After I read the topic about "Have you ever do anything crazy after broke up?"

This trip is coming into my head, it is already 2 years passed.

So I start to write the review about it.

What is Nepal The Project Cure ?

I went there after I broke up, so I decided to go there with my friends for healing my heart.


Let's begin our journey

This was a budget trip so we try to save all costs.

We flew there with China Eastern and transfer flight at Kunming with 8 hours flight time.

The temperature was about 3 degree. The airport was surrounded by mountains

It was very exciting because we have to wait for a transfer flight

And we had to be excited again when the plane was almost touch down.

We almost there.

New place is always make us excited


A city center where you can find everything here especially "Tamal" where is very famous for tourists.

There are hotels, restaurants, shops, travel agents and nightclub in the same area here.

Heading to Kathmandu Durbar Square

Tea time in a cold weather only 5 - 10 baht per cup.

While we were having tea, there was a parade coming which I guess that it was a wedding.

With our luckiness, these two students volunteer to guild us to Kathmandu Durbar Square

Here we are Kathmandu Durbar Square

It is an important historical site and also a meeting point for people.

The most in my memory is a beautiful view from Nirvana Cafe Restaurant at Swayambhunath Temple

And another impressive place is the hostel that we stayed "Alobar 1000" for only 250 baht a night in a dorm room.

It helped us to save a lot of money


Napal is " Slow more Chill more"

We started with having a can of beer on the rooftop of the hotel where all activities take place such as breakfast, reading or chill out.

Feel like home! Nice Place,Nice People :) ALOBAR 1000


"Heaven on earth" that what we define this city which is surrounded by mountains.

I am very impressed with this city which I cannot even explain into a word.

It also makes me understand that's why people want to come here for Trekking.


This is the hotel that we stayed with beautiful view in the back.

We were walking around and searching for places from Google and we found Phewa Lake.

It was very beautiful and we went there twice.

We also coordinated with the hotel to find a taxi who could take us to the viewpoint so sunrise.

It was so dark at first but when the sun started to come up we were surprised and feeling so lucky that we saw it with our own eyes.

If I did not come for myself, I will not believe that there is a place like this in the world.

'Pohkara' is another city that is very impressive and I hope that I can have a chance to come back again.


Our last destination on this trip


We were expected that it should be like in Pohkara but here was must more colder even the temperature is the same because Nargarkot is located on the top of the mountain.

As you can see, it is really cold.

Actually the view here should be surrounded by mountains but there was very foggy so we missed it. T_T

We could see sunset instead.

Does travel really help to heal us when we are hurting from inside?

I think it could help at least a little bit because we are excited what is going to happen next during each day of your journey. That can help us to stay in the present not in the past. It is not just us in this world, there are still so many things out there for us to face them and pass through them.

I hope that this could help to heal you even a little.

Or you might not have to go out or travel around the world to forget thing in the past. You can stay at home and crying. But after that you must stand up and walk pass it as we believe that it will be gone.



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