# Where is Kiriwong? I don't know what it has to offer. I only see my friends travel there. I still wonder why people travel so far to go to this place? #

I'm just really curious. So I search it at Google and once I see it!!! Oh...wow, I also must go!!! Then I go back to consult with my roommate at home and she's so easy to persuade, haha. She approves and gives me 3 of 1,000 THB banknotes for the air ticket. We plan for this trip very quickly. Simply by seeing photos, we already want to breath in the fresh air there.....Ok....let's go!

27th February 2016

We start flying at 14.30 p.m. with Thai Lion Air to Nakhon Si Thammarat Airport. What's next? I remember my friend said that there's limousine service to Kiriwong for 600 THB. Well, I think it's a bit expensive for me so I decided to ask people around. I asked a guy about how to go to Kiriwong and he said he didn't know. But, he offered us a ride. We looked at each other and said of course! At first, we just wanted to go with him until we reach the main road out of the airport and we will find our way after that. But he was so kind that he offered to take us to the bus stop. It is 15 k.m. away from the airport. Since he also didn't know the way so he asked his friend along the way. Once we reach, we put our hand together and thank him. He smiled back. Then, we asked for his name. Thank you so much P'Suthat for your kindness. Without you, we would have been still lost at the airport. We feel so good. Just the first day at this city, we are already very impressed. Then, we asked people at the bus stop of how to go to Kiriwong again and they said just take the bus written to Nakhon-Kiriwong and get off at the last stop.....Ok, then, let's go!!!

While we are on the bus, it's raining. We can hardly see things outside the window. Usually, I like to see two sides view along the way, to see the scenery that I have never seen and try to capture the most of what I see with my own eyes. We greet a student in the bus, and again, ask for the direction, haha. That student is also very kind and tells us everything. People are just so nice here, I get even more impressed now. Finally, we arrive at Kiriwong. But since it's raining very hard, we call to our accommodation and ask for the pick up service. Soon, we got picked up. I almost forgot to say that we stay at Sue Wan Home-stay. The staff is really kind. From the day we booked until the day we reach, we have asked them so many questions and they take good care of us. Thank you so much ^^ And here is our room. I forgot to take the photo at the front....

We reach the room about 6 p.m. and it's raining. Then, we take a shower and go to the temple fair to find something to eat. We are very lucky that we come during their annual fair. The music is very great. Despite raining, the music is played from 5-11 p.m.!!! But we didn't stay here long since we start to get very sleepy. Anyhow, it's quite hard to sleep as the music is still in our ears and we live just across the temple, haha.

28th February 2016

We set the alarm clock at 5.30 a.m. as we wanted to see the beautiful mist. But since the weather here is so good that we just turn off the alarm and continue to sleep, haha. Then, at 7.30 a.m. I take a shower and run to take mist photo at the canal. Yay!!!! We can see it even though we wake up late. In fact, the mist here is available all day long, haha.

We start out the day by renting the bicycle. I recommend this shop which is located at the left corner of the bridge before crossing to the temple. The bicycle is very new, colorful and easy to drive. All is good, hehe. It is 50 THB each and we take two. In between, we also ask for interesting places around. Now that we have some ideas, let's go!

The first destination of today is here, Ban Kiriwong Bridge across Tha Dee canal. It is considered a signature attraction here. It is so far that we just need to bike about 5 meters from the rental shop, haha. Then, the hipster model is completely born into my roommate now.

Then, we bike down to the right of the bridge to the viewpoint area. Oh my........so incredibly beautiful!!!!!

Soon, we get hungry and stop for noodle along the way. Well, the stomach will keep everything moving. Then, we also ask the noodle shop owner about where to go. She is so kind in telling us a lot of things from the history here and many attractions around. But we didn't get to go all of those places, we just choose to go where we like, hehe. We are quite Indy people. She suggests us to cycling along the road in front of the temple and ends at Nan Hin Tha Ha. Along the two sides, there's a canal that is so inviting for jumping in but we didn't bring our clothes now. We plan to have the water time in the evening, but it rains that evening and quite hard so the water stream is very strong that we miss it T-T

It's, again, raining while we are cycling!!! There's a group of people sitting inside the Sala (Thai resting pavilion). When they see us cycling by, they shout out "stop here for a while...it's raining" So we stop according to their invitation. Now, we got even more impressed. Even the strangers are helping each other like they know each other, so lovely ^^ They are from Chumphon and travel here. They also invite us to go to Koh Pithak at Chumphon and recommend us the accommodation, they are really nice :)

After the rain stops, we say goodbye to them and continue cycling to our destination, which is the Nan Hin Tha Ha. We wanted to see what is there to offer and along the way, we also keep taking photos.

There's a village before we reach the Nan Hin Tha Ha. We meet an uncle. He asked us where do we want to go, we said the waterfall. He said now the road is under construction and the waterfall is not too far from here. He also pointed the direction for us. So there we go. Here is under construction road. It's like we are driving the motocross, haha.

We finally arrive now.....After a while, the rain comes again. The weather here is in the pattern of raining after sunshine and then raining again. But the weather after the rain is always beautiful, always, always, haha.

On the way back, we are cycling straight back to the hotel so we can just watch the view along the way without stopping .Once we reach the hotel, I upload the photos onto the Facebook. Well, it's really beautiful and I want to share it to everyone. Then, we take shower and go find something to eat at the temple again. We also stop for the music there. It's so great, just my type. It is the country music. I'm so happy with 4 cans of beer before going back to bed.... Zzzzzzzzzz

29th February 2016

It's time to say goodbye to Kiriwong. In fact, we still want to spend another night here, but we need to go back to earn a living... So....no choice. Before going back, we return the bicycle to the rental shop. Actually, for one day rental, we need to return at that day evening. But the owner is very kind for us, he let us return the next morning. I'm also very impressed by this. Then, we walk to get on the bus to Nakhon Si Thammarat. The fare from Nakhon-Kiriwong is 25 THB which is much cheaper than hire the entire car. Before that, we stop for a coffee time at Ban Nai Tang Kiriwong. This shop is located right next to the canal. It has a very good atmosphere, such a slow life.

About less than an hour, we are now arriving at the downtown of Nakhon Si Thammarat. Our next destination is Wat Phra Mahathat Wora Maha Viharn. But we don't yet know how to get there, so again, asking!!! This time we ask the nun, haha. She said just follow her and she will ring the bell for us when we reach the temple. Put our hands together and thank you so much. And here it is, Wat Phra Mahathat Wora Maha Viharn.

After that, we also want to go pay respect to the City Pillar Shrine but we are so hungry. We then see the Pa Lek restaurant nearby and make a stop. Wow...It looks so yummy. We order 4 menus for 2 people and feel so full. Then, we go ask for direction again, they said we can take the Sanam Keela-Hua Thanon bus. And not long after that, we reach at the City Pillar Shrine.

After that, we take the bus to the market in order to find the ride to the airport. We decided to call the taxi with the number given by the nun. She's so great. She arranges all our transportation. Then, the taxi comes and takes us to the airport. Along the way, we talk like we have known each other for years although we just met. He said if we have anything we can just call and ask him without having to take his taxi. Well, up until now, we think we are very lucky. We have met all the nice people along the trip. People here are really lovely. If you have heard that they look scared, I would like you to open you mind and experience it yourself. Let it be the restaurants or just someone walking by, everyone is so welcoming and helping us anyway they could. We want to say that we both are very grateful for that. We'd like to thank everyone again, for those who we have mentioned and the one we didn't mention here, again, thank you very much :)

Finally, thank you so much everyone for reading until this line. See you again in our next trip. Thank you very much, Sawaddee Krab.

Panu Mongkonputtipak

 Monday, April 18, 2016 10:13 AM