Heaven Bay Resort, Chilling on a Raft 

at Srinakarin Dam, Kanchanaburi

When talking about having a good holiday in Kanchanaburi, everyone can't help but think about sleeping on a raft in the middle of the water and let the emotions follow the waves gently while putting the feet in the water and just chill with a soft wind blowing by. It is a true relaxation. This blog, we are going to take you guys to enjoy at Heaven Bay Resort, a chilling raft accommodation in Kanchanaburi. This chilling atmosphere comes with affordable price, starting at only 1, xxx THB / person including 3 meals.

Heaven Bay Resort Kanchanaburi is in the midst of the Srinakarin Dam and surrounded by mountains and nature that fascinates every visitor. Heaven Bay Resort is under a hotel chain of the famous Lake Heaven Resort, which is not far away each other. Heaven Bay Resort is located in the middle of the Srinakarin Dam. If staying here, we have to park the car at the Lake Heaven Resort's car park and take about 10 minutes boat ride to the resort.

Let's get this trip started..... 

After parking the car, we walked to the lobby of Lake Heaven Resort to take a 10 minutes boat ride to Heaven Bay Resort.

Daily boat trip timetable from Lake Heaven to Heaven Bay Resort and vice versa.

Upon arriving at the resort, we would see the fun Water Park in the center of the resort. Heaven Bay Resort has all the flavors. It'd be definitely enjoyable when come with a group of friends or family. During the day time, you guys can enjoy activities and water park rides that the resort has to offer. Late at night, stay on a raft and watch the stars, listen to the waves hitting the raft with fresh air and wake up early to see the fog with the beautiful sunrise.

Heaven Bay Resort has a total of 63 rafts and 91 rooms. All come with fans in the rooms.  But don't be afraid that will be too hot because the air is flowing well and quite cool and sometimes it could even get cold at night too. 

The rafts are divided into different types as follows: 

  • Sri Chong Ko S Raft, can accommodate 2 people
  • Sri Chong Ko L Raft, can accommodate 4 people
  • Tanyong 1 and 2 Raft, can accommodate 16 people 
  • Tanyong 3 Raft ,can accommodate 6 people
  • Laddawan is a 2-story Raft with 13 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms

Check out for promotional price here, starting at 1,xxx THB/person including 3 meals https://heavenbay.net/

**All photos of each type and details for booking at the end of this blog. 

Let's go check our room out, we stayed at Sri Chong Ko S Raft with such a great view. 

 Sri Chong Kho S Raft, for 2 people, starting price is 1,250 THB/person (Sunday-Thursday).
Every raft has a balcony in front of the room with a table and sun bed to relax in the private area.

The size of the room is also perfect, not large but enough space for 2 people with a private bathroom. Facilities such as water heater, fan, TV, closet and drawers are equipped but no hair dryer.

Here is how the morning ambiance. It comes with some light fog meeting morning sunlight, what a great atmosphere! 

Activities at Heaven Bay Resort 

After unpacking and changing our clothes, it's about 3 p.m. It is the time to have fun at Water Park before going to enjoy the must do activity, wet rafting, at 4 p.m. 

Heaven Bay Resort offers so many activities for guests to enjoy, such as the resort's Water Park which has many rides and rafting in Sri Nakarin Dam with no additional costs. If coming as a group of friends or family, it'd be so much fun. For those who like to kayak and chill, you can pick up the paddle at the counter (100 THB deposit is required because you have to bring it back as well).

For other more activities, check it out here:  Heaven Bay Resort's Activities 

Rafting is free of charge.

After enjoying until 4 p.m., it's time to go to our highlight, the rafting which is free of charge.

By which we must take the boat to Lake Heaven Resort first in order to enjoy this wet rafting with customers there too. The more people, the more fun :) 

This is how our raft look like. The raft was dragged to the middle of the river with fun music. Literally, we were in the middle of the dam. It is so much fun for people who like this style or come as a group of friends or team outing, perfect activity!

A round trip of wet rafting is about 1 hour.

After finish the rafting, we came back to enjoy more rides at Water Park before going for a shower and dinner. 

The accommodation price includes 3 meals (lunch/dinner/breakfast). Lunch and dinner is a set menu in which everyone has the same food except breakfast which is served in buffet style. 

Our dinner menu was Thai food and this soup was superb!  

After food, we walked a bit to digest. The stars were full in the sky, quite romantic. And after that, we went back to bed and got some rest. 

If you can wake up early, around 6 a.m., please do because the morning time here is so spectacular. You can see some fog with cool weather while watching the sun to rise :). What's a relaxation! 

Let's take a look at the rooms. 

Heaven Bay Resort has a total of 63 rafts and 91 rooms, all of which are fan rooms.

The rafts are divided into different types as follows:

  • Sri Chong Ko S Raft, can accommodate 2 people
  • Sri Chong Ko L Raft, can accommodate 4 people
  • Tanyong 1 and 2 Raft, can accommodate 16 people
  • Tanyong 3 raft ,can accommodate 6 people
  • Laddawan is a 2-story Raft with 13 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms

If you are interested to book, check out promotional price here https://heavenbay.net

Sri Chong Ko S Raft for 2 people is the room that we stayed and mentioned above. For the other types, we'll give you some photos and details in case you are looking for a raft accommodation in Kanchanaburi.  

    Sri Chong Ko L Raft, for 4 people, starting price is 1,250 THB/person (Sunday-Thursday) 

    The room size is suitable for 4 people and the facilities are the same in every room.

    Tanyong Raft 1 & 2 for 16 people, 8 bedrooms and 8 bathrooms, the price is 1,050 THB/person (Sunday-Thursday)
    Tanyong Raft is different from Sri Chong Kho Raft because the raft didn't entirely make from wood. It is perfect for a group of family or friends. 

    Tanyong Raft 3 for 6 people, 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, the price is 1,050 THB/person (Sunday-Thursday) 

    It is similar to Tanyong Raft 1 and 2 but with fewer rooms. 

    Laddawan is a 2-story Raft, 13 bedrooms and 7 bathrooms, it is 1,050 THB/person (Sunday-Thursday) 

    You can have the entire house, it is perfect for people who come in a group. The room is not too small, it offers quite a good size. 

    That's it for our trip at trip at Heaven Bay Resort. Our next blog is Lake Heaven Resort. Please stay tuned! 

    If you are looking for a chilling raft stay in the midst of the nature with comfortable price. We recommend Heaven Bay Resort with a starting price at 1,xxx THB /person including 3 meals. It is so worthy. Check the promotions here https://heavenbay.net/

    Heaven Bay Resort 

    Address: 241 Moo 5, Tha Kradan District, Si Sawat District, Kanchanaburi 71150

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    Website: https://heavenbay.net/

    FB: https://www.facebook.com/Heave...

    Tel: 085-484-4190 , 084-387-6771 , 081-933-7738 , 084-770-8338
    Line : @heavenbayresort

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