My last travel was on November 2019 and it feels like a decade, my colleague invited me to travel with her and we asked our Thai friend if there's a nearby camping location in her province, she suggested that we should try the Suan Lamai Rayong. I never had any second thought because I was captivated by the RV van accommodation. The wanderer inside me kicks in.

We currently stayed in Pattaya, Thailand going to Rayong took us around 1 and a half-hour by public van transportation for 100 THB. We just took a public van in Sukhumvit road in front of the Outlet mall in South Pattaya. We were dropped at the Rayong bus terminal 2. From Rayong bus terminal 2 to Suan Lamai is around 1 hr. Unfortunately, I don't have the information on how to go from the bus terminal to Suan Lamai because we were picked up by our Thai friend in the bus terminal and she drove her car going to our destination.

Suan Lamai is located at the hilltop, where you can see the amazing greenery mountains and feel the refreshing air. We visited the place during the dry season so there are not much flowers blooming around their field. According to my Thai friend, it is best to visit Suan Lamai around June-August, the rainy season. Well, I think we also have the advantage to visit the place during the dry season because there's not much visitor or tourist.

We arrived around 2:00 PM, the check-in time is 3:00 PM so we decided to visit first their flower field. You need to take their tram to send you to the flower field. Their tram has a scheduled time but it travels back and forth every 30 minutes. The flower field is so amazing so many colors but the most magical part I appreciated the most is the mountain view. It is like a painting that painted into perfection. There's no time limit to roam around the flower field, I highly suggest to visit the flower field during the afternoon, cuz it's very hot. There's a store that sells refreshments in the flower field if you feel parched. The flower field is so peaceful and solemn, sometimes I need this quiet moment to relax my inner soul and brain cells.

After 2 hours of exploring the flower field and taking a lot of pictures. We take the tram again to send us to the main entrance so we can check-in. By the way, loves our accommodation is an RV van which literally I am excited and looking forward to the experience. I've seen a lot of videos and photos where people sleep in an RV van while on the road. And as a wanderlust like me, it is in my bucket list to at least experience sleeping in an RV van that turns into a room. We made a reservation a day before our check-in because it is known that they are always fully booked. We don't want to travel so far away and ended up broken-hearted just because there's no room available. Each RV van accommodation cost 2000 THB, additional 500 THB per person up to 4 persons only in one RV van. It already includes breakfast, 1 bicycle and entrance tickets to the sheep farm. For me, the price is so reasonable and worth it.

Let me share with you first my personal thoughts with their RV van accommodation. The RV van exceeds my expectations, it is so beuatiful, clean and well organized. It is complete with amenities like in a standard hotel room, plus they also have a microwave in case you bring some food that needed to be heated. They have one queen-size bed, double deck bed, their bathroom is also complete with amenities like a normal bathroom in a standard hotel. I am impressed by how they use every space on every side very well.

Each RV van has a patio where you can grill or just hang out with friends or family. During the night, we decided to just buy their mixed plates of seafood for 800 THB to grill and a mixed chicken and pork barbeques to grill as well for 250 THB. Their griller is free however the charcoal is 40 THB. We also ordered 3 cups of rice for 15 THB each cuz Asians do eat rice, LOL! 1 Liter of Coca-Cola is 50 THB and 15 THB for the ice cubes. We enjoyed grilling our own food it's like we're doing some glamping, another thing that caught my attention is how delicious their mixed plates of seafood are. No sugar coating loves, it is indeed delicious and in one platter there's a lot of seafood from crabs, shrimps, scallops, to octopus. The pork and chicken barbeque as well are so delicious.

The next day one of the staff who drives a golf cart showed us the whole fruit farm of Suan Lamai though he speaks in Thai, my Thai friend is the one who translates everything. I suddenly miss my province in the Philippines, the staff let us tried this one fruit that is so delicious, however, I forgot the name. But it tastes sweet and sour though. After exploring the fruit farm, he sends us to the breakfast area where I am honestly surprised. When you check-in the staff will take your pre-ordered main breakfast meal, you have to choose on their menu. But their desserts, bread, cold cuts, coffee, tea, milk, juices, cereals, and fruits are buffet. Did I mention before that I love the breakfast buffet than lunch or dinner buffet? This is what I'm talking about, the foods are so awesome and delicious even their croissants are so freaking delicious. I've been buying croissants in a bread store but the taste is so bland, but the croissants in Suan Lamai are so amazing. My morning is literally so Good.

After an amazing breakfast, we visited the Sheep farm, again the view and how the farm looks like is so surreal, it doesn't look like we are in Thailand, LOL. I've never been to New Zealand, but it looks like one of the farms in New Zeland base in the photos that I've seen. The sheep are so cute and harmless, at first, it might scare you because they are so big and it looks like they will attack you, but one thing to remember they are herbivores so they will surely not eat you. After enjoying the sheep farm, we head back to our RV van to rest and settle ourselves to check-out at 12:00 noon. Before we leave the amazing paradise, we visited the Suan Lamai cafe located at the main entrance. The view upstares is so amazing, this place is so nice during the early morning were you enjoyed your coffee while watching the mountains and listening to the chirping of the birds.

Aside from our best experience in Suan Lamai, it will never be completed if the service were not amazing. The staffs of Suan Lamai are very friendly, helpful, hospitable and they will really make you feel home. I've always been telling you this love, one thing that I always look forward to when staying in a hotel, resort, or dining in a restaurant and etc. is the service. Suan Lamai service for me is a 5-star service, they exceed my expectations.

And that's all loves my full experience in Suan Lamai Rayong, I highly suggest to visit this place if you are looking for something new to visit nearby Pattaya. The price is not very expensive neither cheap but everything is so worth the penny.


 Monday, March 16, 2020 8:46 AM