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Right now people are talking about Foto Hotel so let's see why this hotel is so special>>>

Foto Hotel is a new opening hotel with unique design located on the hill of Kata Beach and can see panorama ocean view around Kata Beach. Concept Design of Foto Hotel inspired from back and white photo so the hotel painted in 18% medium grey (Photographer will know) and hotel decoration also used Black and White Photo of Phuket to combine with origin of Phuket and it is such a well-matched. What Foto Hotel makes it outstanding is a slogan of the hotel "Different Memories".

The ATTITUDE Club manages Foto hotel. Most of their management team is Phuket new generation, using the combination of Phuket culture and ฺBlack & White Photography to be the concept design of the hotel makes it different from other hotels in Phuket as well as serving original local food in the hotel restaurant.

There are 79 rooms in total, divided into 2 types; Ozone Hall and Ocean Hall by the Ocean Hall can see Ocean View and the Ozone hall will see greenery view. In each room has a bathtub both in bathroom and at the balcony.

Mascot of Foto Hotel is a teddy bear which you will see in the hotel rooms.

For check-in, you can just sign on iPad and they will keep registration details in electronic paper.

>>> No need for paper and do not hurt environment!!!

Most of hotel decoration uses cameras and Black & White films. All cameras are real, some can use and some cannot use which are mostly second hand camera from around the world.

Lobby of Foto Hotel calls “Memories Hall" decorates in Black & White by using a picture frames which means "Memories just like a picture in the frame that you hang it on the wall".

There is Mac PC provided for guests to use at Memories Hall.

Also providing a Free Shuttle Bus to Kata Beach

These are photos of the room in the night mode. Their bed is so soft and comfortable.

Mainly, every room decorated in Black and White Photos.

One of the unique of Foto Hotel is Wording of Famous Photographer in every room. In my room is from Mr.Elliott Erwitt who is a Black and White Photographer (who is I did not know). Click on the link to see his biography: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elliott_Erwitt

As I said before, this hotel will combine origin of Phuket in the hotel. See how!!! >>>

They use a roasted coffee of HockHoeLee which is tradition coffee of Phuket. Click on the link if you like to know more about HockHoeLee: http://www.hockhoelee.com/

Free WiFi is available.

There is only one restaurant here, “Tiffin Mama" where you can find original local Phuket food such as Moo Hong (Stewed pork), Bhua Tod (Deep fried leaves with shrimp ), Kao Yum Dok Dala (Mix rice with Ginger Flower) or even Oh Aew (Tradition Phuket dessert) you can try it here.

Decoration in Tiffin Mama Restaurant uses kitchen equipment and ingredients to decorate on a shelf. >>> That's why they call “Different Memories"

Tiffin Mama restaurant is an Open Kitchen so we can see when the chef is cooking.

I am hungry so let's start to order something.... starting with Honey Lemon

The hotel serve a very tradition local food such as Moo Hong Phuket which look like normal stewed pork in sweeten gravy but more tasty.

This one is Bhua Tod; deep fried Tapegrass, Wild Betel Leafbush, Polyscias in seasoning wheat flour with shrimp.

Oh Aew at Foto Hotel looks so good.

After dinner let's go have some walks!!! Next to the restaurant is "Silhouette Pool" which decorates with colorful lights. It is very beautiful.

Another angle of Silhouette pool next to Tiffin Mama

The pathway to my room decorates with black and white photos of Phuket way of life. (Look like an art gallery)

Breakfast at Foto Hotel is also different from other hotels. Normally, breakfast will open until 10.00 am but here open until 1.00pm. And another thing is in each day there are 3 sets of breakfast; 2 local food sets such as Mee Sua (stir fried rice noodles), Mee Hokkien (fried Hokkien noodle), Khanom Jin Kaeng Poo (crab curry with rice noodle), Dim Sum, or Mee Hun Kraduk Moo (noodle with pork bones soup) and American breakfast.

Orange juice in the morning to refresh myself

Breakfast set ready to serve!!! This is "Fried Hokkien Noodle" set serve with pork bones soup and Huchae (crispy noodle with salad).

And another set is Mee Hun Kraduk Moo (noodle with pork bones soup), which is one of the famous Phuket local food.

And follow by HockHoeLee coffee (Coffee of Phuket people)

After breakfast let's go for a hotel tours; this room is Ocean Hall where you can see an ocean view from the room.

But in some rooms will be haft mountain view and haft ocean view

This one is a room in Ozone Hall where you see all greenery scenes.

Both room types provide bathtub at the balcony and in the room...

“Bokeh Spa"

At Silhouette pool is where you can see a panorama view of Kata Beach.

View of Kata Beach

Sunset at the Silhouette pool

Foto Hotel is one of hotel that thinks outside the box and create its own unique with inspired concept design; a good combination of origin of Phuket and Black & White Photography as its slogan that "Different Memories".

Hotel Website: http://www.fotohotelphuket.com

Facebook fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/blogyutphuket

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