Casa de La Flora Khao Lak written by Chakhrit Paksabuy Chart

Casa de La Flora Khao Lak, a place where it is like an Art Gallery but you can stay over. I don't think there are many hotels that make you feel like you are staying in an Art Gallery. Casa de La Flora Khao Lak is one of those not many hotel that you will experience and feel like it sinc

Casa de La Flora Khao Lak

Casa de La Flora Khao Lak

Casa de La Flora Khao Lak, a place where it is like an Art Gallery but you can stay over. I don't think there are many hotels that make you feel like you are staying in an Art Gallery. Casa de La Flora Khao Lak is one of those not many hotel that you will experience and feel like it since your very first step into the hotel. Walking through the hotel, I feel like I am walking through an art gallery looking at each piece of art carefully and this make me feel very calm and refreshing. Most of the hotel can be attractively decorated but Casa de La Flora offers you the real art work.

The resort is located in Bang Niang, Khao Lak. You can either take the bus directly from Bangkok to Khao Lak which is the cheapest way or you can take a flight to Phuket International Airport and then take a taxi to Khao Lak.

I can feel that this place is so different from any other resorts right after my very first step in the resort.

This place is so much alike an art gallery.

Look at this Lobby! It was carefully designed and decorated. Everything is just perfectly beautiful.

Especially this weaving masterpiece created by Khun Korakot, this is amazing! (It is about 100,000 - 1,000,000 THB)

The Dream room is right nearby the Lobby, you can do something like a wedding, romantic dinner, etc here.

And nearby the Dream room it is the Library. There are 2 macbooks provided. However, I don't think people will come and use these computers much because it is also provided in room.

And there is a fitness center in the same area. We can see that the resort design is going into the same direction with wooden theme in simple design.

The concept of the resort is "The flowers by the sea".

Every single villa represents a single auspicious flower.

The walkways in the resort represent the roots of those flowers.

The main public area is pretty small since it is a small resort.

If you are lucky to be here on a beautiful day and the low tide is in the middle of the day, you will be able to enjoy a very beautiful sea view in turquoise color.

The main swimming pool is not that big I think maybe because every single guestroom has a private swimming pool.

The spa named Spalacasa in the resort is not big, there are only 3 treatment rooms but they are all very spacious. The spa is designed well and goes along very well with the resort's concept. One of the most interesting thing at the spa would be the infrared sauna that can help you burn 1,000 kilo-calories within a short time.

All the rooms here are similar to each other with the same design and decoration. They are different only in the location and the view they offer. I would say I like the bathroom the most because it is huge and very well-arranged. Moreover, the bathtub is enormous, 4 people can use it at the same time. This is also the biggest bathtub I have ever seen in my entire life.

Beachfront Pool Villa ( 1 Bedroom )

BeachFront Suite Pool Villa ( 1 Bedroom and 1 Living room )

Beachfront Grand Pool Villa ( 2 Bedroom and 1 Living room )

These three villa are the nearest villas to the beach. The design and decoration are pretty much the same, only the room plan and the swimming pool that are different. And please be noted that these types of rooms are pretty expensive and if there is a strong wind at night, the wave sound hit the resort's dam will be very loud.

There is a complementary Wi-Fi in every guestroom and there is a TV with free-movie and music coming with a very high quality sound system.

Moreover, the amenity is the full set of Thann products. (Thann is a premium-spa product of Thailand)

Studio Pool Villa

I would say this type of room is perfect and it is the cheapest one. This room is exactly the same as the Beachfront Pool Villa just without a view.

Duplex Pool Suite

Duplex Pool Suite is a 2-storey building suite. I think this type of room offers you with the maximum of privacy but since it is not spacious you might feel not comfortable.

Duplex Grand Pool Villa

I would say this type of villa is another signature villa of the resort. It is a well-designed 3-storey spacious villa.

Casa Pool Suite & Casa Presidential Suite

There is only one Casa Pool Suite and one Casa Presidential Suite in the resort. The special feature of these two suites would be the best view that they offer since they are located on the upper floor of the lobby, the highest room in the resort.

La Aranya is an open-air restaurant with sea view, it is an all-day dining venue in the resort.

The breakfast buffet line is pretty simple with some bread, cereals, fruit juice, and champagne.

We can order unlimited hot main dish for breakfast. For me, I like Stir-fried beef and basil with omelet, and Stir-fried shrimp and basil with fried eggs. All Stir-fried meat and basil menus are very delicious and don't miss to try The Southern style noodles with Crab curry.

ps. The fruit juice is real fresh-squeezed juice not from the juice cartons, I love it very much.

There are complementary canapé and sandwich from 03.00 PM to 04.00 PM every day.

There will be complementary cocktails and canapé every Friday too.

Apart from the restaurant, you can ask the resort to arrange a private dinner as well.

Most of the dishes on the menu are International cuisine with moderate taste but I would recommend this Steak Salmon, it is super yummy!

There is only a buffet on a special occasion and don't ask me what do we have on a buffet line, I have no clue hahaha.

Lastly, this is the wedding with 30,000-THB budget. I am telling you, you are able to get whatever you want within the budget, a wedding by the beach with the stunning sun set. Casa de La Flora can make it happen for you.