Things to do and where to visit in Lampang Province

Why Lampang has always been a place to pass through for travelers to the North?

Let's try to change our perspectives, Lampang might not be just a place to pass through, but a destination :)

It is a charming city with hidden romance and many beautiful tourist attractions. :)

And where should we visit in Lampang? This blog has the answers for you :)

PS. These are only some of the many attractions in Lampang for you to choose from. If you visit for around 3 days and 2 nights, you will discover that it is truly a great city!

1.Chae Son National Park

This is a great place for admiring the view and taking photos. If you are hungry, you can boil some eggs which only takes around 15 minutes! While waiting for your eggs to boil, you can take photos. I assure you that they will taste delicious! (There are eggs for sale at the entrance of the park and inside the park) After boiling the eggs, you will get perfectly cooked yokes which go very well with pepper and soy sauce. 

After eating boiled eggs, you can soak you feet in the hot water or even in your own private room (50 baht per person for both separate and inclusive rooms). But if you don't like the hot water, you can sit around the cold waterfall. Pick whichever you like best :)

2. Phra That Doi Phra Chan Temple

This temple is very beautiful and one of the best viewpoints. From here, you can see the mountains and streams around the area. I recommend coming early in the morning so you can see the fog (if you come late, you will not see the fog but the view is still amazing). It is located on the peak of Doi Phra Chan, Amphoe Mae Ta.

3. Phra That Lampang Luang Temple

This is an old temple that has existed alongside the city of Lampang for ages. It was built in the time of Phra Nang Chamadevi. The Buddha's relics in gold are placed inside and they are the relics of those born in the year of the ox. This temple is one of the important and valuable artistic heritages of Lan Na which is definitely worth the visit. 

4. Street Art Lampang

Artistic paintings can be seen on the walls, and they are embedded with the artistic style of Lampang. Tourists can take photos with cool poses at this location. 

It is located around the walls of the Ratsadapisek bridge's foot, and on the riverside behind Chuan Phu Wa. 

5. Gad Kong Ta Market

It is  a walking street located in the community by the old palace by the river. It is also a very busy night market. Here, you can see many local products, foods and cultural performances. You can visit the market every Saturdays and Sundays from 5 PM to 10 PM. 

6. Take a horse carriage around Tha Ma O Community Village

You can take a relaxing horse carriage to look at the view around the historical and cultural site filled with the sense of the past community. There are points to take photos along the route. You can ask the driver to park at the spots where you want to take photos. The service costs around 350 baht for 40 minutes (3 persons per carriage). However, the price may change depending on the route or the time of departure. You may have to ask for more information upon arrival. 

7. Intra Outlet & Souvenirs  

Those who are looking for nice souvenirs to take home like glasses and ceramic bowls with patterns, look no further because this is the best place to visit as it is the factory of these goods! The products are of good quality and inexpensive. There are beautiful photo spots where you can take photos before going home. 

We hope this blog can be useful for those who plan to visit Lampang Province, a city where you can experience and see lots of beauty of nature and culture.  :)

Readme Team

 Thursday, June 4, 2020 11:43 AM