Hello dears!!!!

Welcome you all to our wonderful journey. While winter is coming into Thailand, we have a chance to go to Phu Soi Dao National Park which is one of the place that people are voted to must visit. (We are one of them😁)

This hiking trip will take approximately 6.5 KM. so prepare yourself before coming and during hiking do not forget to bring your food and water. It might be very tried but once you arrive at the camping area, you will see that it is valuable to come.

The Murdannia blooming at the Pine Yard which is a signature of Phu Soi Dow. If you like taking photos, here is another location that you should not miss.

It feels so cozy and romantic when the nature, flowers and sunset surround us.

The camping area is not that far from the Sunset Viewpoint

When you look back, you see the top of Phu Soi Dow stand behind you like this...^^

The moment at twilight!!!

For a little trick, bring along a small lantern to make you photo more creative......

After tried all day, let's take shower to refresh ourselves. We have to borrow the water bowl and bucket from the national park officer and go get water from the stream near by. Then cooking diner together, it is quite busy but we have a lot of fun. (Do not forget to bring the garbage bag because we need to bring and dispose all garbage at the entrance)

If you do not have cooking equipment, there are gas can, stove and gas stove for rental.

It is time that everyone is waiting....THE MILKY WAY.....

At first, we are afraid that it is going to be cloudy but what we see is so amazing. It feels like we about to touch the star. And if you walk away from the camping area to somewhere darker, you see the Milky Way and all stars clearly. As see here^^

The atmosphere is the morning, it is quite difficult to wake up but we have to.

Ooh!!! Foggy in the morning....

Just grab a cup of hot chocolate and a piece of bread and waiting for the sunrise.

This trip is only 2 days and 1 night but we are having so much fun even we did not go to the top of 2100 of Phu Soi Dow.

Our suggestion, you may need to come early so that you have more time in the evening and do not have to rush. The hiking will take about 4-6 hours so you need to be well prepared😁

Phu Soi Dow is waiting for you all to stop by, It is another place that is valuable to visit. This is Phu Soi Dow in our opinion, we hope that you all enjoy with our journey and please accept our apologies if there are any mistakes.

It is time to say goodbye.... for information of our journeys please visit our page here: MeeRaiTiew

Hope you all are enjoy^^

Thank you very much and see you on the next journey 🙏

just click!!! VDO: Phu Soi Dow^^

🚌 How to get there?

We travel by BUS from Morchit to Phitsanulok New Bus terminal then take mini bus to the national park (Kaeng : tel. 0877330661) and stop by to buy some food before arriving at the National Park.

💸 Expenses
- Bus Round Trip 576 THB
- Mini-Bus Round Trip 400THB
- Porter 30THB per Kilogram
- Entrance Fee 30 THB
- Water bowl with Bucket 40 THB per Day
(We bring our own tents, if you need one the national park also has for rental)


 Monday, November 4, 2019 11:33 AM