Normally it is only rainy season that fog comes, but here, fog is around all year long.
It is a place that everyone must visit once.
2 days 1 night is sufficient to do so,
either by private car or public bus.
It is not difficult to come to“E-Thong Village” ☔️

The village item must be either an umbrella or a raincoat,

which will come welcoming us almost everyday during this rainy season.

But it surely is not an obstacle. On the contrary, it makes this village look even more charming.
Getting to the village, we have to pass 399 curves,
and over 300 km distance from Bangkok.
But once we arrive, it is very worth the travel.

We will experience the peaceful nature and good weather.
We can either stay at the homestay or the tent.
Let's travel together and you will fall in love with E-Thong Village.

We started traveling out of Bangkok early in the morning to travel to the village.

This time, it is a 2 days and 1 night trip.

Since it is a long holiday weekends, we can expect a crowd there.

And the accommodation also tells us to reach the village before noon.

Because it is a long holiday weekend, it could be difficult to find a parking and there'll be lots of cars too.

Route on the day of travel (28/7/19) is yet fully finished.

Certain road before reaching the village is still under construction, so please drive cautiously.

Along the way, we see cars driving out, making this route not lonely.

When getting near to the village, we will see the viewpoint which is also the mobile phone signal reception area.

Because all the way, there were no telephone signals at all.

Before reaching the village, we stop at Jog Kradin Waterfall,

which is about 5 km away from the village.

We have to park the car outside and walk in about 200 m.

We must pay for both the entrance fee and the parking fee.

After walking in a bit, we will see the waterfall which is so clear and cool.

And then, we are here at the E-Thong Village.

This time we are going to stay at the tent of the school.

The price is 350 THB for 2 people. This income is for students at the school.

Because we have been searching for accommodation in advance for a month, and everywhere is fully booked. We then decided to stay here due to its good atmosphere.

Upon arrival, rain greets us.

After finishing looking for the tenting area, we come to explore the village.

Destinations that should-not-miss in E-Thong village include

Jog Kradin Waterfall

Old Pilok Mine

Mining Bridge

Wooden Bridge

Wat Prathat Mine Pilok

Carp Pond

Nern Sao Thong Viewpoint

Nern Chang Suek Viewpoint

Chong Mittraphap

At the wooden bridge, the villager is there to offer a charter car service.

They will take us to Nern Sao Thong Viewpoint, Nern Chang Suek Viewpoint and Chong Mittraphap at 50 THB per person.

Or you can hire them to take you to other places and the fare is up to negotiation.

When wandering around the village,

we stop at the carp pond at the end of the mining area.

The water is so clear that we can see the ground.

Chong Mittraphap

Nern Sao Thong

Nern Chang Suek

The view here is so breathtakingly beautiful.

Such a great atmosphere, you can also tent around this area.

Imagine to wake up and see this view out of our tent would be so good.

And then, rain misses us and comes back to stay with us almost the entire day.

Information for people taking public bus.

You can take a van from the Southern bus station or Mo Chit bus station to travel to Kanchanaburi.

And then, take a van from Kanchanaburi to Thong Pha Phum, continue with a minibus from Thong Pha Phum to E Thong Village.

Minibus from Thong Pha Phum - E Thong Village leaves at 10:30 11:30 12:30 13:30.

Minibus from E Thong Village - Thong Pha Phum leaves at 6:00 8:00.


 Saturday, August 24, 2019 5:38 PM