One night on the peak of "Pha Hua Sing"

A secret cliff on Phu Thap Boek. I believe that out of many people...

who have visited Phu Thap Boek, few know about this secret place

A place that I want you to try and experience..

the amazing view, atmosphere, and the beautiful sea of fog in the morning...

The cold night.. and hot pork barbecue

that will help make you warm (an excuse for those who love eating hahaha+)



What are you waiting for.. Let's pack our bags and start our trip!

The rainy season...

Green Session...

Don't just let time fly by

How to get there

It's not difficult at all! Just follow this itinerar - entrance Phu Fah Piang Din 3.


  • Tent - 100 baht/person
  • Gas fee for return trip - 1350 baht (900 KM)
  • 2 Large sets of pork barbecue - 1000 baht for 6 people


  • Many people have asked me if you can go by car - you can. You have to park your car in the area of Phu Fah Piang Din and walk down to the cliff. It is not far.
  • For those who want to set up a tent like I did, the area by Pha Hua Sing cliff might be windy so you have to be careful when pinning your tent. But the good thing about camping there is that it is very worth it to see fog right in front of your tent when waking up.
  • The toilet is quite fair for this kind of place.
  • Pha Hua Sing is not far from Phu Thap Boek viewpoint
  • For more information about Phu Fah Piang Din 3 - Khun Poj 0612864188 (Camping area and pork barbecue).


 Sunday, June 30, 2019 2:54 PM