Summer is now coming and the most popular destination when talking about summer can't be anywhere else but the sea and beaches.

People who want to escape from the heat or hurt from heart-broken always think of beaches, so today I'd like to show the pictures and talk about my trip to the beach in the end of January. It may be one of choices for you who are looking for a travel destination for this summer.

The place I'm talking about is "Maiton Island (Koh Maiton) in Phuket Province. It's also called "Honeymoon Private Island".

Now, let's start our journey to the Andaman Sea.

Traveling to Phuket by Air Asia Airline which has 18 flights a day to Phuket from Bangkok.

It's very convenient to travel to Phuket by air, especially this airline which has almost 20 flight a day to get there. I just drive to the airport directly after work on Friday and spend my weekends on the island without taking days off.

It takes only an hour and 15 minutes to get to Phuket.

Firstly, I go to the check-in desk.

This time I have a chance to come to Terminal 2 for the domestic airline. It has just officially opened with more space available.

After I've done checking in, the luggage is taken to the airplane. I arrived at the airport at dinner time, so I order a brand new dessert for which the airline provides. It's called "Yamanashi Mochi" from Japan.

This rare and sought-after dessert looks like a large drop of water eaten with syrup and soybean powder. What is its taste like? You can order it. For more detail, visit the website

Traveling to Maiton Island takes only 15 minutes from Port of Phuket by Love Andaman Tour.

Since we arrived at the resort quite late last night, let's begin our story when we travel to the "Maiton Island" on the next day.

The staff from Love Andaman Tour call us one day in advance to ensure where we stay before coming to pick us up to the Port of Phuket by van. They come around 8.30 a.m.

When we get to the port, we do the check-in first. After that, we have been waiting until 10.00 a.m. before the ferry leaves. There are some snacks available for us during the waiting time.

It takes only 15 minutes to reach there. My seat is not even hot. The first thing I can feel is the glass-like sea water and the clear blue sky. I am so excited as before I could only see this beautiful scenery in the Internet. It is so incredible to see this with my own eyes.

Diving to see corals and clownfish around the Maiton Island beach

Once we step on the island, the tour staff ask us whether we'd like to go diving. Anyone who doesn't want to do so can stay relaxing on the island. The guide take us to the back of the island since it is windy today.

This is the first time for me to take photos under the sea. Before this, I just went snorkeling with a life jacket and I couldn't go deeper. But after I had seen the beauty of corals at Rok Island, I came back and studied how to do the proper snorkeling to be able to totally enjoy the undersea world. I studied with a teacher, called "Pom", at DiveDD Salaya School at Mahidol University in Salaya, Nakhonpathom Province.

He taught me to know more about oceans, myself, how to snorkel correctly, and how to use diving equipment.

Now, it's time to do the real snorkeling.

We have been snorkeling for a while before the guide tell us to move to the front of the island because the water isn't clear enough like usual.

He tells us that there are some clownfish for which I come here.

I have been making a wish to see the clownfish for a moment.

Suddenly, the little clownfish have come. It seems they are smiling and want to be taken photos.

Let me tell you something. It is not easy for an inexperienced photographer like me to take pictures under the water. It is tiring but I really have fun doing it. I haven't taken so many pictures but it's still worth doing it after I have done a-day training.

Taking a lunch break to enjoy seafood buffet and taking time relaxing on the island.

After we have done snorkeling, we go for lunch prepared by Love Andaman Tour. There are several types of food like seafood, desserts, snacks, and so on. We can also order for drinks like fruit juice.

Luckily, we have a star , Mr. Nack, cooking seafood for us. (Just joking but he looks really like him)

After lunch, the staff take us to the viewpoint of the island, which we have to walk about 5-10 minutes to get there. At the point, we can see up to three provinces: Phukhet, Phang Nga, and Krabi.

Taking photos of the ambience and enjoy the beauty of the beach and the ocean.

After we are back from the viewpoint, we have a lot of free time to swim in the ocean and take photos. Another side of the island, there are some large rocks and reefs which look really inviting to take nice photos to shows ones at home.

I have quite a good time here, a small island with soft white beach and clear water which is not so far away from Phuket.

It is the place to make holidays perfect, relax and freshen up on the uncrowded beach. After that, we walk past the reef and see a swing. It is also the good spot to get nice pictures.

It is a really perfect moment to take good photos where wonderful scenery with beautiful beach, ocean, and blue sky are all together.

There are several activities to do including swimming in the ocean, snorkeling, swimming in the pool, kayaking, and just sitting to enjoy the relaxing atmosphere.

This is an underwater camera, Canon Powershot D30, we have lent from Love Andaman Company.

It is finally the end of the enjoyable time on the Maiton Island. We have to go back to the land.

I definitely don't want to leave here as I can't get enough of the relaxing atmosphere. I probably fall in love with the island.

Goodbye to the "Maiton" Island. See you again someday.

Anybody who is in interested in a lively colorful dress like the dress in the picture want to have one for the next holiday, you can order it via the online shop of Love Andaman Company

"Mazi Design Hotel", the brand new hotel located in the center of Patong Beach, is our shelter for this trip.

Let's talk about our accommodation for this trip. We are going to sleep here at a small hotel called Mazi Design Hotel. It is chained to Kalima Resort & Spa, located in the middle of Patong Beach near tourist spots and markets. Besides, you can reach to the beach within 5-10 minutes from the hotel. It takes about an hour by car from the airport.

This is the surrounding of the hotel, start with the hotel lobby and its reception.

The hotel is decorated in ancient-Greek style which is very elegant and absolutely beautiful. The name "Mazi" is Greek which means "together".

Next to the Lobby, it is a swimming pool. It is not very big but well-decorated.

There is a waterfall for guests to stay relaxing listening to the its natural sound on the poolside.

Its fitness center is located next to the pool.

It's time to take a look at our room.

They use black, white, and gray to color the room. I can feel the freshness and cleanliness when I am in the room. Personally, I pretty like its remarkable style.

The room is in the average size. It is big enough to be put necessary facilities including a large bed, a television, an air conditioner, a fridge, a safe, and a water heater.

There is also a tablet with free Wi-Fi in the room.

Having dinner at Laem Thong Seafood: The restaurant in the Mazi Design Hotel

After the whole day of snorkeling, if you are too tired to go out to eat, there is a restaurant called "Laem Thong Seafood" available for you in the hotel. Let's see what it looks like.

It is furnished in Chinese style with 2 separated zone: indoor with air-conditioning and outdoor. Guests can choose which one they prefer.

The first dish is steamed fish balls (150 Thai baht). The balls themselves is soft and juicy but I guess the sauce is pretty sour.

Next dish is deep fried hippoideas (180 Thai baht) which I haven't tried it before. It is one of the restaurant's signatures and I think it is really delicious. The hippoideas is dipped in crispy mixed powder before they are fried. I enjoy chewing them pretty much.

This is fried oysters with omelet in hot plate (200 Thai baht). They put a lot of oysters which make the price reasonable. It is also not too oily.

The last dish is crab curry with boiled egg noodles (380 Thai Baht)

The noodles are rich in texture eaten with tender crabs in not-too-spicy curry. I can smell the coconut milk and the crab itself comes in big size.

It is such a wonderful time having Chinese food in traditional Phuket style. I'm so full that I feel sleepy. It is the time to hit the sack. Good night.

Next morning, breakfast is served in buffet line at the Laem Thong Seafood Restaurant.

After the breakfast, we come back to the pool lying by the poolside.

I finally come to the end of the review, the happy time usually flies so fast.

I 'd like to sum up the advantages and disadvantages of the hotel from my opinion.


- It has just opened so it is new, fresh, clean, and so inviting.

- The prices are not so high, starting from 2,xxx Thai baht depending on the time you stay and sale promotions.

- It is located close to tourist attractions and markets, so you don't need to worry about things to eat.

- There is a spay for a toilet ( I like it personally). I don't like hotels with no toilet spays.


- There are inadequate parking spaces. Some of guests with personal cars have to park the cars by the road next to the hotel.

- There is no door knob for the bathroom since they use slide door. And also, the door between the dry zone and the wet zone doesn't work properly so some water from the wet zone usually go to the dry zone.

To conclude, the Mazi Design Hotel is recommended to be one of the interesting choices to stay when you go to Phuket. Its rooms are new and clean as it has just been opened. The room rates are not so high with necessary facilities and amenities. Also, it is situated near attractions in Pathong Beach and a few foot steps to markets of which the food is not expensive.

For the trip to the Maiton island with Love Andaman, anyone who is thinking of traveling to beaches may be interested in going to this island since you can easily travel by Air Asia on Friday night, spend your weekend over there, and come back to your regular work without asking for more day off.

The Maiton Island is probably the right answer because it is a small island with clear blue ocean and white beach that is not so far away from Phuket. It only takes 15 minutes from Port of Phuket to the island.

It is also favorable for ones who love taking photos. There are so many corners to have nice pictures. Additionally, people can snorkel, enjoying the colorful corals and undersea fish not so far from the beach.

Finally, I just want to say thank you to everybody that has read this article and hope it will be beneficial. Forgive me if I have done something wrong. If you would like to have more or exchange information, you can reach me by

Don't forget to give yourself a break and a reward for your life. Traveling to new places will make you know that there are always beautiful places waiting for you to visit.

Thank you and goodbye.

Enjoy Eating and Traveling