Sawadee kha

Today I would like to take you all to Huangshan, Anhui, China.

As I have a chance to go to work there, so I take this opportunity to travel^^

Our main destination for this trip is Huangshan Mountain and other city that I we have passed.

>>>Bangkok - Hangzhou - Tunxi - Huangshan<<<

Let's go>>>

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The first city that we are going to visit is Hangzhou which is located in Zhejiang and it is also one of seven China old town. Hangzhou has such a long history of 2,100 years. The highlight of the city is beautiful nature and world heritage class art works as they said "Above us there is the heaven and we have Suzhou Hangzhou below" which means it is the heaven on earth.

So do not waste anymore time let's go>>>

This is Xihu Lake or Western Lake

They said that Hangzhou is beautiful because of Xihu Lake

The lake is located on the west side of the city and surrounded by mountains. Moreover, Xihu Lake was just on the record on world heritage site by UNESCO in July, 2011.

This lamp is a symbol on 1 Yuan bank note.

Bicycle for rental, 1 Yuan/Hour (around 5 Baht)

You probably need the whole day to visit all places around the lake. But I did not have that much time so I only go to the famous places.

The Broken Bridge which the bridge of the White Snake history.

Xihu Lake is famous for both Chinese people and foreigners. It seems like a public park.

Let's go to the city and find something to eat at Zhing He Fang Market which an ancient market. There are so many choices for you to choose as we come here to eat^^.

We will try the traditional and famous food in Hangzhou which is "homeless chicken" (roasted chicken in soil).

There is a story of this menu they said that:

There was a homeless who go to steal a hen from the millionaire and run away. He was afraid that he might get caught so he covered the hen with mud and through it into the fire. After burned, hair and skin was come out with the mud and had white chicken meat which was looked really good. And when people saw, they thought that it was a secret recipe. So it became "homeless chicken" as today. ^^

Nowadays, people do not use mud to cover chicken anymore. However, there are some shops that still cook as the old recipe but they will wrap chicken with lotus leave first then cover by mud and burn it on fire.

The taste is good, no need to seasoning or dipping with anything else.

The price is 35 Yuan or around 170 Baht

Next day, we continue to Tunxi city where people have to pass before go to Huangshan.

We take the bus from Hangzhou to Huangshan (it takes about 3 hours to get there).

This is the ancient road "Lao Jia", it is a walking street in the middle of Tunxi city age of over 1,000 years.

And another famous food is "hairy tofu" which has origin from this city.

This hairy tofu is fungus but it is eatable.

Fried hairy tofu...

Then we go to Mee Ku Cave

Cross the bridge to the cave

And here we are!!!

The guild said that human built this cave since 1,700 years ago.

In side the cave

The guild suggest us another highlight cave and we have to go there by boat.

Here we are!!!! Wow, it is really big.

It does not like stalactite but it like a building.

Next day, an ancient village Cheng Khan

This village is designed to protect from outside people so the village plan is quite confuse. You might get lost if you come by yourself.

People in the village are carpenter.

The highlight of the village is "the forefather hall".

It is a wooden hall with beautiful sculpture.

Oh!!! Such a little cute one^^

As in the paint... so beautiful...

Let's go to Cheng Khan

Today we will conquer the top of Huangshan Mountain.

We take the cable car from Yun Ku Station to Huangshan Station. we are!!!

Such a nice weather

We will take south route2 (The orange line) then change to the green line and stay at Bei Hai Hotel.

Many nice views during the route

Xiw Xin Fong Viewpoint

That is the hotel that we will stay tonight.

Lock your love at Huangshan Bridge

(I think it is everywhere that has a bridge ^^)

Huangshan is the best of pine trees, odd stones, cloud and hot spring.

Oops!!! "The monkey watches the sea stone".

We actually plan to see sunset at Refreshing Terrace but it is very cloudy so we cannot see the sunset.

It is okay we still have tomorrow.

Next day, I wake up very early to see the sunrise at Purple Cloud peak. There are so many people as well as cloud so we only see the orange light at the skyline.

Never mind, we still have sunset this evening.

After that we take the Bright Top Route, the second height mountain of Huangshan.

From Bright top we can see the Lotus Mountain.

And Turtle Mountain see^^

This point is very beautiful just like in the paint.

Then we go to Fly Stone (another famous point) because this stone is not the part of it base.

View from West sea grand canyon route

Normally, people come to this point to see the cloud. But there is not much today.

After walking the whole, it is time too sit and waiting for the beautiful sunset.

While taking photos of the sunset, I lost my lens cover even every try to catch it but it is gone into the chasm.

Beautiful sunset

Suggestion for travelling to Huangshan

- Prepare yourself because we have to walk a lot

- Prepare food because the food here is quite expensive

- Shops: Food, Drinks and Souvenirs are quite expensive.

- Flashlight: In case that we go to see the sunset and come back late. Some hotel they provide the flashlight but some they do not.

- Hotel: There are many choices for you to choose as your convenience.

- Internet: The hotel provide internet at the lobby only and if you would like to us Line, Facebook or Instagram, you need to have VPN application because they block these site in China.

- Carrier: The price depends on the weight and size of bag so just take only necessary items.

Something like that...

The end of the trip, see you on the next journey^^



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