Welcome back to video Part.3 of my amazing Sukhothai, Thailand adventure through the Thailand Village Academy.

In this episode, you will literally meet one of my favorite human's I've ever met through my travels, so much so that I end up crying having to say goodbye -- Mr. & Master Narongchai Toain AKA Mr. Froggy. He will teach us some serious survival skills, like making fire from scratch, along with teaching us how to make clay buddha amulets straight out of nature at his home called ban phra phim laksamonsilp which is also a learning center.

Later on, we head over to Sukhothai's weekend night market, enjoy some food and then get all dressed up in traditional Thai outfit and light up some candles and incense to float on the river and make a wish at Trapung Thong Temple.

Hofit Kim Cohen

 Friday, September 13, 2019 5:24 AM