🌿 Top 20 Check-in points in Phrae-Nan

💕As seasons change, everything also changes - save for the beauty of nature that always remain with us.

⭐️Just like these two Northern provinces. No matter how many times I visit, I never get bored

📍Today, I present you a compiled list of 20 check-in points in Prae and Nan provinces.

🚗For those who will travel there as the next destination, I assure you that you will experience the magic of these two provinces.

🌈These two provinces are right next to each other, and 3 days and 2 nights are enough to explore them. You can take a quick flight to Nan, or if you want to take it slowly, going by bus is also a good choice.

💰Most importantly, the budget wasn't that high! Around 2000 baht is enough for 3 days. The food price in this province is very nice; noodles still cost 25 per bowl! There is a lot of local dishes to choose from. In the market, you can talk to local villagers and have a good time!

🌳Most tourist attractions are in nature. In the rainy season like this, there is more greenery than usual. In the morning, you will be greeted with the fog, rain in the afternoon and cool weather at night.

📍Phumin Temple, Nan Province

Everyone who visits Nan has to pay their respects at this temple. It is an old temple that has been with Nan for a very long time. The architecture is unique with the famous interior wall murals like "Phap Grasip Lak Bun Lu Lok" and there are 4 Buddha images here.

📍Amphoe Bo Kluea, Nan

Nan is separated into 15 Amphoes or Districts. The Salt pond is one of the most popular places in this province. It is 80 kilometers from Nan. You can also visit Doi Phu Kha or stay here. Homestay is nice and located by the water. The price is very cheap and affordable.

Activities in this village, we can see how to make a salt pond that is very unique. Bamboo bridge is also available for taking pictures and a cute little cafe along the way.

📍Silapetch Homestay

This is one of the homestays in Pua District. We came here last year and we loved it. The price is 2000 baht per person including food and activities. Even though it is not comfortable as a hotel but you get new experiences with nature and get to know they way of living from local people who took great care of us.

There were welcoming rituals from the locals as we arrived. They treated us meals and performed traditional dancing. In the morning we give alms to Buddhist monks. There is an evening market and behind the house is a very beautiful stream.

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📍Silapetch Waterfall

A famous waterfall is Pua district and very popular tourist place. There is a total of 3 levels, with a waterfall basin suitable for swimming with flowing water all year round. The water falls from many descending cliffs.

Inside the waterfall there are beautiful rocks. Both sides of the waterfall are steep cliffs which has an abundance of mixed forest and evergreen forest.

There is a restaurant, drinks, restroom for service before going to the waterfall.

📍 Tai Lue Coffee Shop

A coffee shop located in the middle of green field. This is also a part of the shop. Local cloth shop selling Lamduan weaving cloth. It is a combination for decoration with local style. It became a shop that a lot of people love.

📍 Wat Phuket

The temple name is Phuket but it's not in Phuket. The word Phu in Northern language means mountain. Ket stands for the Ket village community. Combine the words together and you get Phuket temple.

The temple has a beautiful view and the distinctive point of the temple is a balcony behind the temple to admire beautiful view.

Not only can you come to pay respects to monks but also a picture for a beautiful view.

📍Toob Na Tai Lue Store

This shop is located in front of Phuket Temple. There is a cafe in this field and a place you should come to take a picture.

There are many angles to get chic together. With the atmosphere of Lan Na style decoration With bamboo bridge With houses, cottages, trees, flowers, fields To be selected The shooting angle is unique.


วัดนี้เป็นวัดเก่าแก่ที่ได้รับพระราชทานวิสุงคามสีมาตั้งแต่ปี พ.ศ. 2395 ค่ะ พระสงฆ์ที่มีชื่อที่สุดของวัดนี้คือ หลวงปู่ก๋ง

This temple is the oldest temple that has been granted land since 1852. The most famous monk of this temple is Luang Pu Kong

Inside the temple is very well decorated

And the far end is the back of the temple with a beautiful view overlooking the green field and the mountains of Doi Phu Kha. There is an umbrella and a hat to wear for taking picture as well.

📍Baan Kwian Doi Pha Kha

This is a guesthouse in Doi Phu Park. 300 baht per roomy for 2 persons

The atmosphere is very good. The sunset can be seen at the park and the sunrise at the viewpoint 1715.

If you want to cook they have a stove to rent but you have to bring your own pan.

📍1715 Viewpoint

This view is very good for waking up in the morning to see a sunrise. If you are lucky enough then you will get to see a fog. There is a place available to camp. For a cold early morning drinking cocoa and warm boiled egg is perfect.

📍Loi Fa Road, Nan

For peoples who rent a car or drove a car here do not miss this road. When there is a fog it will feel like we driving a car in the sky.

📍Jitanusorn Market

This market is near the airport. For people who like BBQ like us. We recommend to buy at this market before going up to eat at the mountain

Or breakfast after landing at the airport is very good idea.

📍Wat Na Kuha

The special thing about this temple is the creation of Buddha statue. Everyone who pass this place will stop to get a picture.

Not only a beautiful Buddha statue you can also study locals knowledge. For example, Tie-dyeing tutorial.

📍Baan Pin Railway Station

Ban Pin station is the first railway station in Thailand that is built with the Bavarian Timber Farmhouse style which is very popular in the German Bavarian region. It is said that Phrae is the most abundant forest area. It became an inspiration for the German mechanic to design this station with Bavarian Frame House style. Using wood as the main material which was popular in that era.

📍Komol Ancient Textile Museum

Komol Ancient Textile Museum initiated by Mr. Komol Phanitphan, ancient fabric collector of Long district which has collected various kind of acent fabric. He build a education center establishment of folk technology center in honor of Her Majesty the Queen Sirikit The Queen in the 9th Reign.

📍Baisri Creation Store

From people who love dyed indigo cloth known as Moh Hom Sak Jira Wiang Kao or Ajarn Chang, designer and founder of Baisri brand.

It has been in the fabric industry for over 30 years, which helps to upgrade from traditional fabrics to look more interesting.

And we also had the opportunity to see the freshly painted clothes, together with the workshop to make a keychain from left over cloth.

📍 Kat Kong Kao and Kad Pra Non

A market in the central of Phrae. The atmosphere is like a local folk market. The products in the market include local food that elder Aunt sells

Located in Phrae. Open every Saturday and from 3pm to 8pm.

📍Khum Chao Luang Muang Phrae

Here, we can see the architecture style from Rama V. The entrance is free of charge. You can also learn about the old Lanna culture here


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