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Since we are in the rainy season, the North is a great place to visit, especially Nan province. There is nothing more satisfying than the green fields and a slightly foggy atmosphere. I immediately booked an Air Asia flight to Nan then rented a car from the airport to Sapan village. I arrived in the village in the late afternoon. For this visit, I booked a guesthouse with a balcony a bathroom at the Sai Mok Bok Hak Baan Sapan. However, there are also bamboo guesthouses that are suitable for children and the elderly because they are located below, rooms without balconies with shared bathrooms. You can choose whatever type of room you like. The rooms here start at 1800 baht, depending on the type of room. This price also includes breakfast for two persons.

You will get a cold drink like this when you check it. It was fresh and sour. Afterwards, I went to my room to put down my bags. Since the room is on a hill, I had to walk up the stairs for quite a bit. I forgot some items below too, so I went to get them later :D

There is a balcony right outside the room and the bathroom is on the first floor of the house. Inside the room, there is a bed where you can see the beautiful view of the mountain. There is also a fan, a hair dryer, a plug and drinking water. Even though there is no air conditioning, the weather is not hot at all. However, it gets cod after the sun sets so the fan isn't necessary. I completely forgot that it was hot in the afternoon.

My house comes with a bathroom, which looks something like this; it is large and clean. I also checked out the shared bathroom. It is clean and has all of the toiletries you need.

The interior of the home stay. The decoration is nice and there is a delicious coffee shop in the lobby.

For dinner, if you don't want to leave the house you can order in advance. The food is local food. I ordered fried chicken with makwaen, Northern Thai green dip set and spicy vermicelli salad, which is a good portion for 2 people!

When the sun began to set, the weather became colder, which is unbelievable because it is very hot in the afternoon. The natural coolness is so nice that you don't need air conditioning. I woke up at 6 AM and outside, there was a lot of fog. When the sun began to shine, the fog faded away and I could see the view better.

After taking photos I was getting hungry so I went down for breakfast. The breakfast consists of boiled rice and fruit juice served at the table. You can also get more if you want. The decoration was pretty and the coffee smelled very nice.

After breakfast, I went to sleep for a while then checked out of the hotel. Before leaving, I saw that the fog has disappeared, but the view of the green fields was amazing.

Other than this place, Baan Sapan still has other places for us to visit, but I have to catch a plane. However, I went to one location which was the Baan Sapan field which belongs to the villagers.

This is the bridge that I saw from my guesthouse.

The viewpoint in front of Wat Sapan - I wore a dress similar to Kasalong's (a famous Thai fictional character).

Oon Ai Bang shop is a small coffee shop located in Baan Sapan next to the river. It is also a home stay. The shop feels just like home and the coffee is quite delicious. If the weather is good, sitting next to the water is a good idea, but since it was very hot when I visited, I didn't sit there.

There is also drip coffee available here along with many beverages to choose from.

Since the coffee shop is a wooden house, it is very cool and relaxing.

Another spot I went to is the Sapan Waterfall, which is not very far from the parking lot by foot. The path is not steep, but the way down to the waterfall where I took a photo is a little difficult; you have to cross the stones to go near the falls. I wore a long skirt on that day so it was even more difficult to cross and I almost slipped. After that I made preparations for the flight back home.

In Bangkok, I didn't want to find a ride back home from the airport, as it is difficult especially in the evening when people finish work which causes terrible traffic. For this trip, I decided to book a car to pick me up with Traveloka in advance. With this service, you can choose the time of your flight and then when you reach the airport the staff will call you, and you just get in the car to go home. For those who are interested, you can download the Traveloka application or follow this link https://www.traveloka.com/th-th/airport-transfer . The fee includes everything including the gas and toll fee :)

A staff will hold up a sign with your name on it at the arrival gate.

The car is new, large and very comfortable.

We reached home and happily ended the trip ^^

This is another trip with an amazing accommodation which I am very happy about. If you have fallen in love with Baan Sapan, Nan Province like myself, don't forget to find a chance to visit!

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 Tuesday, October 29, 2019 1:40 PM