Still not forget about the " Mountain" so I would like to take this opportunity to share my story that....

As I just finished my wonderful trip of mountain climbing on 1st May.

To spend a lot of energy of climbing up to the mountain on the labor day, it is such strong activity for a plump lady like me.

But all in all, everything depends on our heart. Let's discover my trip together.

My trip was started on 30 April 2016. Unfortunately, the tickets for the current public van were sold out, need to wait for the next bus around 2 hours. Hence, I went to other public transport terminal, which is close to Susco gas station. I could eventually get the seat at THB 200 person. Furthermore, the driver was very kind because he escorted me to the accommodation without any additional charge.

Indeed, if your accommodation is Ao Manao or Khlong Wan, the ticket price will be THB 240 per person. In case you would like to make the reservation for the public van, please find below information for your reference.

I stayed at O-Bay Design Hotel Prachuap, the room is named as Khao Lom Muak (mountain surrounded by foggy curtain). It is actually the same name as our destination.

My room is on the 4th floor, since there is no lift available, need to walk to my room. The bathroom is made from glass, I can easily look into the bedroom by simply sliding the curtain.

I went to the rooftop in order to enjoy seeing the beautiful rising sun in the morning. It is absolutely wonderful.

Before going for mountain climbing, I took some breakfast at the restaurant nearby the hotel. I highly recommended to take breakfast before start climbing the mountain.

After finishing breakfast, it was the time for us to go to Khao Lom Muak. It is compulsory to put on the helmet while climbing the mountain.

The registration has started from 6 am till 10 am, all climbing joiners will be asked to check the blood pressure prior to do this activity.

Please put on the canvas shoes and prepare 2 bottles of drinking water. Please do not forget to bring sunblock lotion and gloves because sun ray is very strong and the rock is very sharp. At the beginning of the climbing, there will be some steps for us. Then, I need to hold the rope and step on the rock till the top of the mountain. According to below photo, you will see how I do the mountain climbing. I though that that the way up to the mountain is very hard but it is even more harder on the way down from the mountain.

Even though, I was very tired to go up to the top of the mountain but once I saw the panoramic view, I did not feel tired at all.

I finished taking the photos, it was the time to go down from the top of the mountain. As I mentioned earlier that it was not easy on the way down. I felt thirsty and hungry. Then, I had my meal at Grandma's House, the restaurant owner was very kind, she let me take a shower at her restaurant while I was waiting for the meal. Furthermore, the rooms are also available at Grandma's House with reasonable price, the standard room is THB 690 per room per night and the grand room is THB 890 per room per night including breakfast. There is also motorbike for renting. If you are interested, please feel free to contact as per below details.

I chilled at this restaurant for a few hours, the staffs helped to contact the public van for me. This public van was very nice because the seat can be specified. The service was only THB 200 to Bangkok.

Thank you my friend for this fun trip.

Little Princess

 Thursday, May 12, 2016 9:34 AM