus, we have to get on the bus from the opposite site.

Once we get off, we just realize that now we are at Higashi Chaya District.

This area is close to Asano, Kagawa River.

This area is the traditional tea shops which is the symbol of Japanese culture. In the past, people come to the tea shops for celebration and entertainment in which geisha was here for the entertainment.

Higashi Chaya District is also the biggest tea shops neighborhood in Kanazawa.

These tea shops are outstanding in their wooden grid structure, quite beautiful.

And that we are already at tea zone, it's time to enjoy the tea and the weather is getting colder too.

Um....the owner is looking very cool.

Looking at the time, let's go back now because the bus will stop at 19.00 p.m. and after that, it'd be night buses which come very rarely.

For tonight dinner is quite easy, we got it from Lawson and with this additional item. Well, I want to try different brands so I took one each. I really like the cat one, tasting very soft just like the photo on the can.

Ok, let's go walk around the hotel.

At Kanazawa, we stay at APA Hotel Kanazawa Ekimae, it is a 3 stars hotel. The price is nice and it's close to the train station as well as Lawson, perfect location!


The day is bright but we wake up a bit late because we have the 14.00 p.m. bus.

We walk around the hotel and find this small quiet temple which is located right behind our hotel.

We just wander around to kill the time. I want to go now....

Finally, it's the time to take the bus. It is the big coach that we can load our luggage. So nice.

Let's go!! Along the way, I also keep taking photos.

This country is really cute.

And the closer we are, the more beautiful it looks. Well, like this, I would easily fall in love with you!!!

After one and a half hour of journey, now we arrive at Shirakawago.

We only have one hour here as we have to take the bus to TAKAYAMA soon.

Let's say we won't enjoy a quality time here, and we might have to come back again.

And....the painful thing is that we really wanted to see snow at Shirakawago but once we get there, the weather is not cold enough so now they are all melted.

But again.. it's better to come than not. Stop feeling sad and continue traveling now!!!

The world heritage site of Shirakawago is a worldwide famous village due to it's very beautiful and has antique houses that are called Gassho-zukuri. These are the ancient peasant houses aged over 250 years. They look like two hands put together, do you think so?

They said houses like this will need lots of money to build, millions.

The pipe cap is so cute.

The time is up now~ it's 17.00 p.m. and we must get on the bus to TAKAYAMA.

It takes about 50 minutes to get there and it's already dark once we reach there. Good thing that our hotel is located right next to the train station.

After unpacking stuff, let's go out to find something to eat.

It is said (again) that coming to TAKAYAMA, we must eat Hida beef. We walk around a bit before finding one restaurant which the owner is very kind and cute.

The atmosphere inside the shop is also cute.

We ordered 2 set of Suki and Steak.

Look at this meat...........so appetizing........

This is also looking good. The rice also comes in a set, quite full.

And I want to say that, oh my.... this is so delicious, it is melted inside my mouth... soft and sweet... oh my...so good.....

It is so much delicious. If you ever come to Takayama, please go for this, let's say I beg you. I really don't want you to miss it.

The price is also quite reasonable. It is about 3,000 THB for this meal. I don't remember the exact number but it's just worthy. Thinking about it now, I really want to eat it again.

I will give you the location here as it is quite easy to find. From the train station, just walking straight. It's at the second junction at the corer with a photo of buffalo head hanging.

[Spoil] คลิกเพื่อดูข้อความที่ซ่อนไว้

After eating, it's time for digesting. Takayama at night is so beautiful. The light is there, the weather is nice, very romantic town. I really like it.

I want to end today with the night atmosphere of this cute city and keep in tuned.

Let's continue on now. And before that, I want to talk about some trick about getting on Japanese train.

Well, like we know, the Japanese is very on time so we must have a good plan. Like me, I use the http://www.hyperdia.com to search for train timetables.

This web will tell you the train name, departure time, the duration of running and the track we need to get on for each trip.

And at the platform, there's also the light sign telling the destination and arriving time of the train.

But if you are still confused as most of the time, the letters comes in Japanese. Even though English is also showing, but in a relatively short time.

I think it's best to look at timing for departure. I've tried, we will not miss any train.

But after getting on, I just found out that we were on the wrong train. Luckily, it goes to where we wanted to go, otherwise, we need to re-look at all the trains =.,=

At the platform, there's symbol of circle and triangle. At first, I also didn't know what it is until 2-3 days after taking the train.

It is there to tell us where we need to take the train as each platform has several trains running as well as the lighting sign. Just follow this and we will be on the right train, yay!


Now, we are still making the detour to Tokyo. Today is so fun, I have to tell you.

Actually, I planned to travel TAKAYAMA since yesterday and intended to go to Kawaguchigo since 8 a.m. like this:

But since our plan got messed up from the Shiragawago ticket, so we have yet traveled in this city, so we change our plan again to be like this. We will go at 11.24 instead as following:

But still! The point is... we need to take the Fujikyu Bus at 16.10 p.m. in order to reach the lake before 18.00 p.m. so that we can take the bus loop to the hotel. This means that we only have 15 minutes from getting out of the station and buy the bus ticket as well as getting on the bus.

Oh my.....will I make it? Then, I search the information in Pantip again to find out that I can make it. So, let's go!!!

And I have to say that today is such a surprise day to wake up and see this whiteness. Last night it might have snowed hard, very nice :)

Today we start touring the super cute Takayama. I walk while taking photos. This city is just too cute.

First of all, let's go to Jinya-mae Market which is an early market near the red bridge.

Well, the market doesn't sell much but little things and local things. I see some bouquet that I see Japanese hanging on the door.

There's also a temple near the market. They are cleaning at the door and is shooting for a program.

This morning I have my breakfast at the restaurant opposite to the market. They are selling Udon, Soba and more importantly, it is Hida beef again.

But still, it's quite different than what we had yesterday. Anyhow, it's quite tasty with reasonable price.

This is a pickle steak. It is said on the menu that this dish is only available during winter so we order. The taste is quite ok.

The atmosphere is quiet and local.

You are so cute >///<

Near the bridge is also so cute. I just love it.

Out next destination is the red bridge or Nakabashi. It is the famous bridge in this city.

The water flowing is the center of Takayama. Actually there's also a green bridge but probably red is fresher so it's the most famous one.

A lot of people are here so it's quite difficult to take a shot.

Across the red bridge, we will see the Sanmachi-dori or the popular black houses.

Along two sides of the road situated ancient houses with brown wooden structure, very beautiful. We can keep walking without feeling a bit bored.

There's souvenir and a lot of snack.

This is the highlight, the Hida beef Salapao. It is so delicious, the most delicious I have had in my life (I don't know about other stuffing as I never tried, haha.)

If you want to sit on the Rickshaw or the bike with someone pulling you, this city also has it available.

This is Sake (Japanese Liquid) shop but we didn't go it just take the photo, haha.

After wandering a while, it's time to go back to get the luggage at the hotel and get ready for Kawaguchiko.

This is our hotel named the Country Hotel, a 3 stars hotel in case someone wants to stay here. it is located opposite to the train station, very easy to find and has Family Mart below.

This is the map, you can take a look.

[Spoil] คลิกเพื่อดูข้อความที่ซ่อนไว้http://www.hida.jp/thai/admin/wp-content/uploads/2012/01/dl_city.pdf

We are still at Day 4 because there's a lot of story and not necessarily related to travel, haha.

Then, we take the train and then change it at Nagoya for Shinkansen in order to go to Mishima to take the bus.

I'm just taking photos and in a very good mood without knowing what to experience in the future......

After arriving at Mishima Station, we have 15 minutes for buying a ticket and taking the bus to Kawaguchiko.

From what we read, it is said that we just need to turn right and we will see it right away. And we follow accordingly. But......after the right turn, we found nothing and it's very quiet. So we think, we might have lost again.

So, we try to turn left, but still we couldn't find anything. Oh my..... what to do now, only 8 minutes left.

We start to panic. Then we asked direction with the Japanese teens but they also didn't quite speak English. They tried to help nonetheless by searching on the mobile phone.

What to do now, only 6 minutes left, then we decided to go back to the station and asked the staff. The staff said turning right is correct but we went on the wrong exit. We need to go out at the front entrance. Oh!! There's 2 exits........

There, we quickly run while dragging more than 20 kg. luggage along. And we need to go onto the opposite sites by stairs and crossing the platform.

Oh my........we arrive at the ticket booth at 16.10 p.m. which is just the time...that the bus is departing.

And we didn't yet buy ticket, so we missed it. I'm so angry now, angry with everything. Why....I didn't ask the staff since the beginning?!!!

So what now? We have to wait for the next bus which is the last for today at 18.10 p.m. We have to wait for another 2 hours and we just sit at where we should board, so cold T^T

And this is the ticket booth and where we will get on the bus......

Then the bus arrives at 18.07 p.m. and we get on. Once it's 18.10 p.m. the bus leaves, so we have 2 dark hours on the bus before arriving at Kawaguchiko Station.

Here, it's already dark. I can see nothing.

The bus is also finished. What to do now? So we called to the hotel asking if they can come pick us up. They said that the bus hour is gone now. The only way to go to the hotel is by taxi.

And we book the furthest hotel due to the good view.....So we paid 2,300 JPY for the taxi which is about 800 THB...

Well, the later the night is, the more expensive the Japanese taxi is....A big sigh...

Once we arrive at the hotel, we found out that there's no restaurants nor convenient stores. The staff might feel sorry for us, so they lend us the bicycle for cycling to Lawson which is 2 km. away.

Well, now, it's very dark and cold. At this moment, I just want to cry. In fact, I'm really scared. Luckily I come with my boyfriend so he shout to talk to me along the way.

When we arrive at Lawson, I take everything that I can eat, just in case. Please do not do like me, please plan well.

And this is how today ended ~


Ok, let's be relax and look at our hotel. This is how it looks at night, isn't it scary? haha.

The hotel is quite old with an old style of heather where you have to fill the fuel and its smell flourish in you room. The bathroom is also the public one. Why do we stay here? Let's wait and see.....

The bed is a very Japanese style.

And the main reason that I choose this hotel is due to...




Due to this view......This is the view after I open my window, Khun giant Fuji Sang.

And this is the view when we have breakfast. This explains why we choose to stay here.

The breakfast is bread and coffee. The strawberry yam is also very delicious, love it, haha.

The hotel also has this doggy as the welcoming staff.

The hotel named the Wilderness Lodge. It is closed to the 21st bus stop.

Walking out of the hotel and go across for photography...

I focus on free travel. So you won't find any entrance fee travel in my review, haha.

We are having quite a quality time here. Just chill and take photos until it's time to get on the bus to downtown.

We take the bus to the Kawaguchigo Station since my boyfriend wanted to visit the famous 5 layers of red pagoda, Chureito Pagoda. This, we need to take the Fujikyu Railway and get off at Shimoyoshida Station which we each need to pay additional ticket fee of 300 JPY.

And then just follow the sign which is available along the way. It is quite easy to find. You won't get lost. And along the way, we also look at the pipe caps. This one has some colors too, very cute.

Finally we arrive but we need to walk up to about 100 stairs as they said. But I feel it's more than that, so tired....

And............. when we got up here, it's cloudy. So we can't see the Fuji Sang. Oh well, let's go back then.

We take the train from Shimoyoshida Station to Otsuki Station in order to catch JR train to TOKYO.

Now, it's another 300 JPY each but the train is really cute and colorful.

Once we reach Otsuki Station, we change the train that accept the JR Pass and our next destination is UENO as our hotel is there.

We arrive at UENO now, this station is quite big.

This time I didn't have any photos of our hotel as I forgot to take but I do remember the name, please don't get upset with me <3

It's called Hotel New Tohoku, we stay 2 nights in Tokyo. The price is reasonable and it's easy to go around. I'm recommended it.

[Spoil] คลิกเพื่อดูข้อความที่ซ่อนไว้http://www.booking.com/hotel/jp/new-touhoku.th.html?aid=331515;label=new-touhoku-_FLAcsnyFj1QondLV_bfwgS8643026360%3Apl%3Ata%3Ap1%3Ap2%3Aac%3Aap1t1%3Aneg%3Afi%3Atiaud-146342137510%3Akwd-18757692920%3Alp1012728%3Ali%3Adec%3Adm;sid=996a40319c855e16a2f7740dade6dffe;dcid=12;dist=0;room1=A%2CA;sb_price_type=total;srfid=9b1b1e8a3b28ee5225f99ba9422f2192198f99e6X1;type=total;ucfs=1&

After unpacking the luggage, we are so hungry and want to have the exam Ramen. So we go to ICHIRAN at UENO.

This is like we are really seriously taking the exam, don't be afraid, the English version is also available. We can circle on the menu and the taste we want.

Then, we deposit the coin of what we want and additionally want. I recommend to add noodle and pork, for the eating thing, you can trust me .

How does it look? Appetizing? This is my boyfriend's, mine is without vegetable so it doesn't look as good.

After that, it's time for travel. Today we have a tight schedule, we want to go to ODAIBA. By that, we take the JR to JR SHIMBASHI Station and walk to SHIMBASHI.

I hope you are not confused. We need to walk out of JR station first and buy additional ticket. It is the Yurikamome line which will run around Odaiba.

I buy a One Day Pass of 800 JPY because I thought that I would get on at least 2 times. But in fact, we just walk........

We get off at Odaiba-kaihinkoen Station and walk straight ahead. This is what we see.

We keep walking on the sky walk to find the Statue of Liberty and the rainbow bridge.

The atmosphere is quite lovely as most of the visitors are young lovers and family with children.

I have to say that Odiba is a man-made island that have a good city planning. Everything is accessible by walking. You can just buy a one way ticket and no need for one day pass.

We walk to the Diver City Tokyo Plaza which locates Gundam. The cartoon is also playing while we are there but we couldn't' understand, haha.

Then, we continue walking to Palette Town which is a 115 m. tall Ferris Wheel.

It used to be one of the tallest Ferris Wheels in the world.

At first I wasn't gonna get on due to it's 900 JPY which is about 300 THB and that equals to one of my meals.

But my boyfriend said, it's his treat. So....hehe. He's so cute. Then, we got up.

There's also a see through seats but it's a long queue so we just got on the regular one as we don't want to wait.

Once we reach the peak, we could clearly see Tokyo Bay and the city of Odiba. It is about 15 minutes each round.

It is very beautiful and romantic. But this is all photos I have as I also want to have a romantic time with my boyfriend, haha.

Actually, there's more interesting thing like the Ooedo-Onsen but we are really short on time and I don't want to take the taxi. Probably, next time.

Then, I'm hungry again. We find this 24 hours local seafood barbecue shop, called ISOMARO SUISAN, let's go.

You can see how exhausted I am from my face.

The highlight dish is the crab fat grilled. You simply can't miss it. In fact, this is a franchise shop where you can find in almost every city.

This meal is about 3,000 THB since we eat a lot and with several glasses of beer. But it's very delicious, please don't miss out. ( Think about it now, everything seems delicious for me as I'm a fatty and everything is delicious.)

This is the location of this shop, in case you want to go. It is at Ueno, on the way to Ameyoko Market.

Let me take a break and go watch Dead Pool now.

[Spoil] คลิกเพื่อดูข้อความที่ซ่อนไว้


I'm back now, already watched Dead Pool but hadn't finished. Let me complain a bit here at the Spoil.

[Spoil] คลิกเพื่อดูข้อความที่ซ่อนไว้

Well, I went to watch this movie at Central Rama 9 at 20.00 p.m. They let us in at 20.05 p.m. and said that there was some inconvenient. Ok. fine.

After watching trailers for a while, the screen suddenly turned yellow for about 10 minutes. The staff came for apologizing and said the repair is undergoing.

Another 10 minutes, the screen is back to normal and another 15 minutes the screen went yellow again. The staff came and another 10 minutes it was back to normal. When it's about half of the movie, the screen went completely blank. Oh no.....Finally, they refund the ticket fare for us or give us the movie and come back the other day...I'm so upset...

Ok, let's continue our story.

After making a detour for 5 days, now we finally arrive at Tokyo. That we made a detour for many days, I drank a lot last night and now I woke up late.

I wake up at 9.30 a.m. and we get ready at 10.30 a.m. I think we won't get to go many places today, but that's alright, stay strong.

Today is also the end of the year, hehe.

We start at Ameyoko Market. It's not far from our hotel and we also walk past last night restaurant.

Ameyoko is the most popular market of Ueno. It is located along the JR station from JR Ueno to JR Okachimachi.

There's a lot of things selling on this street from dried stuff to fresh food, fruits, snack, clothes, bags, shoes and many more.

Of course, the army moves by food. We need to eat first. I don't know the name but the shop offers picture and price on the board.

Choosing menu, paying, and now we go sit and wait inside the shop.

This is my meal, the salmon and its eggs with rice in a price of 700 JPY.

This is my boyfriend's, he has a mixed fish with rice in a price of 750 JPY. It is quite delicious. We are so full as they come in quite big quantity.

Let's continue walking. We just want to walk around and not buying anything yet as we still need to go to Osaka.

We just keep wandering and enjoy the atmosphere. There's a lot of people, probably today is the end of the year so many people come out and spend money (really?).

This cute little doggy is so poor that he has no legs, haha. No, he does have legs but just very short.

From here, we can also see TOKYO SKY TREE.

After wandering around for a while, it's already noon but we just ate so let's keep moving.

Then we take the Tokyo Metro train Ginza line from the Ueno Station to Asakusa Station.

After getting off from the station, we go to the bridge which cross over the Sumida River and separate Asakusa and Asahi beer tower.

That's right, this tower doesn't look anything like beer soap. I have to also say that there's a lot of birds. I'm really scared since I'm afraid that it will poop on me like I had experienced before, haha.

After taking the photos on this bridge, we are going to red lamp temple or Sensoji Temple.

Here is where most tourists need to have a shot with and as we are also a tourist, how can we miss, right? A lot of people here.

From the lamp, we are going to see many shops and people.

We walk until we see this shop. It looks so delicious that we must try.

I don't know what it is. It looks like Moji filed with red beans, very delicious.

After walking here and there, it's about to get dark so we have to go back and book the Shinkansen ticket at Ueno Station and continue on.


From Ueno, we are going to Harajuku by traveling with JR Yamanote Line. Whoever has JR Pass, I recommend you to use it here as it covers almost all famous attractions in Tokyo.

Now back to Harajuku, it has a main shopping street named Takeshita Road.

Most of things sold here are clothes and something to eat. Many people come here for cosplay but we didn't see any while we were there.

Coming to Harajuku, do not miss this crapes. It is said that this is the first shop in this area.

Seeing people have this snack, I also want some. And I have it in heart shape too, so cool.

We walk until we get hungry, so it's time to move on as we intent to eat Sushi line at Shibuya.

Then, we take the JR Yamanote to Shibuya Station. Of course, how can we miss this 5 intersection at the famous Shibuya?

After crossing this intersection, we are going to the Sushi shop. But sadly, it's already closed due to today is New Year Eve so they close early, so sad.

We are so hungry but have to keep walking. Then we find another Sushi shop sign at the underground. Once we arrive there, it offers Sushi on the moving panels like what we wanted.

We can order food from iPad and our food will come along this moving lines.

Well, we are not that hungry, this is our first round ordering, haha.

The taste is ok, quite delicious, and not expensive. The starting price is about 120 JPY each with a complementary of green tea and water.

This is the location of the shop.

[Spoil] คลิกเพื่อดูข้อความที่ซ่อนไว้

After that, we keep wandering until the time to countdown at Tokyo Tower.

Then, we got attracted by this doll shop and it consumes more than 1,000 THB from us. Anyhow, I got a very big doll.

At 10.30 p.m. there's a lot of people at 5 intersection to wait for countdown.

Ok, now let's go to Tokyo Tower for counting down. In fact, for me, to countdown anywhere is the same, it depends more on who we are with.

But it's the person who is with me that wants to go a lot. I'm also not sure if there will be any activities at Tokyo Tower.

I used to ask my colleagues, they said that there wasn't anything going on but the temple besides was quite lively. After I checked the information, it is said that the balloons will be floating up.

In my mind, I picture it will be a lot of balloons in the sky, so I'm happy to see it. And my boyfriend said there will be fireworks too, he used to see in a video clip (really?)

From Shibuya, we take the JR to Hamamatsucho Station which is the closest station and then we walk.

If you don't want to walk, you can buy additional ticket and get off at AKABANEBASHI Station.

Along the way to Tokyo Tower, we need to go pass Zojoji Temple.

Since it is the New Year Eve, there's something going on inside the temple as well as the prayers. So many people.

We walk to wait for counting down behind Tokyo Tower with many people. So we think we have come to the right place. It might also have fireworks.

Then, we wait until 23.30 p.m. and I open the Facebook page of Tokyo Tower only to discover that they said there will be no fireworks this year and Happy New Year.....What.....???

Well, what can we do now, we can't do anything anyhow, a big sign.....

Until it's about time to countdown. It is so quiet that we have to countdown ourselves. The balloons? only less than 1,000......crying crying.......What am I doing here~

I pat to my boyfriends' shoulder and tell them, let's go home, it's ok.

And our 6th day ends like this.


We start our new year with the refreshing feeling, yay yay! And today is our last day here.

Today we will take the Shinkansen to Osaka.

The Shinkansen will stop at the Shin-Osaka Station and we will be staying at Shinimamiya.

We stay at Hotel Sunplaza 2 Annex with a public bathroom but it's ok, not scary.

[Spoil] คลิกเพื่อดูข้อความที่ซ่อนไว้http://www.booking.com/hotel/jp/hotel-sunplaza2-annex.th.html?aid=318615;label=Low_CPA_Thai_TH_12118694305-bu4ybQV%2Aek5QivVunnqLxgS73336504705%3Apl%3Ata%3Ap1%3Ap2%3Aac%3Aap1t1%3Aneg;sid=996a40319c855e16a2f7740dade6dffe;dcid=4;dist=0;room1=A%2CA;sb_price_type=total;srfid=ede818b7ebcfb40e6baf9a215dca1f1c3fae087cX1;type=total;ucfs=1&

After unpacking stuff, it's time to go out. We start at our hotel area, at Shinsekai, let's go~

We now arrive at Shinsekai which is the ancient town but Shinsekai means "New World", confused? haha.

Well, it's like the new world of the past. Here, the Tsutenkaku Tower is the iconic attraction in this area.

There's a lot of puffer fish in this area and also a lot of Japanese dish of deep-fried skewered meat and vegetables (Kuchikutsu).

Ok, now it's afternoon, let's have lunch at this restaurant.

So we order Japanese pizza or Okonomiyaki and they fried it for us. Very delicious......

This is a more highlight menu, Kushikatsu, the famous dish around here. Even the strawberry deep fried is also delicious.

Then, we keep walking around. According to Pantip friends, there's a cute coffee shop at Osaka which is at Nakazakicho District. We need to take the train and get off at the Umeda Station.

After keep walking for a while, we start to feel strange as it's so quiet.

Finally, we arrive here and find out that it's closed......

Almost all shops are closed. Probably because today is the new year......I'm so sad.

What can we do now but walking back....another big sigh.

After reaching the train station, we go to Namba.

We can shop for different kinds of souvenir here.

So our last day ends here so does our money, haha.

And this is it.

On our 9th day, we wake up early and go to Kansai Airport.

For all the expenses are in below photo. Looking at it now, we feel that we spent quite a lot too, haha.

And we haven't included the food and shopping expenses part. This is only the actual budget that is really necessary.

Other than this, it is the temple entrance fee, some train ticket fare and Ferris Wheel fare, things like that.

It may look a bit expensive but for travel, let's spend it. We have saved it for a year now, let's enjoy and have a great time.

If anyone has any questions, you are more than welcome to contact me.

Thank you so much for reading until this line. See you again next trip, 1 2 3............. Yay!!!!


 Thursday, May 19, 2016 10:58 AM