The Spirit Hua Hin with the Maximum Pleasure !! written by RinSa YoyoLive

Have you ever ... wanted to go somewhere near Bangkok, anywhere but..with your loved ones? Have you ever wanted ... to find a new hotel or resort that go along well with your lifestyle? Whomever you are going with, a group of friends or your family, they mean a lot when it comes to traveling mak

The Spirit Hua Hin with the Maximum Pleasure !!

The Spirit Hua Hin with the Maximum Pleasure !!

Have you ever ... wanted to go somewhere near Bangkok, anywhere but..with your loved ones? Have you ever wanted ... to find a new hotel or resort that go along well with your lifestyle?
Whomever you are going with, a group of friends or your family, they mean a lot when it comes to traveling making the trip fun and enjoyable.
Your companion on a journey is an important variable.

I truly want to find a place where it will be favorable by all my companions, where we can do activity together, where we can chitchatting, partying, and relaxing truly.

The Spirit Hua Hin

The Spirit Hua Hin is a newly opened resort in Khao Tao, Hua-Hin where my friends and I choose to stay on this trip.

I would say that The Spirit Hua Hin is one perfect choice when traveling in a group. Even though the resort is not located by the beach, you will have a beautiful sea view.

The Spirit Hua Hin offers high level of privacy. The resort is huge divided into different villas and most of the villas have private swimming pools.

Therefore, I would like to take you to get to know more about The Spirit Hua Hin. If you are ready, let's go!

The Spirit Hua Hin

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The fastest and the most convenient way to get to The Spirit Hua Hin is via the Bypass Road.

The Spirit Hua Hin is in Hua Hin Soi 134 on the opposite site of Khao Tao. So from Bangkok, you need to take the Bypass Road and turn left at Pranburi Intersection toward Khao Tao direction.

Then drive into Hua Hin Soi 134. You might find this street not in a good condition in some spots. Then you will reach a small hill where the resort kingdom is at its top.

You can also spot the clear sign with butterfly logo directing you to the resort all along before noticing a huge entrance sign to The Spirit Hua Hin.

Once you arrive at the resort, you can park your car by the reception area right away. There are enough spaces for all guests' cars.

The check in time is at 2 PM and the check out time is at 12 PM similar to everywhere else.

There is a transfer service by a golf cart to your villa from the reception.

This is the resort plan from the bird's eye view. Villas at The Spirit Hua Hin are located in different levels on the hill.

Moreover, all villas are facing toward the sea and they are all reachable by the golf cart.

We are staying in the 2 villas on the top of the hill, the ones with a big tall tree. ^^

Credit: The Spirit Hua Hin's Facebook Page

The area throughout the resort is so green with all the trees, shrubs, and green grasses. The layout of everything is pretty well designed.

After seeing this, I wish I could do a morning run or biking. The weather here is very nice.

Well, I am the last to arrive and all my friends are already waiting for me at the main swimming pool.

We haven't jumped in our private pool yet but since there is no any other guest at the main pool right now.

So let's own it first!

The Spirit Hua Hin with the maximum pleasure has officially started. Do you know where are the fun and the happiness?

The fun and the happiness are gained through a good relaxing trip which you can recharge your energy at the same time.

And the fun and the happiness are here, the place where all the laugh of your friends are, the place wherever we are together. ^^

Our fancy inflatable pool floats are totally huge. They can hold a considerable amount of weight as you can see from the photo above. Eiei

I have only seen those small ones which are for children. I was even jealous wondering why they don't have a big one.

Today I feel so good that what I have dreamed of become real. They have work so well in satisfying customer's need.

Actually, the resort also has these kind of fancy inflatable pool floats available for rent. You need to give the deposit of 500 THB. However, we are well-prepared and have brought our own.

My friends have brought them in boxes since they are many of them ...and after having a good fun at the pool, it is time for us to go back to our villa.

This is it, this is the one, and this is our villa. We reserved 2 villas next to each other and they are villas with 2 bedrooms, 1 living room, and a small kitchen.

We also have our private pool with little grass field which are perfect for a small party. ^^

The living room is spacious and airy with white and earth color tone. It comes with full-length windows where the morning sunlight can come through.

These full length windows also allow us to view the green grass field and our private pool directly from the living room.

There are 4 complementary bottles of water set in the refrigerator for you and other minibar items cost differently according to the minibar price list.

In addition, there are dining ware, cutlery, and glassware available for you in the kitchen. This is my bedroom for tonight which is the main big one.

Another bedroom is a little bit smaller and we should call it the second bedroom instead of the small bedroom.

What I like the most in the bedroom of The Spirit Hua Hin is the bedding. There is a bed board under the mattress so it is very soft and firm, I love it.

There are different kinds of pillows as well, some are softer than the other ones. All in all, this kind of bedding can be called "Heavenly Bed". Eiei

The main bedroom comes with the bathtub in the bathroom.

Another thing that I like would be the sink counter. There are 2 big long sinks with huge drawer beneath. The bathroom also comes with the rain-shower showerhead.

I will definitely take a hot bath tonight for a good night sleep. Well, we never miss doing this when it is available wherever we go.

Taking a hot bath is a total relaxation but the size of the tub has to be big enough for our body like the one we have here. I don't like the small one.

The second bedroom is decorated similarly to the main bedroom. The difference is the bathroom that is smaller and without a bathtub.

This is our villa from the outside after the sunset. And we have Barbecue Party waited for us tonight. It is going to be a good fun night.

I have come to capture a photo of the restaurant of The Spirit Hua Hin for you.

I almost forget that we have a dinner party back at our villa after seeing this restaurant. hahaha

I would say this is such a good corner to have your special dinner with your special ones such as your friends and family.

It gives you a feeling of being in the middle of nature with a spectacular view of the ocean in Khao Tao area. The best time is whenever you are with your loved ones, I would say.

It is time to go back to the villa to have the real dinner party.

This is our barbecue dinner with all the seafood such as shrimps, crabs, mussels, and so on. What shall I eat first?

My mouth is totally watering after seeing this freshly cooked seafood with the yummy seafood sauce. The smell of them really stimulates my appetite.

We also have some barbecue apart from the seafood.

The BBQ rack and tools are arranged by the resort and all of them are completely new.

Our BBQ corner tonight is by the pool in front of our villa.

And more food are prepared inside the villa.

Fruit Salad and Baked Rice with Pineapple are very delicious.

This is our happiness moment and our fun moment because we don't have many chances to meet up the whole group like this. The Spirit Hua Hin is our good meeting venue to strengthen our friendship. We just spend quality time together here eating, sleeping, and chitchatting. We don't think we will go anywhere before the check out time.

Don't forget to come to The Spirit Hua Hin to have some fun and happiness, I confirm that you won't regret. hahaha

The new day has come. I would like to see the morning light so I am the first person who woke up. I want to do this because I like to wake up late normally which mean I don't have much chance to do this.

I choose to wake up early here because The Spirit Hua Hin offers such a great view although everyone else is still sleeping.

I am here up on the rooftop of the villa where there is a table set for you to come and chill.

It is very quiet now and this peaceful moment makes me feel interestingly relax and calm.

I guess it is a nature of having a new day.

This is another tranquil corner by the main swimming pool of The Spirit Hua Hin right before the sunrise.

We all need our own moment and space apart from being with friends and family.

I walk around enjoying my time alone and it makes me feel very refreshing.

Another reason for you to consider to stay here at The Spirit Hua Hin is the breakfast buffet line.

Even though the resort is not always full, the breakfast buffet always offers the same standard.

This is some photos of the breakfast.

It seems to me that the breakfast buffet here is average. Although the food selections are limited, it covers all the basic standard menus both Thai and International.

They are all freshly cooked. I like Thai food so I have boiled rice like 2 times. Eiei

This is what I have for breakfast today. I don't eat much (do I?) hahaha

We are going to the pool once again in the late morning before checking out.

The Spirit Hua Hin with the maximum pleasure has shown that it is truly a place for a total relaxation.

Your energy will be fully recharged here with all the facilities it has to offer.

We have such a good time at The Spirit Hua Hin and we will leave to travel a bit in Hua Hin later before going back to Bangkok.

And I will see you again next time on my RinSa YoyoLive-style review.

Thank you for all your kind supports.