Another trip by train Hatyai - Padang Besar and continue to Butterworth, Ipoh and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Are you ready... Let's go>>>

We buy tickets at the station and hurry to get on the train as it is going to departure soon.

We are so lucky that the station head is on board with us. So he advise us about place to travel and contact number when we miss the train (such a nice of him). The train departs from the station so I start to college photos.

This train will stop at Klong Ngae and Padang Besar and take about 1 hour.

There is no specific seat on the ticket so we can choose to sit in the back. Then the train officer will come to check your ticket.

The train is quite clean and better than other trains that I have taken.

As it is on the weekend, there are families with children.

I am so excited and try to get photo as many as possible. But we are in the air condition train so we have to disturb the train driver a little bit in order to get a good photo.

Here we are Klong Ngae station.

Next station Padang Besar (Thai Border)

Padang Besar (Thai Border) is a new station for people who would like to travel to Padang Besar. I would suggest you to come on Sunday Morning so that you can shop at Padang Besar Market as well.

Then continue to Padang Besar (Malaysian Border) which is the terminal station to connect with a fast train ETS. This station is developed to support ETS train for going to Singapore. When we get off the train, we have to buy a return ticket to Hatyai (Do not forget). We buy a ticket for departure at 14.40 hrs. so we still have 40 minutes to shopping at Padang Besar Border Market where everything is very cheap especially clothes.

Let's see around the station...

For anyone who would like to cross the border to Malaysia by ETS train, they can apply for Job Passport or custom declaration at this station.

This is ETS train which can take you to Kuala Lumpur and Yaho, Malaysia. For more information about ticket and booking please visit : at your convenience.

Alright!!! let's go for shopping...^^

Normally, before crossing the border to the market we have to stamp our passport at the custom house first

Then walk cross the bridge to the border market

At the connecting bridge, if we come earlier, there are shops that open for customers who wait for the train to Kuala Lumpur.

Down there is the train that we took here.

Finally, we are here at Padang Besar Border Market. It takes about 6 minutes from the station.

(Be aware of Motorcycle Taxi Riders, they will come to ask where do you want to go and they will charge you on a very expensive rate after that).

It is a big market with a lot of people and selling many things such as clothes, handmade products, food and souvenirs. But most of them are non copyrighted and price are very cheap for example, a football club T-shirt is only 10-20 MYR (1 MYR = 8.25 THB).

Overall atmosphere is okay but I am not sure if the market opens everyday.

Due to I have limited of time, so I do not buy anything just take photos.

Walking until the end of the road we find the building that everyone is talking about, "Pakan Siam Market".

Caution: There are so many people at the market, be careful you bag. If it is not necessary, do not use the toilet^^.

The atmosphere at Pakan Siam Market, all shops are very close to each other just like JJ Market in Thailand.

The most interesting thing is this market is everything here is very cheap, it is a good place for shopping.

Alright it is time for me to go back to Hatyai^^.

For anyone who would like to travel like me, I would suggest you to come in the morning. So that you can have more time to explore the area and do not need to be hurry like me.

For anyone who travel to Kuala Lumpur or Peenang by ETS train, do not forget to carefully check your departure time on the ticket because Malaysian Time is faster than Thai Time 1 hour.

For me and my friends, it is time for us to really get going. The trip today we only spend for the train ticket (160 THB/person) because we do not have time to buy anything.

Arriving to Hatyai

I hope that this review would be helpful for anyone who are planing to Malaysia by ETS train through Hatyai - Padang Besar. I will review how to travel by ETS train to Malaysia for the next trip Count Down in Kuala Lumpur.

Thank you very much to my companion who help me to take photos
Thanks : Nat Natjadee & Wanicbut Wattanamatiphot

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Moreover, if anyone would like to go to the market, do not forget your passport. For people who like to take photo in Hipster Style, there is a warehouse near by the train station which is a good location for you to enjoy taking photos. This is what we get for hipsters. ^^hahahah^^

Isarapab Chumruksa

 Tuesday, April 12, 2016 2:45 PM