Greeting to all! I would not introduce much and I would like to direct to the point of the purpose of this trip, it is to escape from extremely hot weather. If I do not seek for some place for escaping from this hot weather, I will definitely understand one Thai idiom of " hot weather till the liver is exploded" .

I have thought of one destination which I have ever invited my friends to come to this place previously. Unfortunately, I did not have a chance to go there at that time. But, I swear with myself that I will not miss this chance again. Then, I am hurry to pack the luggage and head to The Forest Resort Kanchanaburi province. This place becomes talk of the town in the social media at this moment. It is the nice resort which is not far from Bangkok, it is where you can relax and indulge with the beautiful nature. It takes around 2 hours for driving.

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How to get there: I drive my private car on Borommaratchachonnani Elevated Highway heading to Nakorn Prathom - Banpong - Tha Muang - Sai Yok. This resort is located in Sai Yok district, it is far from Muang district around 100 kilometers. Finally, I reach the resort after driving for almost 2 hours.

I highly recommend to take out all luggage from your car at one time in order to save time. Since the steps of getting down to the accommodation are very steep, your legs can be painful easily especially for some people who drive the car during the long time.

After finished the proceed of checking in, I walk to my room. Hammock is the first thing that I have found in my room, I like it a lot and I actually come here for the hammock. As I always mention that you will never regret to come here because you will be absolutely close to the nature. I only imagine of laying down on the hammock and I already notice that how nice it is.

First of all, I would like to roughly explain some details of this resort, the room charge is at THB 1200 per person per night, one room can accommodate 2- 3 people. In addition, the mentioned charge is included all activities such as rafting, buffet breakfast & dinner, kayaking. However, please be informed that there is no wifi and television available in the room. The room amenities are only electronic fan, air conditioner and water heater.

I have spent some time in the room for a while, rafting is the first activity that I am thinking of. The rafting activity is available 3 times a day which are 15.30 hrs. - 16.30 hrs. - 17.30 hrs. The distance for doing rafting is about 1.5 kilometers. After I do rafting at about 1.5 kilometers, then the raft will be abandoned and I will need to swim back to the resort. It is a fun activity actually.

Please do not worry about the security, because life jacket will be provided to all rafting joiners.

There is also other activity which is to do kayaking. This is one of the favorite activity for many guests apart from rafting.

I choose to do rafting at 17.30 hrs. but I do not swim, I prefer to be on the raft because it will too hard for me to swim back to the resort.

The atmosphere of this resort is generally nice, it is very suitable for those who like to be close to the river and enjoy seeing the mountain from that far end. Even though, Kanchanaburi province is well known as the city which has very hot weather. But, this quote has been eliminated from my mind once I stay in this resort because the weather is cool down because it is close to the river. Unfortunately, I can stay here only 1 day.

It is so nice to sleep and listen to the flowing stream. The soft wind has softly blown and birds have sung beautifully. It is such a nice place for escape from hasty life.

There various zones of room type at The Forest resort, they are built along the river. You can also see the bridge across River Kwai over here.

We highly recommend to reserve the room in advance because the rooms are always occupied.

It is a good idea to sometimes switch mode from sleeping in the luxurious hotel to sleep on the raft in stead. It is such wonderful moment to hear the stream flowing for the whole night. Once in a lifetime, it is worth for doing this, isn't it?

The rafting at The Forest resort is well designed. Hence, you can ensure that you will not feel dizzy once you are on the raft even during the strongly flowing stream.

In the morning of the next day...

I wake up early for seeing the cloudy fog along the river but I am a bit disappointed because it is not the same as my expectation. I could not see the cloudy fog , I guess this is because of hot weather.

It is the great moment to sip some coffee as well as enjoy seeing the beautiful view in the morning. I really want you join this moment with me.

It is tome to go back to Bangkok,I do not want to go back now since I prefer to be close to the nature rather than being in the hasty society like Bangkok.

Lastly, I would like to thank to The Forest Resort for giving me the chance to stay in such a nice place. For those who would like to escape from hasty life, you are able to reserve the room in advance. The price is very reasonable and I am sure that it is worth for the money that you have paid. I highly recommend to come as group or lovers.

Since this review is the short review, if there are some error, I really apologize for that.

Please feel free to visit resort website as per below;

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 Thursday, May 19, 2016 12:03 PM