Sawaddee ka

This trip is the first trip that I travel by myself

This trip I travel by public van to Mueang Prachuab District and continue to Air Force 53.

Luckily, my friend can take me to the entrance of Khao Lom Muak.

I am very exciting and also worry because I have to go alone.

First thing I do is pray to Khao Lom Muak Shrine for my luckiness.

There is a registration at the entrance, but I do not see anyone so I just walk up there by myself because my friend will come back to pick me up at noon.

This is the mountain that I will climb up today.

I walk up stairs and pass other tourist. We are greeting and talking.

So I ask them how far is it?

They tell me to continue walking, this is not even half way yet but up there is really beautiful.

Sorry that this review does not have many photos because my camera is in my bag and I am really tired

After that I find a beautiful viewpoint but this is not our final destination.

At first, I think that enough for me to see this beautiful view. But I heard that people are laughing and it seem very fun so I follow their voice until I arrive to the cliff. I feeling I will be faint so I sit for a while and thinking of going down.

Then a guy and a girl come and ask if I am ok. I told them that I am fine so they continue working. After that, they call me again to climb up together and they will wait for me. So we climb up together and arriving to our final destination.

The guy with green T-shirt, I walk up here with his bare foot because his slipper was broken during the way "Bravo" !!!

When I arrive to the top, I am so excited with this beautiful moment and forget how tired I am before.

I did not think that it will be this elegant, I just want to climb up the mountain.

We sit and relax here for a while before going for photos

Everyone that I meet is asking why am I coming alone, so I tell them that because my friends are busy and they did not like this kind of thing.

P' Neon, the girl that I climb up with them also give me some water as I have run out of water.

All right, getting better, it is time for photos>>>

I have so much fun, thank you very much to P'Oh and P' Neon who help me all the way up here. Thank you for the friendship that I have got and it makes me feel like I did not come alone.

During the way back, P' Oh has fallen down and get injure. So P' Neon contact the officer for help. I hope that he is ok.

I really want to ask for their phone number but they are busy of helping P' Oh so I did not have their contact.

When I think back, I am still laughing about myself. How can I go up there?...hahaha

Anyway, still miss you both P'Oh and P'Neon

Let's go together again next time.

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 Wednesday, March 23, 2016 10:02 AM