🏕 Enjoy the cold weather and amazing view at Phu Bak Dai Mountain in Loei Province! 🧊

🤪 With this kind of weather? How can you stay at home? Let's go experience the cold weather!  !!

If you are ready, let's go! <3

🚐We left Bangkok on Friday in the evening after work and drove to Phua Ruea in Loei province. It took around 5-6 hours.

To go up, you have to take the E-Tak car from the village (3000 baht for 4-5 persons). At first, I thought it was a bit expensive😭 , However, after seeing the trail, I understood because it was very rough. There is red dust everywhere and I had to cover my nose with a piece of cloth. During the ride, you can experience difficulty and fun at the same time. The trail was around 20 KM long and it took around 1.30 hours to reach the point from which we had to walk for another 3 KM.

ทางชันประมาณ 400 M เดินเรื่อยๆสบายThe steep trail is around 400 KM long and walking up is easy. When you reach the top, it will be another around 2 KM long trail on flat land. Along the trail, you can see the view of Isan's mountains and even as far as the Phu Thap Buek and Phu Kradueng.

The way up the mountain is around 3 KM which is not hard and not too tiring, perfect for beginners of forest hiking.

🐘We walked until around noon when the weather was around 20 degrees Celsius, which was quite cold. At the top, you can choose any spot as your camping site, but preferably somewhere that is not too windy. The weather began to get colder to only 4-6 Celsius.

So, you have to prepare plenty of warm clothes or you will have trouble sleeping at night. It was very beautiful during the sunset. I really recommend this place, especially if you visit with your boyfriend or girlfriend to watch the sunset together. The golden light and the cold weather makes it amazing. 

📸The spot where you cannot miss taking photos is the tricking stones (Hin Lok Luang), where you can take photos to trick your friends. You can pose however you want for the good photos up there.

It is amazing at the top. At night, we set up the tents and lit a small campfire which gave warmth. The sky was filled with millions of stars and the weather is getting closer to 0. It was very cold like in the North.

🌈Waking up in the morning to admire the sunrise was very nice. This trip was very worth it. We got to experience nature fully. Those who want to get away from the chaos, you can visit this place and I assure you that you will not regret it.

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Ig : laokmhai

- Gas 2000 baht divided by 4 people
- E- Tak car trip 3000 baht / 5
- Food 500 baht
Approx. of 1500 baht - you can go with this budget!

💡Contact information
For this trip, I called 096-4151467
Meeting point at Baan Klang School, Amphoe Pla Ba, Phu Reau District, Loei Province

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 Tuesday, April 28, 2020 10:18 AM