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A dream destination that born so many reviews.

Baikal, the oldest and deepest lake in the world.

The ultimate cold has turned the lake into a gigantic ice field.

Let's wait no longer, allow me to take you to enjoy the winter beauty of Lake Baikal.


Departure from Suvarnabhumi Airport with Siberian Airlines

We flew directly to Irkutsk Airport, Russia with approximately 7 hours flying time.

❝Winter of Russia

Cold temperatures to -30 degrees at night and- 20 degrees during daytime.

If you love cold weather and would like to feel it, this place is highly recommended.

Start from Irkutsk

Our destination is LISTVYANKA.

A small town by the lake where we can see the view of the ANGARA RIVER.

Hey, negative 2 degree, we would call it super cold back home!"

But here is -20 degrees, let's call it frozen cold.

Inside the village there are wooden huts, built in Siberian architecture.

There are museums, wooden churches, houses, schools, farms and tribes surrounding the lake,

which allow us to see the way of life of the Siberian people in the past.

Here, we stopped for Baikal Ecological Museum

Visit fish market and souvenir shops

Olkhon Island

From Irkutsk, it takes about 5 hours drive to get here.

Large landmark parked around waiting to welcome everyone

We changed the car here to a smaller van in order to run on the ice,

and continue to Olkhon Island.

Olkhon Island, the largest island on Lake Baikal

We stayed at this island for this lake trip.

This village is very near to Lake Baikal, like literally nearby.

After unpacking, let's go explore the village together.

The atmosphere in the village was quite quiet.

Probably due to the cold, people prefer stayed inside the house.

After walking for a while, we reached the village pier which is a summer boat pier.

But now the water has completely frozen. The weather was so extreme, our hands and feet were extremely numb and cold.


Drove up the hill and we went to the viewpoint,

where we could see sandy and snow-capped mountains.

A large mountain covered in snow mixed with sand

became something strangely beautiful too.

White pagoda on a hill

It took quite a time to walk to reach the top.

From above, we could look down to enjoy the lake view

It was truly massive, everywhere was white. No wonder it's the deepest and largest lake in the world.


Wandering around and taking some photos around the village

We already knew that this place was as quiet as being deserted.

Since it's a quiet little town,

local wooden houses were scattered around, not very clustered around the area.

Every road was almost empty, only occasionally the car ran by.


❝The highlight that we could not fail to mention

The naturally occurring ice cave that looked like stalactites and stalactites.

This is another favorite corner that I think anyone who visits here should not miss and explore this miracle of nature.

Although the actual thing was not very large

But it was clearly a heaven, that was both different and spectacular.


Let's continue to Cape Khoboy

It's located on the most northern point of Olkhon Island.

Let's go take photos with blue ice cubes. I have to say that the actual thing was so breathtakingly beautiful.

For a ride through the ice on the Lake Baikal throughout the trip

The cool vehicle that we used to roam around this island was,

the van from WWII.

Once read in a review, someone said that after the end of the world war,

Russian troops sold cars to the general public.

Yeah, I think this is another symbol of Olkhon Island.


Rocky mountain in the middle of the lake

It was outstandingly stood to challenge the cold weather and wind.

To get here, we needed to drive a reasonable distance. It's a shame that when we got here, there's still a lot of snow that we didn't get to see many beautiful cracks.


Burkhan Cape

One of the important landmarks of Lake Baikal.

Holy place of the island

It enshrines the Shaman Rock.

It is the spirit ritual venue according to the beliefs of the Baikal people.

Take a break, sit, and enjoy the atmosphere

Riding a dog-sledding through the cold probably is the activity that many people dream of.



The later evening it got, the colder it became, just like the rumor has it. The weather was so brutally cold.

Regardless of how many layers of clothes, socks and gloves we put on, I still couldn't bear the cold. What an experience!

This tree was a must corner. Without it, it's like you have yet reached Olkhon Island.

Let me say that this place is very romantic.

Because if you visit on the day the sky is clear and good weather, her beauty is unforgettable!!!!

Of course, it's also so beautiful that you can't believe it exists in the world, haha.


Let's end with another large city in Siberia


A small town with a bridge over the Ankara River,

the longest and most important river in Siberia.

With cathedrals, monuments, buildings in authentic Siberian architecture,

this city was named Paris of Siberia

Looking like this, the weather was still nearly 20 degrees negative.

Every area here was covered with snow. It was truly beautiful to finally saw it with my own eyes.

Can walk across the bridge to the other side

Looking around, we could only see the fog covering the area that we could hardly see the river below.

This is all the charm of Lake Baikal, the precious gem of Siberia that I have for you

Think about it, the immerse freshwater lake has completely frozen.

It is a true miracle of nature, agree?

Oh well, how should I put it? I think this is a view that you must once come and see it with your own eyes.

Lake Baikal, the blue eye land of Asia

Sometimes beautiful words,
cannot beat your real experience.

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I'm still a review beginner, thank you so much for reading until this line.

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