Hello, During October which is the end of the rainy season, I think that it not quite attract me to go travelling ( for northern part of Thailand ) but it is suitable for me which I like a greenly and lush environment. I like my car to get wet, I think it would feel cool and enjoy like me. I like to see the mountain in the middle of the rain, I think it looks fresh and give me a sense of verdurous.

This is my first time I intend to take a picture of the stars without any complex equipment like other people do. I have only tripod and camera which I have only a body and additional lens that can rotate by hands which I borrow it from my colleague.

And 1 complex camera of my girlfriend

and now I am ready to go out for travelling to feel the cold weather and lying to see the star.

" At Doi Samer-Dao, Sri Nan National Park, Nan province"

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I departure from Phitsanulok around 4.00 am. to reach Doi Samer-Dao early because from my information, there are so many people, during the way my girlfriend sleep along the way so I have a chance to take a pictures - -

I take around 4-5 hours to reach Doi Samer-Dao,The time is around 9.00 am. in the morning

So I contact the staff that responsible for tent rental, the rental price is 225 Baht ( actually I have a tent with me but I think the tent there is good and the price is not expensive so I rent it 1 tent)

Tents are all the same, it is belong to the national park with a camouflage pattern. It is big enough and can comfortably sleep for 3 people.

- - After finish setting a tent, the staff allows me to make a payment after we chilly go out for travelling.

After I heard that word, I then bring my camera to take a pictures of the view immediately - -

- - I think the area on the mountain is well arranged, there is a hill to walk up and see the morning fog and the sun rises view. And there is a hill behind to see the sunset in the evening - -


- - After I gathering the pictures on the hill for a while, I then drive down the hill to visit other places first. I meet with a masonry truck, they are mortaring to build a road while driving down the hill, blocking the road and it seems that it would not be finished easily. So I discuss with my girl to go to another way, I guess we can pass through it because it is also the road hahahahahaha but finally we have to drive back because that route becomes narrow and narrow so I decide to drive back to the same route- -

- - When driving out from the hill, I can see a sign written " Kaeng Luang"

I drive to the left and follow the route directly without any information.

Ps. My girlfriend and I usually fail about following the road sign, if you want to go, you should make sure the route and should better search for information first - -

- -I feel hungry after I finish taking a photo at Kaeng Luang because we enter the place around noon so we eat out and also find a place to charge battery of the camera too ( we afraid that the battery will run out before we get a picture of the stars) - -

- - After I spend time in the restaurant for a while ( because I want to charge my camera's battery hahahaha) then I go up to the hill around 17.00 pm. in the evening. It is appear that there are so many people, they are asking for renting the tent. I see the situation and feel pity for staff that they can't provide it to all people. Luckily we arrive there in the morning, otherwise we would have a hard time finding an available tent area.

When I find out the parking area, I pick up the camera and walk directly up to the hill to see the sunset immediately - -

- - I spend hour of time soaking up the atmosphere, the atmosphere is very beautiful.

While taking a photo, I have heard the thrilling sound of tourist all the time.


PS.The photo I take may not look beautiful as seeing with one's own eyes so you should better come to see it yourself - -

After finish taking a photo of the sun, we go take a bath separately and eat a rice box that buy from 7-eleven with a tripod setting beside me. I want to try outspreading it and try my new technique about taking a star picture. How was it, this is the picture that I take about the star " I was extremely excited", I used to try taking a picture of the star at home, but it didn't obviously appear on the photo, maybe my photo taking skill is not enough - -

- - After that I feel so alert, feeling so excited about taking the picture of these stars in the difference points with the sound of travelers that are cheering cheerfully with glasses , wowww, I really feel so good hahaha - -

- - After that I feel so exhausted, running up and down the hill over 10 times ( hahahahahaha because I feel so excited )

So I am laying the mat on the hill and lying to see the star with my girlfriend, 2 of us , so romantic ( hahaha I feel so embarrassing) and I think "it is also a great moment to lying here and look at the sky" but I also take the camera up to take the picture.setting the tripod to fit with my face so that I don't have to moving up and down and this is the picture that I get.

- - I stay there until around 12.00 am. and start to feel sleepy and cold so I invite my girlfriend to go sleep together.

Lying here waiting for the sun to rise in the morning

Ps. This is the first time I take a photo of the star, maybe it not quite beautiful, please forgive me- -

- - I hear the sound of tent zip down at 05.00 am., I flinch up and wake my girlfriend up to wash her face and brush her teeth immediately. I am so hurry because I afraid that I could not be able to reserve the good area but finally I really can't catch it up. I walk back to the tent and look up to the hill. Many tourists here, both staying on the hill or tourists that just come to visit here ( because today is Sunday haha)

I can only sleepily walk and carry my camera, my eyes bloated since I have a dog sleep

But the view in front of me is so fascinated to forget about crowned of people and look at the view outside - -

- - After I finish taking a photo of the sun, we prepare ourselves to pack the stuffs, my girlfriend change her dress and say that she want to take photo again so we walk up the hill to take photo 1 more time.

I go up there again around 9.00 am., no people here ( The view also looks beautiful without people hahahaha) - -

- - 10.00 am. We go down from Doi Samer-Dao, we plan to take photo along the way, haven't find any information of any place we will go next. There is a road sign leading us to Sao Din Na Noi and Kok Sua so I make a quick turn to that place immediately ( because I like following the sign hahahaha) - -

- -I think sunlight is too strong here or maybe we reach here at noon, I am not sure

Sunlight reflect the ground, makes a torrid atmosphere but my girlfriend and I still keep fighting and keep taking a picture (Even we grumbling a hot weather hahahahahaha) - -

And then we continue our journey to the next destination which is Phitsanulok province. We take a picture along the way but I am fool to make a wrong decision, I see a sign " 54 kilometer shortcut way to Phrae Province" I then hurriedly turn to that direction. I think this way is an old route, not many cars passing through this way. It is steep and narrow which makes me feel more excited. But, there are many rural cars driving by me in the opposite side along the way. And it makes me think that they are definitely facing the same situation like me - -

I arrive at Phitsanulok around 17.00 pm., here are the expenses of this trip

- gasoline fee 1,300 Baht, it still some volume of gasoline left. This round trip uses up around 900 km.

- Breakfast 150 Baht

- Tent rental 225 Baht

- Lunch 500 Baht ( We eat quite expensive but I can charge my camera battery)

- Dinner 200 Baht

- Breakfast 100 Baht

- Lunch 400 Baht

Total 2,875 Baht

We end this trip here. I would like to Thank You Doi Samer-Dao which being my first photo taking of the star teacher.

Thank You Thailand and Nan province that guiding a place for us to visit

Thank You my girlfriend how travelling with me, I would not go travelling like this if you are not existing.

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