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I'm back to annoy your notification again "kekekeek"

Guess whut!!! This time I will guide you to one of the best islands in the world"'KOH RONG"

Well the name is quite similar to mine, but believe me, it's not my island lol :)

Koh Rong located near the coast of Sihanoukville, to go there you must travel by boat, Koh Rong is famous for its serene beauty. Described as an "'Island Paradise"',

I would recommend going as a couple or family, because it's so romantic, you can't go alone or you'll be sad lol

In this blog, I will tell you about the hotel, restaurant, food and tourist places.

First, I will start with the Hotel

We decided to book one hotel name "' Ocean View bungalows "' This hotel located on the mountain, far than the boat station almost 300m.

I would recommend if you love nature, cuz on the way there consists a lot of tree, flowers, fresh air and amazing view.

Moreover, you can capture the whole ocean view from this hotel as well, it looks amazing.

Next is the Bedroom!!!

I actually love the bedroom, the bed size is bigger, the bathroom is clean along with a bathtub and nice smell.


The owner is Japanese so you can try some food there, what I love the most abt this restaurant is decoration and the view.

Where to visit

When I first arrive, I'm seeking for lunch then I decided to walk in one restaurant

"' professional"' it is one of the biggest restaurants in this Island, I'm so impressed by the view, but the food is so so.

After that, we are looking for a boat, where it can take us to another part of the Island and do some activities such as swimming, scuba Diving, fishing and see plankton at night.

You know whut!! I spent abt 45$ to hire one and It worth it, cuz it is a whole day trip and I'm still obsessing with it.


It is BBQ party !!! we dance, we drunk, we talk, we share secret !!! and it was a great memory ever for me.

Next morning !!!

We are going to another bay called "' Treehouse Bungalows "'

There are many people go there because of the beach there even more beautiful than my location.

You will see the strange house; it was built so high like a traditional house. After capturing many pictures there, I also had lunch at this place as well, the food is cheap and tastes amazing.

Finally, it's Photo Time

This is all for my 2 days and one night trip.

Thank you so much for reading this Blog!!

Bye !!

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Channarong Hong

 Monday, October 7, 2019 9:52 PM