Let's Have A Sun Burn at Koh Samet!

1.How to get there?

from Mochit bus station, you can buy a ticket to Koh Samet in building C counter No.5, one way ticket costs 220THB, but i did a round trip from Mochit to Rayong bus station, then Rayong bus station to a pier.

On the way back, a ferry will took me to Ban Phe pier (main pier), tickte office is oppposite the outstanding blue office! 

2.How to get around Koh Samet?

Scooter is most recommended! but if you only have really short time, It is okay to walk. if you have short time stay, staying in Sai Khaew beach area is much more convenient, neither you rent a scooter nor pay for mini bus

3.On the way to Koh Samet

My Samet trip is quite flexible, the key is do what ever i like! let get started here. 

A fast ferry took me to Koh Samet, Each fast ferry can carry 8 people per tour, balanced seated is required! it takes around 20mins to Samet island. One more thing...you have to tell the ticket officer where you stay, and they will manage where you get off.

I almost got there. 

4.Let's get sun burn ;)

Tha Dan pier is first place to get off, an beautiful giant is standing welcome all of you!

walk through the sky blue tunnel, and go finding a place to stay. Google map helps a lot.

This is my hostel i booked via Booking.com, the price is reasonable comparing to another.

After checking in, let's go. By the time you reach Sai Khaew beach, everyone must pay an entrace fee 40 THB per person, ticket is available 4days. Keep it carefullty, the ticket is often checked by officers. In case you lose your ticket, I am so sorry to tell you that you have to buy a new one :-P

Looks nice, isn't it? and look how clear the water it is!

They called a view point of Samet island! and there is a story behind this island

if you walk a bit further behide the mermaid statue, you will definitely see this spectacular view.

another side of mermaid statue, you will see a whitei sand beach, and there is a few tourist there, it is such a great place to sattle down, believe me!

All I need is vitamin Sea :-P

Don not worry, you do not need to find a restaurant when when hungry. here provides beach service! Top menu is grilled checken and papaya salat, try!

in the evening time, one activity you can do is watching sunset, and the view is superb.

5.Samet Nightlife

Dinning in the beach and listening to the sea sound is viral, book your table and enjoy! 

another thing you can do is sit back, relax and enjoy the moment

Well, great time is out. It is time to go back home. I took a picture of Nha Dan pier area, still looks sooooo good.


Mochit Bus station -Rayong  160 THB

Rayong Busstation - Pier  100 THB

Pier - Koh samet (Return ticket) 250 THB

Ban Phe Pier - BTS Mochit  220 THB

Foods 300 THB

Hostel 390 THB/night

See you next trip!


 Tuesday, February 11, 2020 4:31 PM