According to the first review, I have discovered some new places in Singapore where there is not only the Merlion but there is also archway at Fort Canning Park. I tend to take you to visit the new places for my second review which I can guarantee that it is as beautiful as the places where I visited for my first review. Some of you might not know this place before or you might not believe that this place is still existing in Singapore. Upper Seletar Reservoir Park is the place where I would like to take you to.

Please follow my first review in Singapore Episode 1 :: Underground Crossing ที่ Fort Canning Park >>

The Background

This trip is inspired by my close friend's pre- wedding photos which are taken at Fort Canning Park. Furthermore, there is also another place that I am searching for it. I really want to thank to my friend who has become the part that makes me discover new place in Singapore.

The example of pre-wedding photo Credit:

The photos really impress me since I have seen them for the first time because it is the scene which I have seen lonely high tree in between 2 benches. It is like the scene in the sweet romance. Especially in wedding suites, it has doubled sweetness of romance.

I have asked my friend about the precise location of Upper Seletar Reservoir Park that I am searching for. My friend told me that it is quite difficult to get to Upper Seletar Reservoir Park. Once I have heard the word " Difficult" I have given up at that time and I have discontinued to search for some information.

Later, this place has popped up in my mind, so I start searching some information and notice that it is not too difficult to get there. There is the public transport available to get there. So, I am not reluctant to go to see " Lone Tree" or Upper Seletar Reservoir Park.

To start searching for Lone Tree

This place is almost in the Northern part of Singapore, it is quite for from Singapore city. Hence, it takes quite long time to get there. Please plan your trip well if you would like to go to this place.

The location of Upper Seletar Reservoir Park, Credit: Google Map

To take the red routed sky train and get off at Ang Mo Kio. Then,I need to take the bus 138, it is the same bus number when we go to Singapore zoo. Once you get off at Ang Mo Kio, please observe for exit C and connect with the bus at Bus Interchange at Ang Mo Kio Hub.

Ang Mo Kio Hub, Exit C

To take the escalator to Bus Interchange

To take the escalator to level 1 in order to go to Bus Interchange

The bus service is divided in section. For me, I need to take the bus in section B which is called Berth - B, please look for the bus number 138 which will be at the far end of B1 . There are many convenient shops on the way to B1 such as Old Chang Kee (Selling Fried Food), Bakery Shop, Milk tea shop etc. If you feel hungry, I highly suggest to buy something to eat because there is no shop at Upper Seletar Reservoir Park.

Bus Interchange

Once you arrive at the far end of B1, the toilet is close to where I am waiting for the bus. So, I go to the toilet for a while and it is very necessary to go to the toilet before getting on the bus because it will be the long journey till we reach our destination.

I am in the queue for the bus number 138.

Bus 138

It is more convenient to take bus by using EZ - link, you can simply touch the card once get on and off the bus. It takes about 30 minutes, so I get off at Bus Stop 48089. You will clearly see the big reservoir on the left hand side.

To get off at Bus Stop 48089 (Upp Seletar Reservoir)

I need to walk backwards aroun 50 meters, there will be the Chinese fence. Even though, the gate at the entrance is closed but please do not misunderstand that the park is closed. I just need to walk along the Chinese fence to get into the park. On the way back, I need to cross the road Mandai and take the bus at the opposite side to go back to Ang Mo Kio.

The entrance of Upper Seletar Reservoir Park

The Background of Upper Seletar Reservoir..

Upper Seletar Reservoir is the third reservoir of Singapore and its former name is Seletar Reservoir. It was built in C.E. 1920 in order to fulfill the demand of water utilization in the first world war. It was grandly opened on 10th August 1920 by Her Royal Highness Princess Alexandra of Kent, United Kingdom. Later, it is renamed as Upper Seletar Reservoir and some part is used as the public par for relaxing and doing some exercise.

Map of Upper Seletar Reservoir Park, Credit:

Upper Seletar Reservoir is one of 4 reservoirs in Singapore which are MacRitchie Reservoir, the Lower Peirce Reservoir and Upper Peirce Reservoir.

I am still searching for the lonely tree and really want to know when is it grown, why is it so popular ?... But I could not find it till now, I can find only " Monkey", there are so many moneys running around. They are actually cute but not so friendly.

Lone Tree... It is not far.

After passing the entrance, I need to continue walking along the pavement on the right hand side of the reservoir. The executive golf course is on the left hand side. I continue walking around 400 meters, I then see Seletar Rocket Tower, it is very tall and outstanding so we can obviously see it from this far end. I can also step up to the top of Seletar Rocket Tower in order to see the spectacular view. It is also the nice place for seeing sunset.

The pavement along the reservoir on the right hand side, the Seletar Rocket Tower is at the far end.

The executive golf course is on the left hand side.

Seletar Rocket Tower , Here I am! Then, I continue walking around 400 meters, there will be public toilet, drinking water point, the space for doing BBQ party and the pier. Moreover, there is also the corner where I can some photos.

Public toilet

Lone tree ... The tree which is not lonely

Finally, I can see Lone Tree. At first, I thought that it is very big tree. But, it is actually not because it is medium sized tree. It is on the left hand side of Seletar Rocket Tower.

As I mentioned earlier that this is not lonely tree because there are some trees in the same area but they have different size and shape. Hence, they are not as popular as the tree that I have seen in the pre- wedding photos.

Other trees beside Lone Tree

I am not sure what kind of the tree it is. I have searched for some information and acknowledged that this tree is categorized in tamarack. The tree is perfectly arranged with 2 benches beside. Once I turn my face to the reservoir, I feel so lonely. But, I also have the feeling of warmth and romance at the same time.

Surely, the tree is the popular place for taking pre- wedding photos of Singaporean lovers.

Apart from this corner, there are also beautiful corners where I can take photos. If it is so crowded for taking photos with the tree, you are able to change to another corners. It is even more crowded during sunset, it is necessary to reserve your space for taking photos.

I go up to the top of Seletar Rocket Tower in order to see the view of sunset.

Before going back,I step up winder to the top. I feel a bit tired because there are many steps of winder. However, I feel better once I arrive at the top of Seletar Rocket, the atmosphere is so nice. Especially during sunset, I can take the photo of sunset twilight.

Above photo is the winder up to Seletar Rocket Tower

The photo of Lone Tree from high end

Once the sun sets, it is time to say good bye Lone Tree.

I take the photos till 19.30 hrs, I really like sunset because I enjoy seeing the sunset twilight reflected everywhere, it is very charming. Even though, the sun sets everyday but it creates different twilight in each day. It reminds everyone that "tomorrow will be the new day."

From Seletar Rocket Tower, I walk back to the same way to get on the bus. Luckily, the weather is so nice today which makes me have many nice photos.

I have arrived the entrance at late evening, it is time to say good bye...Lone Tree

It is very easy to get to Lone Tree

  • The precise coordinates of Lone Tree >> 1.400715, 103.806185
  • To take red routed sky train (North South Line) to Ang Mo Kio and get off at exit C
  • To connect with bus number 138 at Bus Interchange of Ang Mo Kio Hub, the bus number 138 is at the far end of B1

  • You need to pass around 21 bus stops, it takes about 35 minutes. Once the bus arrives at bus number 48099 (Opp SCDF Nee Soon Camp) it means you almost reach your destination.
  • To get off at the bus number 48089 (Upp Seletar Reservoir) you will obviously see the reservoir on the left hand side.
  • To continue walking about 50 meters before reaching the entrance.
  • On the way back, you need to cross the road to the opposite side in order to take the bus back to Ang Mo Kio.

The bus stop at the opposite side to go back to Ang Mo Kio MRT

The additional information

  • No entrance fee!!!
  • I highly recommend to go to take the photos during sunset. Please feel free to share me the photos.
  • You should reach this park during 16.30 hrs. - 17.00 hr. because it is the proper time to wander in the park as well as take photos of sunset.
  • You can go back by taking the bus number 138 at the opposite bus stop. Please do not be worried about the safety because there is the light along the way and there are many people doing exercise and fishing.
  • Please be aware of the monkeys because they are quite fierce. Please do not eat food or snack when monkeys are around you because they will snatch your food or snack.
  • There are no convenient shops available in the park, please prepare some food with you.
  • For my first trip, I went to MacRitchie in the late morning. Then, I took the bus number 167 at bus stop number 53071 (Opp Flame Tree Pk) from MacRitchie , it took about 15 minutes and passed around 11 bus stops.
  • To get off at bus stop number 57011 (Opp Nessea Club) and continued walking along Upper Thompson pavement. Then, I turned left at T- junction and kept walking along Mandai pavement, it took around 20 minutes. For those who have visited these 2 places before, it would be easy to plan for 1 day trip of MacRitchie + Upper Seletar Reservoir.


@ Upper Seletar Reservoir Park, SINGAPORE

From this review, you may notice that Singapore does not have only Merlion. I will do another review in Singapore again. Please stay tune and follow us (:




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