This is a review of Skydive Thailand, Rayong Province, with an altitude of 13,000 feet parachuting out of the plane or about 4000 meters above the ground that we should try it once in a lifetime! It is so freaking awesome!

Sometimes life could be boring...if you keep doing the same thing.

So I just wanted to find some exciting thing to do... If you want to know how I feel when jumping out of a plane?

Check this VDO out!

- I wanted to know how much can we control our body? How much does it dance or move when it falls at a speed of 200 km/hr? How fast can it get?

- I was also curious to know when jumping out, will we spin around uncontrollably or will we fall in a vertical drop that can be controlled?

These were the questions which sparked this trip. The trip that I was willing to drive back and forth from Bangkok to Rayong for 6 hours just to parachute for 25 minutes.

I came here to find out the answers. No one can answer these questions better than our own feeling. It is a trip that I have to do it myself and yes, it is one of the most thrilling trips in my life :) Will I come again if chances allow? "Of course! Anytime!


After 3 hours drive from Bangkok to Rayong, I parked the car and went straight to the counter.... I signed the form to give my consent for parachuting (without any insurances). After signing the form, I was given a sticker to put on my shirt.

Note. I chose the Package Tandem Sky + Gold camera package (there's a photographer jumping with us to take photos and videos which I think was very worthy. You can take a look at my photos below!)

The parachuting price is 11,000 THB + Gold camera package 6,500 THB and the total price is 17,500 THB.

To check prices and reserve the date, please click > Skydive Thailand

After that, I waited for my name to be called to meet with a professional skydiver whom we will count on for our lives (he will put all parachuting equipment for us).

After 10 minutes, I was called to go to the warehouse where they stored all the equipment including the airplane to get ready and they also gave us a brief explanation about the jumping procedure.

And here is a person I'd count my life on :) His name is Micky. He is so nice and fun to talk to.

Don't be panic with all the equipment.. The staff will help us put them on, we don't have to wear it ourselves :) So you can be relaxed.

When the costume and equipment was ready, the staff explained the jumping protocol. As I remembered, there were 3 main points.

1. Before jumping, have our both hands hold onto a black line at our chest.

2. After jumping, slowly spreading our arms after the staff tap our shoulders 3 times.

3. Before landing at the ground, keep our feet up (the posture is like sitting on a chair and straighten our legs but not touching the ground). This is to prevent our legs bumping into the ground, the staff will land first.

I think that's it.... easy and not complicated :) But the nervousness could make us forget everything... But that's alright, the staff will keep us reminded again.

After the briefing, I waited a while before being called to take the flight which was parked outside... I think the aircraft looks really cute, do you agree?

Before taking the flight, the photographer took a photo for us.

And then, I told Micky that " I hope we would have a smooth landing".

Micky replied "I hope so" haha. Very nice.

And then it's showtime.... There's no turning back now.

We spent about 20 minutes climbing the altitude ... During this time, we continued to sit and enjoy the view. There's nothing to worry or think about because we did not have a control over this experience. Remember, just have fun, enjoy it as much as possible. That's enough!

Note: To climb to the right altitude, it takes 20 minutes.

From jumping out of the plane to reach the ground, it is about 5 minutes.

When we were about to reach the altitude at 13,000 feet (about 4,000 meters above the ground), Micky started to attach my equipment with him.

Here we are... at the required altitude. Then, the door was opened and we were taken to the door, looking like chill but oh my, my feeling was so messy, hahaha. I kept asking myself, is this really chill and relax?

Oh well.... it could be...... as the view was so beautiful, blue sky, and I could see the sea too. But on the other hand, it's not, as we were about to jump through the clouds and down.

I started to look at the ground...and asking myself how do I feel now?.....

The speed that appears to be freeze to make it looks slow.

Suddenly... someone called my name from the side... photo time, haha (I forgot to mention that my photographer is a lady. If I remembered it correctly, her name is Eve. She came with us all the way, starting from when the aircraft door was opened until we were landed. The photo package is so cool as this personal photographer was flying along with us to take photos just for us).

Of course, give her a good smile...and I then forgot of what I was thinking.

After several clicks until she was satisfied. Eve jumped first! She did so in order to capture the shot when I jumped out of the plane, what a photo!

Upon jumping out, the first thing I did was asking myself about how I felt.....The answer was so freaking thrilling. I was falling so fast. The wind hit my face so hard. For a second I forgot that I supposed to feel thrilled, instead, it was so much fun. Oh well, I've never felt this fun before, it's my first time feeling like this.

After a few seconds, he tapped on my shoulder 3 times and I knew it's time to spread my arms out.

When I looked aside, my photographer was still there....I was quite puzzled at the time, seriously? She followed us this close to get us photos?

I thought we would be blown away in different directions...but no, we were so close to each other..

Of course, give her a good smile ... ^_____^

When you are up in the sky... how much can you control your body? The answer is yes to some extent. The movement of arms and legs and face is a bit tense as the jumping speed is 200 km/hr.

Do we still feel like taking photos when falling that fast? The answer is yes, we could take like hundreds of them!

Will she be able to shoot photos at that speed, as it's so fast? I didn't know back then. Oh well, let's try different poses and see the photos later. Now, I know... they were actually able to capture all the moves we had in the sky.

I have to say that I really have so many poses, haha. Sometimes, the height made us go insane.

No..... not yet, I also have a pose while making a turn....I was confused myself too as of why I did that. I wasn't the controller, Micky was!!!!

I have so many photos that...I couldn't post them all here, haha. When the photographer came to me again, I ran out of the pose.

Let's pose for a love then <3

And this is the photo before we were separated. Then, we were flying so super fast through the clouds. This is the first time in my life to actually fully touch the clouds.

After passing through this white clouds... Micky was about to activate the parachute.

Many thanks to Micky who didn't get me a normal landing but allowed me to have more fun... Before landing, he took me to fly in the sky for 3-4 times more. It didn't feel like bird flying but rather a hawk flying. It's so fast and quick, and most importantly, it's so much fun!

Warning... please be careful with your saliva spatter, haha. That's all, as the swing turn was so sudden and strong that I didn't have time to close my mouth.

And soon, we landed safe and sound.

If you asked me whether it's worth the answer is more than worthy... I didn't mean to sell it. But I really do enjoy it a lot, probably, I'm not scared of height and that I also think that for once in a life time, I'd like to try many things. I'm afraid that if I didn't do it now, one day, I'll be too scared to jump.

If you want to try, just do it.. do not think much, at least it's a once in a lifetime experience that you get to jump out of an aircraft.

For the prices, please see below:

1. Tandem Skydive (only jumping, no photographing services), the price is 11,000 THB.

2. Tandem Skydive Silver Camera Package (Handcam video and photo) with photos and videos by attaching the GoPro at the arm of a skydiver who jumps with us, the price is 14,500 THB.

3.Tandem Skydive Gold Camera Package (addition instructor with video and photo) with photos and videos by additional photographer who jumps along with us. The photographer uses both camera and GoPro to help us capture the moment in more angles, the price is 17,500 THB.

All the photos and videos I got are from the Gold Camera Package : ))) If you think to try it once in a lifetime and love to have cool photos, you can try this package and you won't be disappointed.

To check prices and reserve for the date, please click > Skydive Thailand

See you again in our next let's find new destination to travel to, any recommendation is most welcomed.

Goodbye ^ ^

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