Ho Chi Minh, a one day trip, can be really fun too ✈😁 ✌

“Hey..... beware of being cheated!!” 😂

A warning from elder people and my friends with good intention,

I really want to find out whether I will be cheated? How? I must go then, haha ✈😎

It is in my list of wanted to go countries, and that country is "Vietnam". After packing, I and my other friend leave immediately. That's right, it's just the two of us, but we are not scared! Our destination is Saigon or Ho Chi Minh City because we want to experience the European atmosphere.

This trip is quite chill. After leaving the airport, we are walking out like the Hollywood stars, haha. We see lots of people waiting to pick up passengers, are they for us? No!!! haha. For us, we simply jump on the bus no. 152 with a fare of 5,000 VND. If you have big luggage, the fare would be 10,000 VND. Just thinking of it as buying a seat for the luggage. After half an hour ride, we reach Bến Thành Market and get off here because we live nearby. After leaving our stuff at the hotel, we start our journey right away. But....we are hungry!! We need to eat first. After food, we start planing of where we want to go. To clarify, walking is our main means of transportation, haha. We didn't rent any bikes as it's difficult to ride, plus there're lots of bikes and honking is everywhere, haha.

P.S. Details of travel or tricks are summarized at the end of the review.

📍 10 destinations of Ho Chi Minh are as follows... let's go !!!

Destination 0⃣1⃣ Bến Thành Market

0⃣1⃣ Bến Thành Market

A place for good food and souvenirs. It seriously offers so many food and the recommended one is Phở, the Vietnamese traditional food. There're also several desserts available. I try something that looks like cendol which is quite delicious. Then, I end my meal with freshly squeezed sugarcane juice, very cheap. And another must not miss food is French bread with a lot of filling. It is widely found in street vendors. They are both cheap and delicious.

You will see food wherever you walk.

And here it is, Phở, the Vietnamese traditional food. If you haven't eaten it yet, it's like you are yet reached Vietnam.

Then, I try desserts from the shop nearby Phở shop, it looks like cendol in Thailand and it's quite delicious.

The market sells so many things and there are several beautiful flower shops like this too.

And then!!! I found a good thing at the street vendor. Even after Phở, I can't help but have one anyway, hahaha. Yes, it is a French bread filled with loads of stuffing.

Oh my, it is so delicious. I'm so full that my stomach is about to explode, haha.

At night, Bến Thành Market is very lively with light and sound, I love it so much, haha.

Grilled pork with rice, yum.

Fresh spring roll, again, its very delicious. I find that everything is so delicious, yes, I'm a food lover.

Here is my yummy dinner.

After food, it's time for sweets and then I go to a convenience store and like usual, everything is so delicious.

Destination 0⃣2⃣ Ho Chi Minh City Hall

0⃣2⃣ Ho Chi Minh City Hall

This colonial style building is the government office and it's not open for tourists. We can only take photos from outside. It is beautiful both daytime and nighttime.

Allow me to have a cool angle pose after finally finding a hat to wear, haha.

Of course, one photo is never enough, let's enjoy every angle of it, haha.

Destination 0⃣3⃣ Notre-Dame Cathedral Basilica of Saigon

0⃣3⃣ Notre-Dame Cathedral Basilica of Saigon

This Roman Catholic cathedral is decorated in a European style architecture. It looks like the Christian church in Chanthaburi but more beautiful both from aside and the front. Do not forget to have a shot with it, it's quite cool.

Here is the back of the cathedral.

The orange brick of the cathedral is really beautiful.

Destination 0⃣4⃣ Independence Palace

0⃣4⃣ Independence Palace (the entrance fee is 30000 VND)

It is a former government office. Inside is very luxurious, spacious, and beautiful. It is divided into various rooms including president's room and guest room. On the top is a helicopter landing park and we can enjoy a view of the city too.

This place is enchanting and magical.

Inside showcases the stories of many things.

We can also enjoy a city view from here.

Destination 0⃣5⃣ Saigon Central Post Office

0⃣5⃣ Saigon Central Post Office

It is one of the most beautiful post offices in the world. It is located near the Notre-Dame cathedral. The interior is immensely beautiful with unique looking tiles. In addition of being an old post office that still in service, they also sell various souvenir.

Here is one of the destinations that we must come take photos with, otherwise, it's like we have yet reached Saigon.

With lots of souvenir

And they are so cute, aren't they?

Destination 0⃣6⃣ War Remnants Museum

0⃣6⃣ War Remnants Museum (the entrance fee is 15000 VND)

It is a museum that exhibits war stories in French colonial times, with photographs, artifacts and antiques for us to take photo and study. On the outside, there are many planes for us to take photos with too.

Because decent pose attracts no attention, haha.

A tank is here too...

Several aircraft are exhibited outside for us to take photos with.

It is a museum that exhibits war stories in French colonial times.

Destination 0⃣7⃣ The Cafe Apartment

0⃣7⃣ The Cafe Apartment

It is an old building converted into a center of coffee shops and food. It is a place for teens to hangout and take photos. But I didn't go up because I think taking photos from outside is more beautiful.

Here is a popular corner in a nighttime. And yes, we come here both day and night time.

Let's have a pose to prove that we are already here.

Look at these so many shops and restaurants

Destination 0⃣8⃣ Saigon Opera House

0⃣8⃣ Saigon Opera House

It is an old colonial style theater. The front has girls statue. Inside has a stage with circulated performances. I think just by taking photos from outside is already worth a visit.

Destination 0⃣9⃣ Pham Ngu Lao Street

0⃣9⃣ Pham Ngu Lao Street

It is a hangout place, to sit and drink, just like Khao San Road in Thailand. I really like it. It is an entertainment street with pubs and bars. I enjoy 6 bottles of dark beer here too, haha. I can be as drunk as I want for as long as I still can wake up early tomorrow to fly to Dalat, haha.

I just love everywhere I look, wow, so many shops!!! And the music is great too.

There are many restaurants to choose from. You can forget about being starve here.

With this dark beer, I'm so happy.

Destination 1⃣0⃣ Ho Chi Minh Square and Fountain Show

1⃣0⃣ Ho Chi Minh Square and Fountain Show

This square is an important landmark of Ho Chi Minh city. It is located near the Ho Chi Minh City Hall. The garden is beautifully decorated, with seats for us to relax. In the center of the garden is the statue of Ho Chi Minh. Next to it is a fountain which has a show at night.

At night, the Ho Chi Minh square is differently beautiful.

The national dress for girls is so beautiful, they are very colorful.

Here is the fountain show at night time that I have mentioned earlier.

A lot of Kids come play at the fountain.

I take the Ninja with me to travel too.

And here is my friend whom I have convinced to come with me, haha. Oh well, I'm scared to get lost alone so I invited him along 😅

After the must not miss 10 destinations, let's enjoy the atmosphere of Ho Chi Minh from different angle.

💵 Currency Exchange: We can either exchange for the VND or the USD but most people prefer the latter because it gives a better rate when exchanging back to THB. I exchange the USD first and then into VND later at the airport which is quite convenient. I exchange the VND to pay for the bus (the exchange rate is 1 THB = 719.99 VND).

This is a very usual scene here because the traffic in this city is very interesting as you can feel from this photo.

People here are very friendly. They are very enthusiastic to help tourists like us when being asked for direction or other kind of help.

The city here is very beautiful, I like it.

I love these little bears in Starbucks so much, it is a collection of bears wearing their national costume.

And many beautiful girls.

Let's get a shot together for that we have lost here and there the whole day, haha.

She is so kind and lovely.

It's time to go now....I'll come back to enjoy and lost again , haha.

✅✅ Summary of Ho Chi Minh City trip

🔻 For 2 days and 1 night, this is what I got. I think it's quite fruitful. Actually, we can have fun even within a day because each location is not far from one another. We can simply enjoy our walk, take photos, looking at their ways of lives and the building in the city along the way. But it can be a bit hot just like the weather in Thailand. If you feel too warm, you can always stop at coffee shops which are everywhere, especially Starbucks. The price is similar to Thailand or less. Overall, it's easy to travel and eat.

🔻 And, I guess I wont' find out if I didn't come. I wasn't cheated by anyone, haha. Most of people got fooled from taxi, tour guide, or pick up services of which if you believe easily then you are to face that consequences!! But, I skip that fate because I'm good at walking. I walk everywhere I want to go. Still, it's always smart to be cautious when traveling. Nonetheless, please come, it's not as scary as you imagine. You will get to see something new. This kind of experience, you just have to come and enjoy it yourself. Before you know it, you might already fall for this country.

🏨 Accommodation: Charner Hotel is near Bến Thành Market. It has a great location, easy to find food and close to attractions. We can also ask for travel information from the receptionist. The staff recommended very well and have a map of tourist attractions that we can walk along too. The fare is 659 THB/night including breakfast, when divided by 2, it is 330 THB each, very worthy. **P.S. I didn't take photos of the hotel, if you are interested, you can search from the internet.

💵 Currency Exchange: We can either exchange for the VND or the USD but most people prefer the latter because it gives a better rate when exchanging back to THB. I exchange the USD first and then into VND later at the airport which is quite convenient. I exchange the VND to pay for the bus (the exchange rate is 1 THB = 719.99 VND).

📱 SIM Card: You can buy a SIM card at the airport. After going through the immigration, take the stairs down and turn left, you will see lots of currency exchange shops and Sim card shops (I buy it from the Vinaphone shop, I think it is the cheapest price, 5 GB for 105000 VND).

Transportation: There're direct flights from Thailand to Ho Chi Minh City (Tan Son Nhat International Airport). For the fare, you have to check it often. Several airlines are regularly doing promotions, sometimes, the round trip ticket costs less than 2,000 THB and it is also the fare I got, haha.

💰Budget for the trip: It depends on how much you spend. For us, despite eating a lot, but since the food and drinks here are not expensive, we each spend less than 1,000 THB. The food photos you see here are only part of it, haha.

🚙 A Tip of roaming around Ho Chi Minh: We can use public transportation or the service from Grab car / Uber is also great as the fare is very cheap! Sometimes, it's less than 100 THB. For those who love to exercise, you can also walk like us too.

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