It takes me only an hour from Izmir to Selcuk. Now, It is already 8.00pm at night; I carry my bag and leave train station. Upon going out from train station, I find a lot of cuisines out there. I look at the hotel reservation voucher which I just only knew the hotel's name and knew only that it is located near the bus station. You guys might think why this time I did not check the location in GPS? It is my fault as I am in such a hurry that I forget to download the map with me. However, I don't feel afraid at all as in my heart I fully know that Turkish people are very kind with the tourist like me. While I'm still wondering how will I go to the hotel, suddenly there's a guy asks me where I would like to go? I then tell him the name of the hotel, he suggests me to walk for another two intersections and then turn left. See? I told you, Turkish people are very kind. I continue walking and see the market that is about to close, today is Saturday and they will have the big market in Selcuk. Too bad, I come a little bit late today, therefore, the market is closed. If I came here early, it would be great, I think.

I arrive at the hotel and about to drag my luggage inside. A guy who is cleaning the table looks at me and asks me whether I am Thai or not. I feel a bit perplexed how he knows that I am Thai or he learns that from the hotel reservation voucher? Then I tell him that I am Thai and without asking anything, he takes me to the check-in counter right away. After I check-in, I get a room on third floor, the guy carry my luggage for me. Turkish people are so generous.

While I am keeping my luggage in the room, I am pretty starving, therefore, I go downstairs and find something to eat. I find the guy sitting at the ground floor, hence, I ask him how he knows that I'm Thai as I am still curious. He tells me that Thai people come here around 100 to 200 people each year. The amount of Thai people last year is a bit more than this year. He likes Thai people, thus, he could recognize the characteristic of Thai people. After I heard that, I feel really great as there is one more Turkish people that has an good impression toward Thai people. I tell him that I am very hungry but I don't want to eat at the cuisine and ask him is it okay if I buy and eat here. He says yes and offers to walk me to the place. During we walk to the cuisine, he tells me that he knows Thailand from television and he would like to travel to Thailand once, however, Thailand is quiet far and need to use a big travelling budget. I then tell him that it is not far at all, I could come all the way here and so does him. It might take some time to save the travelling budget but then again if you not forget your dream, you could realize your dream in one day by yourself. Take myself as an example, I encourage him.

This morning I will visit an ancient Greek city called Ephesus. I am a person who is infatuated with ancient Greek Gods for such a long time. I see the pictures of Ephesus from books and internet, thus, I really would like to travel here and witness this great place with my own eyes. Well, today is the day that I could finally go to visit there. My hotel that I stay is just opposite to the bus station to Ephesus. Before travelling to Ephesus, I go to reserve the ticket to Pamukkale for today first and I will buy a ticket at 04.15pm schedule. At that time, I walk to the van that will go to Ephesus and I see two Chinese and one child ages around 13 to 14, they are trying to bargain the van cost, I have heard that they ask if it is possible to get free or half price for the child, however, the Turkish guy looks at them and refuses. I could immediately feel that he is in the bad mood. Unfortunately, my queue is next, I then ask him how much for the ticket and when will the van depart, he refuses to speak to me but stare at me and speak Turkish language that I don't understand. I look at his face and know that he is in a really bad mood, he might think that I am Chinese and try to bargain the price with him as well.

I don't want to bother him anymore so I just give him 10 lira; I think to myself that no matter how much change I have got back is fine for me. Well, it costs me 5.50lira to Ephesus. After me in the line is an English man, he asks that Turkish guy a lot of questions and turn out that he answers in English fluently and willingly. Indeed, I think he got fed up with Chinese people and thought that I am Chinese as well. It's alright, mistake could happen, No offense.

Ephesus is one of Asia most great condition and largest ancient cities that has approximately 2000 years of age now, it is one of the wonder sites of the ancient world. Before I came here, I imagine of its enormous, however, it could not compare with the sight that I witness with my own eyes. I buy ticket and travel from the bottom to the top. The weather is burning hot, nevertheless, it's alright for me as I love hot weather, the sun makes me feel happy.

I continue walking along the route, the first site that I witness is the giant theater that stands on the slope of a hillside which was capable of holding 25,000 audiences. I feel stunned with its majestic size and in the same time think that how possible is that the ancient people in 2000 years ago could build such an enormous place like this? It's exceedingly splendid. I climb to the top and look at the below view, it's pretty high and I feel that if I fell, I could surely die. At that moment, I hear the song from a group of foreigner girls who are singing at the middle of the theater. Although, I am at the top area but I could still clearly hear their song and when the song ends, the sound of the applause is surrounding the place.

I climb down and stand at the middle of the theater, then close my eye and try to imagine of the vocalist in the past time. I hear the singing voice beside me, one Turkish man starts singing Turkish song that I do not know the meaning of it. However, his voice is brilliant and resounding to the top area. I then look around and think that the creator of this place is remarkable. Suddenly, I feel like singing a song but I could not come up which song should I sing. Thus, I will leave it until the next time I come here; I will prepare some Thai songs in advance. When the singing sound of that Turkish man is over, my imagination is stop too. I hope I could be back here again one day in the future.

I walk around admiring an ancient archeological site, and at the same time I imagine of its gigantic era at that period. I love ancient Roman civilization and its remaining sites. Many people might not understand why I love to see these remaining sites but I don't care, I just know what I want. I try to collect some money and make my way to see what I love and that is more than enough for me.

Image: Stone carving of the Goddess Nike, the Goddess of Victory. The origin of the symbol of Nike sport shoes.

Image: Curetes street, the main street that stretches to the slope way of this ancient town. The weather here is dry and very hot; thereby, I take some rest in the shading area. I drink some water and eat bread that I carry with me as well as watching this ancient site in the same time, there is a cat walk closely, I think it is hungry, thus, I share some of my bread to her and she seems really enjoy it. I found that there are a great number of cats in Turkey, they are everywhere and every one of them are cute and their fur are colorful. If they were in Thailand, I definitely bring and raise it at my home.

Image: Fountain of Trajan, there is no water now.

Image: The temple of Hadrian

Image: the walkway of the rich of Ephesians, the right side was built by mosaics.

I walk to the highlight site of this place which is the Library of Celsus. It is the library that we usually see from the travel books. In the front of this place is still in good condition and splendid as well as the four Goddess which are Sophia (wisdom), Arete (virtue ), Ennoia (thought), Episteme (knowledge ), all the sculptures are all still there. Unfortunately, some of the sculptures' head are missing. I walk closely to admire the beautiful of the sculptures that I long for. I walk to the back of the library, it is an open area and there is nothing more to see. I thereby sit and admire the library from the back; the pattern of its marble is marvelous. I think how could they built such a great site in thousands years ago without the modern tools? How long do they build? What are they thinking while they are carving those sculptures? A lot of questions arise in my mind.

I have learned that opposite of the library is the brothel; there is the secret way from the underground of the library to that place. Men always say that they will come to read books at the library, but actually they come to the brothel which located at the opposite side. It makes me think of the womanizer and liar habits of men; whichever decades are always the same even in several thousand years ago, and even the Gods also have this behavior. As well as, the prostitute is also the occupation that dates back from the past.

Image: The ancient brothel.

Now, it is time to head back to Selcuk, thus, I go to wait for the bus at the same place. There is a guy comes and asks me where the bus stop to Selcuk is? I tell him it's right here. I feel a bit surprised because he actually looks like Turkish guy but how come he doesn't know the way. Therefore, I ask him where he comes from, he says that he is Italian but he could speak Turkish language. We continue our conversation on the bus to Selcuk and when we get off from the bus, he asks me what will I do next? I reply him that I will look for something to eat, and invite him to eat with me. We have some long chat at the cuisine and exchange our facebook with each other. I am glad I make another new friend from the journey once again. As I still have time left before the bus departs so I tell him that I would like to go to the Temple of Artemis, he says that he will walk me there. We talk on the way to the Temple of Artemis and then we take photos for each other. He tells me that he stays at Kusadasi city which is located close to the sea and it is away from here around 30 minutes by car so he invites me to travel there. If I could have more time, I definitely follow him there. Maybe next time if I could come back here. We say goodbye to each other at the bus station, see you again my new facebook friend. The good friendship is always happen during the journey.

Image: the Temple of Artemis in the present which has only one pole left.

Image: the model image of the Temple of Artemis. Credited from internet.

I will end this review with a photo of Turkish guy at Selcuk.


 Wednesday, May 4, 2016 10:22 AM