Who says you need rice cooker all the time?

We made lunch in bamboo sticks today🎍

After cutting a hollow bamboo cane with two levels, water is poured in the lower level to help steam the top. Then pre-soaked rice is added in the top level and placed over the fire for about half an hour. .

Ta (Grandpa) Jate Sai spends his day carving beautiful bamboo products at his home in the outskirts of Ban Phu. He even made me a set of bamboo spoons and told me to think of him when I use them back home😊
In no time we were having sticky rice, chicken & pandan stew and bamboo shoots for lunch served in bamboo canes, with bamboo spoons over a bamboo flat basket all laid over broad Tani banana leaves. Now this is what I call a pure organic dining experience in the outskirts of Ban Phu📍🌿
Photos by Keerati Saengyai & PemC
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Pema Choden Tenzin

 Sunday, July 28, 2019 7:43 PM