Huis Ten Bosch is a well known attraction place of Nagasaki. It is a place to see Tulip flower and a night live show along with many activities to join up.

I come here by travelling from SASEBO via a train and get off at HUIS TEN BOSCH station.

Walking through a platform to the upper floor, cross the bridge and you will see the hotel that I am going to stay. I can get many pictures for writing a review while I am not yet enter the inside now.

Go across the bridge then you will be in front of the hotel, it is very beautiful.

There is a Family Mart at the first floor of the hotel. In case that you want to prepare some water or foodthey do not examine customer's luggage but the food selling inside is not that expensive.

In front of the hotel is a parking Double-decker bus.

Next to the hotel is a door to enter " Welcome to Huis Ten Bosch"

If anyone come before its opening time at 10.00 am., you can see the howl first but you have to pay 600 Yen for the admission fee.

Here I am arrive in front of the entrance around 10.30 am. and let's buy a ticket.

The ticket fee for 1 day is 6,500 Yen, you can use the bus service, ship, watch the show and enjoy the plaything but you might have to pay more money if you want to enter the Palace Huis Ten Bosch museum

Some plaything is limited to play it once only, your card will be stamped after you join that plaything. If you want to play it more time, you will have to pay more money.

After buying the ticket, then walking through the entrance beside the ticket counter. There are not many people today. Tulip are grown from the entrance.

Today there must be some show or mask party or maybe it's their normal activity, I don't know. The staff also dressing up for the party, wearing a mask to welcome us.

It takes so long for me to enter inside when I just passing through the gate because I have to take so many pictures.

Taking picture of an event schedule first but when the time comes, we haven't look at it because we haven't have a chance to observe area around, and we are not yet complete all the playthings.

Turn to the left is a Turbine flowers "Flower Road", the point where we go to take a tulip picture.

Crossing the bridge to the area inside.

There is another point to take a picture when crossing the bridge.

Inside is a Teddy Bear Kingdom, we are not waste our time here so we walk through the turbine flower area "Flower Road"

Before crossing the bridge, I see a mooring point and I separately get on the ship first because not many people there and here is a picture of the atmosphere around while waiting for the ship.

The ship mooring near Domtoren, A watchtower which is 105 meter high.

A viewpoint room is located on the 5th floor at 80 meters high and on the forth floor at 65 meters high.

Let's go up and see the view, the view above Omura bay.

Going down the watchtower, crossing the bridge and turn to the right to Harbor Town then you will see a fishing sign, let's try it.

This game provides fishing rod, throw it in the water and rounding the bait close to the fish in a digital system. When the fish eat the bait, we have to make a quick spin the fish up and you will get the score. This game can play only once ***recommend***

After the game is over, we walk to Harbor Gate, using QR code on the card to enter Harbor Town.

Going out from the gate and walking through Harbor Square then you will see De Liefde ship. It is a Dutch ship in the 17th century

Let's get on the ship

Getting off the ship and look at another side then you will see a Game Museum. Inside there are generous game and card players. I not quite interesting in game so I walk out and look at the opposite side, there are people queuing up to join Go & Go Sniper Gamez. I also lining up there around 30 minutes since we can shoot only 5 people/ round ( 10 minutes/round). Using 1 Day pass can only shoot with a handgun only.

The target is set at around 30 meters far, easily to shoot and I can shoot it at the center of the target.

Going out from the port and enter the Fisherman's Square then you will see a restaurants and stores

Walking until the end and look at the right side, you will see Porcelain Museum

Going out to the back of Game Museum and go to play Real Monster Battle, this is a very enjoyable game *** recommend***

The staff instructs the way to play the game. We have to wear a power armband and wear a glasses to see a picture. If you want to shoot the monster ( a fire dragon ), raise your arm to the front, do it like you are going to punch but slowly. When a cube of power falls down, you have to run and get it. When you are fulled of power, you can have a sleek punch but if the dragon breath out a fire, you have to sit down.

After playing the game, there is a riding on the back of the animal game, wearing a 3D glasses. It moves up and down or falling down from the high area and I feel like I am running in the real situation.

I call my friend after playing the game and tell them that I am in Adventure zone. I then walk to get on the bus at Amsterdam City to get off the place near the cable car, I wish to have a shortcut walking to Adventure Park. But I firstly see a Dome Shooting 360, so I enter there first. You will see a chair with a laser gun put on the seat when you enter it. We have to sit on any seat no. which the switch of the gun laser is turning. When the game starts, we only have to shoot at the target which appear on the 360 degree screen, we pay attention to the target and press the gun to shoot only. ***recommend***

( It takes me such a long time to turn on the laser gun. Many are playing on their way. I am not accurate shooter and get the lowest score because it all says in Japanese only)

Here is the video that other people has been uploaded on Youtube.

From the Dome shooting 360 to Adventure Park, I see the train running, so I take some more pictures

Looking at the other side of the bridge, there is a Tulip garden, Flower Road. That area I haven't walked around yet, maybe I will come back again on the way back.

Crossing the bridge to Adventure Park, you will see people lining up to choose the plaything. One plaything can only play 1 time. If you want to play it again, you have to queue up again. First time I choose Sky Castle, it is free only up to 3 meters high.

After we have a card, we have to put our things in locker which costs 200 Yen and then queue up at the line number 1. The staff will call you to wear a safety belt and listen to the instruction ( My turn is reading the English instruction instead)

Return the hat and equipment after finish climbing. Next I go on to the next plaything because luckily there is no one queuing up. Receive the ticket, make it seal and enter The Maze (free for the first time only)

I use picture from the website of Huis Ten Bose because I don't take any picture.

We take quite a long time to stamp all the ticket, walking up and down to completely get all card stamp.

I call to check with my friend again , they are at Thriller City so I follow them but I then my eyes is attracted by the Attraction Town.

Attraction Town is decorated by hanging a balloon. There is a Chocolate House too, we go back there at night.

I watch Future Cast Theater ( Grand Odyssey) movie at Attraction Town. We have to scan our face before we enter there. After scanning, we will be part of movie's character ( You can't smile while scanning)

I go to play ONE PIECE Ride Cruise game after finish watching movie which we allow to watch the movie's title and get on the ship that hanging like a Monorail style. The ship will cruise and takes us to see the atmosphere, character until we reach the last point and we have to shoot a laser gun at the ship's target. If you shoot at the target, the light of the ship will be turned off. I play it once and I bring my friend to play this game at night again, it is unlimited to join this game.

I use the picture from website of Huis Ten Bose, didn't take it by myself.

Going out from playing Horizon Adventure Plus then go and watch the movie, there is a storm, raining atmosphere ** recommended **

I sit at the front seat and I can feel the real atmosphere.

Using the picture from Huis Ten Bose website. I didn't take a picture of it.

This is the video I see on the website.

Entering the MUSE HALL, I have to buy a standing ticket and wait for around 5 minutes more. I see IFX Theater Kirara is available so I go there to watch the movie first.

The movie's content here is showing about the important of preventing the environment, it is composing of sound and CG beautiful picture.

Using the picture from Huis Ten Bose website. I didn't take a picture of it.

Video that I see on the website

We go out and walk to another side of the same building, there is an airgun ti shoot in the Ranger Boot Camp. This time the gun is worst or am I a bad shooter because I can't even shoot it close to the target.

Going out from the MUSE HALL, I see the show and singing there but I not quite interested in it so I walk pass it to Thriller City. I queue up to play a 3D Projection Mapping - Drum Master but I see my friends are queuing up a Ghost Wedding game so I go to join with them. Walking to the inside is very dark there. We continuously catch the wall and go through the way. I feel so so about this place, not quite excited.

Walking into the shrine, only a male-female couple can enter this area. You have to take off your shoes and write your wish down. Fasten your wish when you see the shrine, after that walk out, nothing much but before you go out, there is a wind blowing button, you can press it and annoy people who is following you at the back ( I don't have picture).

Next I go to join 3D Projection Mapping - Drum Master, this place is similar to Real Monster Battle but change from releasing the power to sweep down your hands and run into it and use your shoulder to collect the power cube ( I don't have picture)

The important zone of playing at this zone is Digital Horror House. You will have to hold a PC tablet to play this game.

When you go to Thriller City, don't forget to go to the rest room first, especially women ( my friend tell me)

Going out from Thriller City, then we go to Amsterdam City and take a pictures for you guys.

Walking to this place, you will see Floral Clock, a flower clock

On the right side is an Amsterdam Square which is arranging a dancing mask party, you must have a mask to enter the party.

I stay there until they start turning on the light

At this point it is indicated as a Tulip Mt.Fuji on the website.

We walk back to the port near Domtoren again

We go up to see the view above Omura bay on Domtoren again while waiting for fishing.

I walk back to wait for my friend,the light has turned on so take a picture first.

They haven't go down yet, so I find Salabao to eat and wait for them there. Salabao cost 200 Yen/piece ( the store locates on the way to Harbor Gate)

Going to Harbor Town, taking picture at night and find hamburger+potato+coke to eat here (1,000 Yen)

After eating, then we walk back by passing through Domtoren, the light is turning on now.

Tulip Mt.Fuji is also turning the light on now

Floral Clock when the light is turning on.

Fortunately parade show is coming through the way

Walking back to Thriller City to play this thing, Hitting the drum, I like this game very much.

The score is counted and display on the wall on the opposite site. The music sounds noisy and everybody can see each people score.

After that I visit Detention Ward alone. Darken and the medical smell are the frightening points here.

Going out to see the light decoration

We still have time left so we walk back to the Attraction Town to play ONE PIECE Ride Cruise again. The road that embellish with a balloon will turn on the music and decorated with colorful balloon is changed following the music beat.

Going to Chocolate Museum, we can make a chocolate here but it is closed now when we go there.

Taking some pictures.

Visiting Chocolate House shop

Entering SMTOWN THEATRE HUIS TEN BOSCH for the last time before we go back. This place arranging the concert of 2 Japanese bands. Each band can perform 2 songs which create a realistic images by Polagram technique. After the concert, we go out to take a picture of tulips at night time before we go back.

Saying goodbye by a glowing tulips picture

You can look for other information on the website of HUIS TEN BOSH, it is also written in Thai language there too

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