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Its nickname is "Titlis", and it is in Switzerland! 

Titlis mountain is located on the border between the cantons of Obwalden and Bern in Switzerland. 

❝ Titlis, the mountain range is covered with snow all year long 

and it is one of the mountain ranges that all tourists dream to visit at least once in their life

Without further ado, let's prepare for our climb up to the peak!! 

I stayed in the city of Winterthur which is quite far away.

I woke up early in the morning and waited for the train in the cold since 5 AM.

To get there, I recommend leaving early in the morning straight to Engelburg

so you can get on the first cable cars at around 8 AM

(I used the Swiss Pass for ticket discounts like the Ice Flyer etc.)

❝From the train station, take the Free Shuttle Bus to Engelburg BET Station 

For those who did not arrive on the same time as the bus, you can walk there. It takes around 15 minutes on foot.

(If you are up for it, you will get there in no time while looking at the scenery)

After arriving, get into the queue for the cable car for Titlis peak

I booked an online ticket in advance. For those who didn't, you can buy one at the counter.

When I went there, there were quite a lot of tourists and many skiers. 

If you want to ski, you can rent the equipment here too.

We will go to the Klein Titlis station (3, 028 metres high) near the Titlis peak

The fun part of riding a cable car is when it leaves the station, it is like going on a ride at Dream World

It swings a little and speeds up when going up the mountain.

With its height almost reaching the sky of

3-2-3-8-metres  ❞

Among the peaks around Lucerne, it is so high up

But let me say that I was having a great time admiring the view and the atmosphere along the way.

The highlight of this place!!! In winter like this, skiing and going up the cable car "Rotair 360" are the best!

 It is the first cable car in the world that can turn around 360 degrees 

so we can admiring the view of the mountain range to our hearts' content. 

❝ The Panorama Terrace viewpoin where you can turn around 360 degrees to look at the view 

The weather is good and very cold so prepare sweaters because the temperature on the peak is below zero.

 Let's walk around and take photos for a while 

Then, we walk through the snow along the trail to other points.

On top, there are many activities to do like...

Take the Ice Flyer ski lift through the cold winds to look at the view available for free using the ticket you bought 

or take a walk on the "Titlis Cliff Walk" suspension bridge

I didn't go there because I was in a hurry and I think you have to pay

On the day I went there, the sky was clear and the weather was good, so I think if I had gone, photos taken on bridge would be have been amazing.

❝ You can say that you can spend the whole day on this mountain from morning to evening ❞

It was quite cold when I visited, with some sun for a little warmth.

But the view while taking the Ice Flyer lift was very beautiful. The wind was cold when it touched my face.

Oh, I almost forgot! There are food and beverages sold on the mountain, but they are quite expensive, around 15 CHF and above.

 I recommend buying or eating at Coop or a Supermarket which is cheaper and more worth your money ❞

But if you're not worried, eating on the mountain is quite nice.

We traveled from morning to evening

Let's admire the atmosphere around the train station

I recommend walking around the station because the view is quite nice.

Finally, I was quite lucky on this trip, but you should go in the early morning.

I thought I should give up because there were so many people when I got there and the queue was so long that it reached the bridge crossing the river

There were lots of tourists and tour groups.

I hesitated but I think I made the decision to get into the queue because the view is like heaven. The mountains are so beautiful!

After walking through the snow, I came down from the mountain by cable car.

 Before going to the train back to Lucerne to travel around the city  

I will find some time to tell you more about my fun visit!


 This is the end of the short review that is not very detailed. Thank you everyone for reading to the end 

Next time I will take you with me and take some more photos. I hope you will read my next review.

Sometimes beautiful descriptions cannot compare with experiencing it yourself

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I'm a new reviewer. Thank you very reading! 

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