Greeting to all ! I had the chance to go to Koh Chang. This island is one of the popular island in Thailand, this would be my second visit during 4 years. This place has been changed a lot from what I have seen previously especially for hospitality industry. There are many new hotels are built, however there are not so many places where can fulfill my need.

I have stayed at Barali Beach Resort & Spa for this trip, this resort is far from Ao Thammachat Pier about 10 kilometers, there is no doubt why this resort is very popular because of its serenity. You are able to enjoy seeing beautiful sea.

First of all, I would like to thank to "Barali Beach Resort & Spa" where has supported me the soft bed throughout the trip, it makes my trip so amazing.

Please feel free to follow our page as per below link;

Barali Beach Resort & Spa is located in the central part of Klong Prao beach, it is on the western part of Koh Chang. The capacity of this resort is 40 rooms, the interior of each room is very beautiful. My room is close to the beach. After the first step into the room, I can feel how soft the bed is. I really like the room and decoration, it is decorated in Bali style.

I continue surveying around the room and discovering that the bathroom is wider than my bedroom. Unfortunately, I did not take the photo of the bathroom to show you in order to have clear view how wide it is. Anyway, it makes me really want to stay in this room as long as possible. Beside is the marble bathtub which is built lower than the floor and surrounded with the mirror. I could imagine that how nice it is.

Below photo is the front area of my room, the greenery surrounding is very nice.

It is time to take some nap as I feel a bit tired due to the long journey. Then, I plan to take some photos of sun twilight in the evening.

After taking some nap on the soft bed, I wander around the resort during sunset. The atmosphere is very nice and it is suitable for the lovers who like the serenity.

Another romantic event of this resort is to arrange wedding, I am not reluctant to take some photos.

I continue talking more photos along the beach especially the photo of last twilight on the sky.

Another nicecorner of this resort, it is at the swimming pool. You can enjoy seeing the beach from this area. Furthermore, the pool bar is also available. For those who bore to drink at elsewhere, pool bar will be the great option. Especially once you come with your lover, you can have a sip while swimming in the pool. How nice it is!

As I mentioned earlier that the bar is closed to the beach, there are various cocktails. This is really good place for arranging beach party.

After sipping the excellent taste of cocktail, it is time to say good night for today. I need to excuse myself to enjoy listening the serenity of tidal wave. I would like to thank to Barali Beach Resort & Spa again for providing me very delicious food. For those who want to have the small party and peaceful atmosphere, I highly recommend to come to this resort. The staffs are very friendly and willing to provide the best service.

Since most of the guests are foreigner, hence the breakfast is provided as international breakfast. You are able to enjoy seeing the beautiful view of the swimming pool on the way to the restaurant for having breakfast.

I forgot to tell that the mountain bikes, kayaking boats and canoeing boats are also available at Beach Club Coffee Shop.

There is limousine service to escort you to Ao Thammachat Pier, it is so convenient.

Last but not least, I would like to thank to Barali Beach Resort & Spa at Koh Chang for offering me the nice accommodation as well as giving me the chance to stay in the beautiful room. Many people might think that the room charge per night will be expensive but it is actually not, it is worth for paying to stay here.

Once again, it is a good place for spending slow life at Koh Chang.

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Tel: +66(0)3955 7091-6

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 Friday, May 6, 2016 4:39 PM