Doi Tapang Viewpoint, Chumphon

Located: M. 7 Khao Talu Subdistrict,

Sawee District Chumphon Province

Welcome to my journey

First of all, we would say that the nature has changed everyday but one thing that never be changed "The nature will heal us more or less"........

Alright, let's go along together


360-degree view....

It may different in each side but they are so amazing

And the opposite is Khao Talu... The mountain with a hole....

And you will see the foggy flow around the mountain

There is a camping area here as well if any of you would like to stay... And you will need to take a four wheels or geared motorcycle to go up there only.

The villagers build the balcony and help to decorate the area for tourists' comfort. It is very nice of them.

For anyone who does not have a car to go up, there is a pick up service at the parking point. This service operates by villagers and there will be charged 500THB/car/10 people. You can share with the others.

Let's see what we have seen here>>>>>>

"Doi Ta Pang" named from the name of the person who found the mountain. It is an unseen of Chumphon, where you can see forest and the sea in the evening and wake up in the morning to see the foggy sea.

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He is a one-stop service that you can get all information from him such as direction and camping area.

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Thank you very much for coming along with us until the end.

Hope that you enjoy it

See you on the next journey

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 Wednesday, June 19, 2019 9:44 AM