Sali Island, Myanmar, a hidden island in the middle of the Andaman sea has just been opened to tourists who can come to admire the beauty of the island and the sea. The One Day Trip package includes 3 meals of buffet and a shuttle bus service to the hotel! (approx. 3,000 baht).

From this angle, you can see that the sea here is very beautiful, with layers of blue and green.

We traveled to Sali island with Sea Star Ranong, the only company that is authorized to bring tourists to the island. A shuttle bus picked us up at the hotel at 7 AM.

For breakfast, there are many options to choose from: boiled rice, Chinese doughnut, bread, Thai desserts, coffee and tea.

8.30 AM - It is time to go! We stopped at the Grand Andaman port to get our border documents. This port has a large light house by the sea.

Next, we stopped at Song Island to present our papers to enter Myanmar. The guides did all of this for us, we only had to wait in the speed boat.

After a 50 minute speed boat ride, we reached Sali island at 10 AM in the morning.

Sali island is part of the Buda archipelago, Myanmar.

The sandy beach is soft and white, stretching along the island. We took many photos.

There are many cute spots for taking photos on the island.

Since Sali island has just been opened to visitors, the sea is still very fresh.

There are fishing boats belonging to Morgan villagers to take photos with too.

It is noon and time to have lunch. Seafood smells so good!

The buffet has seafood and other kinds of food.

Sea Star Ranong has prepared lunch sets with seating. The buffet includes desserts and beverages.

After lunch, we sat down at the beach. The view is so similar to the Maldives!

There's still time, so we went swimming.

The sea looks so beautiful in every angle.

There is a floating sofa for us to sleep on too. The team has prepared many props to take photos with!

The island is only open to tourists, so you have privacy to take photos without worries.

In front of the island, there are rocks where you can take cool photos with.

2 PM - it is time to go diving at Barasite island, our first destination.

The corals are still very healthy.

Many small fishes swimming in the sea.

Next, we will go diving at Ha island where there are many clown fish.

Sea anemones flow with the currents,

There are so many clown fish. I could see te

We dived to our heart's content at both Barasite and Ha island.

We returned to the Sea Star Ranong port at around 5 PM in the evening.
There is another meal ready for us: sticky rice, papaya salad and fried chicken.
After our meal, we took a shower and waited for the shuttle bus back to our hotel.

This was a great One Day Trip at Sali island, a hidden island in the Andaman sea and has just been opened to tourists. You can visit this place with Sea Star Ranong and support ecotourism.

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 Tuesday, November 26, 2019 5:20 PM