Today I would like to invite you all the snow town near by Tokyo...

We take a train from Tokyo to Echigo-Yuzawa and stay at Yuzawa New Otani Hotel. On our first day, we take a free shuttle bus from the hotel to NASPA and YUZAWA-KOGEN. On the next day, we go to GALA-YUZAWA.

Arriving to Echigo-Yuzawa station we go straight to the hotel to leave our luggages.

Room rate tonight is 19,890 Yen

After that we take a free shuttle bus of the hotel to NASPA.

There is bus station in front of the hotel with timetable so we can check bus schedule to NASPA and GALA here.

It takes about 10 minutes to get to NASPA GARDEN LOG CENTER.

I let my mom order food and I go out to discover the area a little bit first.

NASPA is a good place for Ski Beginner especial children because slope is not too high.

In front of NASPA GARDEN LOG CENTER, there is a cable car service for skiing.

LIFT TICKET 1-day ticket 08:30AM-05:00PM 4,200 Yen.

Big Penguin

Cable cars

Hotel and Ski and Sled rental shop

Sled area with sliding pathway

A good place for children

After that we take the bus to YUZAWA-KOGEN

Here we are...

It is slightly snowing

Sled and Ski area for Children

Waiting for a cable car while snowing

Souvenir shop

Then we buy Ropewey Ticket round trip for 1,600 Yen per person.

It is departure every 20 minutes from 8.40AM.

Arriving to the top

I think that here is very beautiful, the mountain covers with white snow and less people.

Italian Restaurant

There is another restaurant with children plaything at 700 Yen fee with a beautiful background.

Walking up to the top

Oh my god...I have nothing to say just see in the photo

It is easier to take a cable car.

A restaurant with a nice view

On the way back...

Taking the Ropeway down

From the high angle

Come back to the hotel...This is the room for 19,890 Yen and Breakfast Buffet at 1,500 Yen per person (not including in the room rate).

After breakfast, we check out and leave our luggages at the hotel. Then we take the bus to GALA.

Arriving at GALA-YUZAWA, we buy the Sledding package for 1,300 Yen by using the benefit from JR pass which allow us to rent sled, gloves and rubber shoes for free. There are officers who will help to explain all information to tourists at the station so do not worry.

Ordering Form

If you would to walk on snow, I would suggest you to buy this package too.

That is the counter that we have to fill out the form for sled and rubber shoes rental. As do not have that much time, we decide to go to the cable car line.

We wait for 15 minutes until we can get on the cable car.

View from up here...

Here we are!!!

The weather today is quite good but there are so many people here.

Snowboard testing area

Sledding area (not many people^^)

As we did not rent a sled so we just climb up to snow slope where children are playing.

Even though no sled but we can slide...hahaha

After that we walk back.

Due to a nice weather today, there are so many people come here.

Ski area for children

Another beautiful corner

Menu from Food Court

It is time for us to go...

Next trip will be Northen Kyushu.

Thank you very much, see you next time^^

Wit Sil

 Monday, April 4, 2016 11:16 AM