Hello everyone, we are Tiew Mua Sua team, we love to travel, find new place to visit and also like to share our experience. We like to spend our time with the nature and recharging our energy.

So let's start our journey...

This trip we are going to Phuket and driving to Layan Beach.

After we drove pass and made a wrong turn, we decided to stop by The Nature Education Center for Mangrove Forest "Laem Son Layan". The amazing thing is on the left side is the sea and on the right side is Layan Canal. So we spend some times here.

1. Pine tree park

There is shady from pine trees where you can picnic or camping within the nature. It is quite safe here because there are officers take a good care of the park all day. Moreover, there are showers room and shops for your convenience. There is one rule that everyone must follow is "Do not build any fire"

2. Beautiful Beach with white sands

3. Clear sea water with slowly waving

4. Emerald Canal

5. Blue Lagoon

This is the highlight of Layan Beach because this is the natural lagoon as you can see.

6. Discover Koh Kata

Everything on Layan Beach is created by nature.

7. At the end of the beach

This is where the water from canal and sea come to convergence which is hard to find.

Reflection of sun light on the water is so beautiful.

8. Excited Activity is fishing in a peaceful moment

9. Traditional way of Fishing Man

This area is an old community of fishing man as you can see that there are fishing boat docking near by. You will have a feeling of basic life and willingness of villages.

10. Beautiful sunset

This is another place for beautiful sunset with romantic atmosphere which is really relaxing.

We have spent half of the day here and we feel so happy and relax.

We would say that Layan Beach is an amazing beach that you should come to visit and enjoy the natural and peaceful atmosphere.

For direction to Layan Beach, you can find it on Google Maps. For us, we departure from Phuket and heading to Talang District, passing Wat Phranang Sang. Then turn to road no. 4018 Don Jom Tao and follow the sign to Soi Layan 2. Then driving along the beach to park at Pine Tree Park. Distance of 28 KM and should take not more than an hour. ( Tiew Mua Sua was got lost so many times so it took us about 2 hours to get there...hahahah)

Tiew Mua Sua will serve you a new journey next time, thank you for reading.

Wait to see where is going to be our next place to visit.


 Monday, April 4, 2016 11:28 AM