During earlier of last November, there had been an invitation to me to attend the event “Sip Coffee and Share a Smile" with CP All who is the main sponsor of the event. They would hold the event at Doi Chang for one night with many people there; the question is that should we accept it? And I have to reply within 2 days. Those places we already have visited once and should we go again this time? And what is the reason to go there once again?

Undoubtedly, our last answer is that “YES" we will go. Lol.

By the time we are going to go on a trip, I am quite surprised as there are actually a lot of people in the trip. Moreover, there are ten lucky people who were chosen by the team from Pantip.com website, four people as in VIP guest and lastly, the CP All staffs who would be participate in this event with us.

“Sip Coffee and Share a Smile" at Chiang Rai with CP All team or we could call them 7/11 company. I am not sure who call it like I do.

In our daily life, we could say that 7/11convenient store has become a part of our everyday life. Weekly, we will go in the 7/11 almost every day as 7/11 has something to buy more than just foods. Furthermore, right now 7/11 in many branches would have 24 hour coffee shop in their store. This is what we are heading to experience what behind a coffee in the 7/11. Let's see how they process from the beginning. This is getting interesting now.

Actually, after the end of this trip, I am quite shocked when I look back to the camera of all those pictures I have taken. As there are a lot of food pictures. Lol. Let's check it out; it rather seems like a food trip instead.

We start our trip at Suvarnabhumi Airport, we fly with Thai Smile Airlines, our flight is in the morning time and it takes us 1.25 hours to our destination. It is just a little while and we then land at Chiang Rai.

First destination, we will stop by at Choui Fong Tea Plantation at Doi Mae Salong. It seems strange as we are on the coffee trip; however, we start our trip at the tea plantation first. The reason is that CP All would like us to see the beautiful scenery at the Tea plantation where it is reputed as the most beautiful tea plantation in Thailand right now. Moreover, they show us the process of this tea business as well, very generous of them and our team are very pleased.

This is happiest trip as it starts with eating. Lol

We have been visiting Choui Fong Tea Plantation at least four times already and every time we have to come to eat at this place as they have all kind of Green Tea Cakes. The cakes are very delicious, especially the Green Tea Crepe Cake, very yummy. When we come we always order Green Tea Cake and Coconut Cake, we usually end up with those kind of cake. This time as well, we also order Coconut Cake as usual. However, I steal some of Green Tea Crepe Cake from my trip fellow too. I can't help it as it is very delicious.

This also includes the drinks as I always order Iced Milk Tea, it's just my usual. However, with this trip I try another drink which is Green Tea with Red Bean and added Whipped Cream.

Oh!!! I am going to gain weight for sure; anyway I am going to eat it anyway.

In addition to the Green Tea Cake and many more desserts, there are main dishes as well.

We have tried the delicious Crispy Tea Leaves and it's brilliant. For other dishes, honestly I couldn't remember their taste anymore.

The staffs tell us that do not eat too much here as this is just an appetizer. Umm. What!!! Is this for real!!

We will eat the main course once again. Let's see.

As right now, I already gained 11.15grams more weight.

“Scary Spicy Sausage" This is what we called ourselves for team VAN1. The staff separated us into groups and vehicles. There would be activities and Q&A to entertain us since the airport ride. Furthermore, they also gave an award as a highlight for the trip too.

Let's capture the picture of the whole team for memories.

I am not sure if anyone see us would get scared or not. Maybe they would be scared of our total age combine or our body weight combine. Lol.

During this time, it's a burning fat time. We would pose for some awesome picture at Choui Fong Tea Plantation, common posting is too boring and therefore, we will act a creative pose.

I have to post my picture first as I would not pose my picture anymore in this review.

Before we take a van to Mae Sai, we have an opportunity to visit the Shui Fong Tea Plantation Factory. They dry all the tea leaves all around the courtyard and they have a very pleasant smell all over the place.

This is essentially natural. I guess if we stay long enough, my body could definitely get a smell of Green Tea.

Our next destination is Mae Sai. We would stop by at Ying Ping Yunnan Restaurant. This restaurant is a real deal to gain some weight. I expect to gain like 25grams more in body weight. ><

OMG!!! This is kind of Chinese dishes as look at all the dishes; Appetizer, Stir-Fried Fish Maw, Szechuan Soup, Chicken topped with Oil, Jellyfish Salad, Braised Pork Leg with Gravy Sauce serve with Chinese Steamed Bun, Stir-Fried Shiitake, Steamed Fish with Soy Sauce and Seasonal Fruits. I have taken some of the pictures as we are really into the meal.

We are almost full and now it's time to do some work-out by going shopping.

After we are done shopping, we need to change to another vehicle to cross Myanmar border. Along the way, we have an opportunity to meet with the executive of CP All who comes to greet us.

of CP All.

They even invite Mr. Boy Apisin Tunganon, a founder of Pantip.com to greet and talk with the fellow of this trip. This makes me learn that CP All and Pantip.com have co-operated these activities for many times now. These activities could regard as the social activities.

I would not put Khun Boy photo here as the photo I took is not clear.

Now, welcome to Myanmar, firstly we would stop by to worship Buddha Image at White Jade Buddha Temple which situated Jade Buddha Image and Three Dimension Buddha Image inside. The weather right now is so hot and I could not force myself to smile. Although it is November now, but the cold weather still doesn't come.

One of the highlights when you visit Mae Sai is the replica of Shwedagon Pagoda which shines in bright golden yellow color and we have to take off our shoes when we come into the internal area.

Whoever walks here with barefoot, you need to be careful as the strong sunlight that reflects on the floor is really hot and you could get burnt.

There are also the Daily Holy Buddha Statues that situated around the replica of Shwedagon Pagoda and since I was born on Friday, therefore, I choose to take only the photo of Friday Buddha Statue.

After worship the replica of Shwedagon Pagoda, we would head to the Tachileik Market in Myanmar to do some shopping. There are a lot of top grade replica brand name stuffs at the price that we could afford.

We really enjoy our two hours shopping and then we need to return to our accommodation for tonight at Doi Chang.

Our Vehicle drives straight from Mae Sai to Doi Chang, Chiang Rai. It takes about two hours to reach Doi Chang Hills Resort, and now it's getting dark already.

When we reach, it is just in time for dinner. This meal, we prepare gaining around 59.72grams of weight as we really do enjoy Northern food very much.

Start with Northern Thai Sausage that is sliced in a tiny bite and well seasoning, it is very tasty.

Follow with Chicken with Bitter Melon Soup, Stir-Fried Chayote, Fried Fish with Garlic and our favorite Northern dish; tasty Rice Noodles with Spicy Pork Sauce.

The sauce is very tasty. Moreover, I do love the way they boil Dried Red Cotton Tree Flower in the sauce, it is pretty tender that we ask for many refills. Lol.

Now let's move to this dish as we arrive at the place of coffee, thus, we could not miss out this dish, Coffee Leaves Salad. However, I do not eat this dish as I am pretty full with the Rice Noodles with Spicy Pork Sauce already.

Tonight, it's a party night with all the music, drinks, northern tribal performances and Bingo games. However, I didn't win any prize at all.

The picture below is Dr. Naris Thamkuekool who is the Director of Human Resource of CP All. He comes to greet with the fellow of this trip and also take some photos with Mr.Wat or Chai Kang from Pantip website.

By the time we arrive at our room, we are quite surprised as we have been here 3 years ago and booked Chang Ba Room that is located on the highest floor of the resort and tonight I am staying in the same room as I was. It is a coincidence or intentionally, I do not know, as we are staying at the same room and it seems like the bedding set is still the same one as three years ago.

The atmosphere in the morning is splendid. There are many beautiful winter flowers here at Doi Chang Hill Resort.

We take a walk around in the beautiful atmosphere. This morning, we have our breakfast at the resort with a big bowl of porridge. Well, I do not take any picture of that as I forgot. Actually, I really want to watch the sea mist this morning, however, I would have to take a ride to the view point for quite some time and we could not see it in the back of the resort as we are in the village area.

Our today morning program would be the main activity of this “Sip Coffee and Share a Smile" event which we will take a visit and learn the “Coffee Bean Route" knowing the process before it is sold at All café shop in 7/11 convenient store.

Khun Aar, the owner of BlueKoff business welcomes us and comes to lecture us by herself today. She explains about the coffee bean route and shows us the journey map of the coffee bean route. This gives us knowledge and makes us understand the process more.

Doi Chang had been name as the biggest production place of Arabica coffee in Thailand.

Now, let's learn the transformation process. These color coffee beans are called cherry coffee beans which are washed, graded and throw away the one that floats in the water. There are some waste one, then take the coffee shell out and rinse with the water once again

Let's take a break with the below picture of this cute tribal kids.

After taking away the shell crust, then it is the baking process. In Khun Aar factory, the baking machine imports straight from Brazil.

The baking machine is the most advance and the largest machine that we have in Thailand right now. They use Lychee Wood as tinder because Lychee Wood could be heated for a very long time. And the next process is drying coffee beans in the sun at the open space of the factory.

The drying area at Doi Chang is not all, there is also another area for Khun Aar to dry the coffee beans which is at Lopburi Province where is also the place to store the coffee beans for another 6 months before roasting them

This is allowing us to know that a process to become just one cup of coffee takes a really long time.

Let's take a ride to the coffee plantation then as we now know some steps of producing coffee beans processes.

Moreover, they would give us more information from the starting process of how to plant the coffee trees and collect the coffee beans.

These ripe cherry coffee beans are ready to collect and according to the standard of the factory, they would collect these cherry coffee beans by hand as it could allow us to select only the good bean as well. There are in red and yellow color, which they said they taste different in favor somehow.

However, I would not dare to try the raw coffee bean yet. Lol.

It takes around three years from planting to harvesting the coffee tree and it could be last up to 30 years old. The production for each plant could lead to 4-5 kilos at first year and would decrease during the next year onwards. This is the reason why they need to cut the top branch to grow a new one instead.

A purchase price that Khun Aar's factory offers for buying cherry coffee beans from the locals is up to 21 baht per kilogram.

As for other factories, the price would be around 14-16 baht per kilogram. Moreover, the purchase price is also a setting price of CP All.

We are not surprised at all why the local tribal community here in Doi Chang looks happy and wealthy.

Actually, we have friend here at Doi Chang as well. I had visited my friend's house and his family also does selling coffee beans to factory too, and indeed they could earn a lot of money from that. ^^

We have been filled in lots of information about the coffee, I feel a bit dizzy now. Let's take some time off and have our lunch at Khun Aar's factory once again

Khun Aar built this place especially to welcome the guest who visits the factory; therefore, we get to see beautiful views along with great food here at Doi Chang.

This is such an awesome experience. ^ ____ ^.

For this delicious meal, we have Egg and Chicken in Chinese Five-Spice Stew, Thai Northern Style Pork and Tomato Spicy Dip and Boiled Pickled Pork Spicy Salad . For Boiled Pickled Pork Spicy Salad dish, they select a good quality of boiled pickled pork wrapped in banana leaves which its taste would be certainly delicious. Therefore, this dish is gone at the first place. This meal, I believed we have gain around 0.1234 body weight. Lol

Finally, it comes to the end of this coffee route, now it is time for taking some pictures together once again.

This picture includes all trip members which are Pantip members, the management team and staff from CP All and Khun Aar (factory owner). Thank you to make this “Sip coffee and share a smile" trip come to a perfect success.

The great beautiful panorama view that everyone could use as a scene for shooting the MV. Lol

After we are heading down from Doi Chang, we stop by at 7-11 Pratulor branch, Chiang Rai. At this place, we have a cup of splendid coffee here with the knowledge that we have learnt about the route of the coffee beans to All Café in 7-11.

My favorite menu that I would always order is the Frappe Cappuccino.


Our next destination is Wat Rong Khun of Mr.Chalearmchai Kositpipat who is one of the national artists. We only stop by for a little while that I could take only one photo here.

Then, we will go to eat again!!!!

Our VAN1 team has arrived first; therefore, we could eat first as well. I always want to come here as I have been to Chiang Rai several times before; however, I have not have an opportunity to come to this place yet.

Well, we are at Chivit Tamma Da Coffee House. I have heard from my friend that it is pretty pricy here as well.

I have not taken any photo of the atmosphere of this place as it is pretty crowded inside. Moreover, it seems like the place is packed and do not have any seat left. Luckily the staff already made a reservation at the first place. Our seat is near by Kok River and the view is awesome, I really like it.

Apart of that, the decoration of this place is kind of in Modern European style. Well, we don't really care as we are so engaging with the cake in front of us.

OMG!!!! This meal could gain me more weight for sure.

Soon, we plan to come back to Chiang Rai once again and I wouldn't miss this place for sure. I would certainly find out whether the price at Chivit Tamma Da Coffee House is expensive like they said or not . I will find out when make a payment next time.

We still have a lot of time before catching the flight in this evening; therefore, we would make a short visit at Wat Huay Pla Kang.

During a holiday period, as always, the place is pretty crowded. The Guan Yin Statue and white chapel are still under construction. Anyway, I believed they will finish soon. I have been here twice during holiday period and I couldn't take any photo without people in the flame. This time I will find some place without couple or anyone then.

Finally, I successfully find a quiet place without people at one corner of the temple.

Maybe, they are reserving this corner just for me. Lol

Now, I would like to end my “Sip coffee and share a smile" trip here.

Last but not least, I would like to press my special comment to the organizing team from Magical Journey Company; the trip is running smoothly and professionally. Even though the staffs seem tired, they also give an effort into their work. This is one of the success points that makes this trip goes really well.

And if there are any amazing trip coming, please do invite us again. We would like to give a big thank you to Pantip and CP All for inviting us to this tremendous trip.

Overall, after coming back home, we have gained approximately 300 grams. Great!!!

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RinSa YoyoLive

 Friday, May 6, 2016 4:28 PM