Sawaddee Krab, hello guys....Today I will take to you see the couple shots from my 26 days of adventurous trip in Europe.

Ok, show me your hands if you are still single.....

Do not be sad because I'm your friend too...haha

And here again, this review is all about couple shots!

Well, it all started when I wrote my second episode of Hungary review and I found out that I have a collection of couple shots. Since at that time was winter and it's just so fit in. Do you understand the feeling of a single person in winter (well, in fact, I am single in any season, T_T) So, I just can't help feeling so in with this couple shots....I think anyone who is single would completely understand me......

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*The couple shots from 5 European countries: Netherlands-Hungary-Austria-Czech Republic-Italy.

At Netherlands....

Here comes our first couple shot. Today I love you. Oh my, just the first photo is already so sweet. (Amsterdam, Netherland.)

The road is pretty empty with no cars running but they are holding hands, so lovely...... When crossing the street please use the zebra road, but when crossing the loneliness, please add line to me....haha! (Eindhoven, Netherlands)

The white bridge or the Erasmus Bridge is another iconic symbol of Rotterdam city. It is one of the most famous bridges in the Netherlands.

Let the bridge be. At that time, it was 1 Degree Celsius and when the wind is blowing, the coldness goes straight to the heart. But seems like the couple can walk just fine.....Well, the weather like this, only the couple would warm you up! (Erasmus Bridge, Rotterdam, Netherlands)

At that time, whatever I see comes in couple. This photo is also couple, right? haha. (Erasmus Bridge, Rotterdam, Netherlands)

There's a lot of bicycle here and they manage to have such a wonderful parking place. It reminds me of the car parking in our shopping mall. I think if we were to count these bicycles, it would end up with even number, hehe. (Den haag,Netherlands)

I was eating at McDonald's and have to put down my burger immediately when seeing this scene. The couple shot really have such a great effect on me....(Rotterdam, Netherlands)

Double couples here, the escalators and the lights..... (Rotterdam Centraal Station, Netherlands)

This is not ordinary couple shot but very romantic one. In the canal of Amsterdam with stars, candles and us. (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

No no, we cannot cycling alone....

Cycling everyday makes us tired, how can I'm not tired when just secretly love you one sided! (Delft, Netherlands)

Rotterdam Centraal Station is just completed a few years ago, inside is beautiful and grand.

Crossing the street, you have to look at the car, but if you want to have a future, please look at me! (Rotterdam Centraal Station, Netherlands)

The weather at Delft is so great and the second couple is also very lovely > < (Delft, Netherlands)

At Hungary.....

As soon as landed, this is what I see....It is so cold for the single one like me...... (Budapest Airport, Hungary)

Even the fork comes with the knife..... (Budapest, Hungary)

We have cute boys together.... (Budapest, Hungary)

We also have lovely girls couple.... (Budapest, Hungary)

When it becomes too romantic, it has to be blurred. (Budapest, Hungary)

You may come alone......but we can also put you together. (Budapest, Hungary)

The Chain Bridge also has a couple. This is another landmark of Hungary. (Chain Bridge, Budapest Hungary)

I feel much better when seeing this couple...If anything happens, just pretend you are dead, haha. (Budapest, Hungary)

The beautiful view telescope must come with the beautiful view like the Hungarian parliament near the Danube River. This parliament is known as the most beautiful parliament in the world. (Hungarian Parliament, Budapest Hungary)

Even the little birds come in pairs......(Budapest, Hungary)

......(Budapest, Hungary)

This shot give us so much feeling. The Matthias Church is one of the oldest churches and registered as the World Heritage Site.

It is more than 700 years old. (Matthias Church, Budapest Hungary)

Some couple stays together forever.......(Matthias Church, Budapest Hungary)

At Austria.......

Just follow me, with a little mist, I will take you to tour Vienna. (Vienna, Austria)

Can't make it there, let's run now. I will take you to the zoo in Vienna (the clothes are very colorful). (Schönbrunn Zoo, Vienna, Austria)

Such a fearful couple.....haha (Schönbrunn Zoo, Vienna, Austria)

This couple is so lovely. It reminds me of Thai food, hehe. (Schönbrunn Zoo, Vienna, Austria)

Oh....where's your couple?.....(Schönbrunn Zoo, Vienna, Austria)

Oh, here it is........ (Schönbrunn Zoo, Vienna, Austria)

The weather is so cold that you swim too close to each other :p (Schönbrunn Zoo, Vienna, Austria)

Only the two of us here > < (Schönbrunn Zoo, Vienna, Austria)

Let's continue running to see the couples again.......(Schönbrunn Zoo, Vienna, Austria)

See! I know what you are looking at....... (Schönbrunn Zoo, Vienna, Austria)

Probably, you cannot fly that high?....hehe. (Schönbrunn Zoo, Vienna, Austria)

A happy family of dad, mom and kid.....(Schönbrunn Zoo, Vienna, Austria)

Even the worker are in couple... (Schönbrunn Zoo, Vienna, Austria)

Oh.....I finally meet my friend who is jumping alone... (Schönbrunn Zoo, Vienna, Austria)

Well, here, it is needless to talk a lot......> < (Schönbrunn Zoo, Vienna, Austria)

Oh my, even coming out to the street, the traffic also comes in pairs.....I can't take it here any longer, let's move onto Czech Republic.....(Vienna, Austria)

At Czech Republic.....

Arriving now...wait a bit for the red light...I'm about to go cross the Charles Bridge in order to go to the Prague Castle. (Praha, Czech Republic) cute....these two couples are meeting such an early morning...(Praha, Czech Republic)

Wow, so beautiful..If you are a girl, I'd definitely go after you. But where's your couple?....... (Praha, Czech Republic)

Haha, probably, you are too serious in finding him?... (Praha, Czech Republic)

Well, you need a pair when running around here...hehe (Praha, Czech Republic)

Finding the shoes you like with no size is like finding the right one but cannot go along...... (Praha, Czech Republic)

I have to say that the view in this city is so beautiful. (Praha, Czech Republic)

I might accidentally take the scenery photos but definitely intentionally take your photos...hehe.

Above the sky is another sky, above the god is the bird.... (Praha, Czech Republic)

Let's continue, I will now take you to the Old Town Square ..... (Praha, Czech Republic)

(Make some noise if you are following me.....)

And now we arrive at the Old Town Square.It is almost dark now.....(Old Town Square, Czech Republic)

Buying lens to search for couple shots...... (Old Town Square, Czech Republic)

Hello...Old Town Square (Old Town Square, Czech Republic)

I start my life slowly just like the minutes hand and second hand of the clock....(Old Town Square, Czech Republic)

No no, not yet found...... (Old Town Square, Czech Republic)

I thought I found it......(I lift the lens too high that the sugar is all over me and the Westerner laugh at me....) (Old Town Square, Czech Republic)

Even though we are paralleling, but we will forever stay together.......(Old Town Square, Czech Republic)

Wait........(Old Town Square, Czech Republic)

Let me take off the lens for a second. I think you must come with me now......(Old Town Square, Czech Republic)

Oh my, do you have seafood sauce?...... (Old Town Square, Czech Republic)

Finally! I find my pair....please excuse me for some minutes......

Here is so romantic, everyone comes in couple...(Old Town Square, Czech Republic)

No....Now I'm not cold anymore....But my eyes are hot with jealousy....(Old Town Square, Czech Republic)

...............Please fill in the blank... (Old Town Square, Czech Republic)

..............Speechless now....haha..... (Old Town Square, Czech Republic)

Now, the world is all pink! (Old Town Square, Czech Republic)

Enough here, it is too romantic....Let's move onto Italy!

At Italy......

We are now at Rome....Even the tree comes in pair. I will take you to Colosseum in a minute. It is one of the seven wonders of the world. (Colosseum, Rome Italy)

When I'm about to cross the street, I see this hurting scene..let's make it all blurred! (Rome, Italy)

See.......(Rome, Italy)

This couple is really looking alike.....(Colosseum, Rome Italy)

Now we are inside the greatest creation of the great Roman.... (Colosseum, Rome Italy)

A two happy couples ....hehe (Colosseum, Rome Italy)

1 2 3.....well, let it be! Here is one of the seven wonders of the world...the odd number is forgivable. (Colosseum, Rome Italy)

: Why today my eyes feel hurt when looking at you......

: Oh, why you eyes is hurt when looking at me.....

: Well, because your beauty is hitting my eyes....

(Colosseum, Rome Italy)

Like I say earlier, above the god is the bird.....hehe

Now, we are at the Vatican Palace. It is the largest palace in the world. Inside is very elegant. (Vatican Palace,Rome Italy)

Where is it here? Is it where my love staying.....hehe!

Here is the Trevi Fountain. It is believed that whoever toss the coin in the water will get to return again...(Trevi Fountain, Rome Italy)

So hungry, haha. We are at Florence now....the food trays come in pairs, so do the food and the scoops. (Florence, Italy)

And I would like to end my travel review with above photo, see you again soon!

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