During winter season in Thailand, I went to the top of country - Chiang Rai province

This trip we will try to stay in the tent called "The Season Camp" in Phu Chee Fah.

It's a small resort along the hills, before get to top of mountain.

We booked tent and our dinner: grill pork.

Good weather about 18-19 degree in day, and 12-13 degree in the night time.

Caution: a restroom might not as good as you thought.

The next day, we need to wake up so early about 5 am to get to the top of Phu Chee Fah to await for sun rise and fog.

(Most of the resort will provide free shuttle for you.)

It took 760 mtr. to go up to the top, during waiting time; there are plenty of star and I for a surprise chance to saw shooting star first time of my life.

And then the sun had rise, about 8 degree weather made us cold.

We went back down about 7 am with full of good experience.

The End.


 Tuesday, December 31, 2019 4:50 PM