“Backpack alone to Koh Tao and Koh Nang Yuan for 4 days and 3 nights "

Hello everyone, as this is my first travel review, therefore, I would like to write about Koh Tao in a different aspect. This trip, I decide to travel alone. Some people ask me whether it is difficult to travel alone. I rather say it is awesome and it is such a real challenge to go experience. Moreover, you do not need to wait for anyone when you are all ready. Let's get ready, start the journey and leave the same old routine behind.

Equipment for taking photos in this review trip to Koh Tao and Koh Nang Yuan:

1. Fuji XT10 Len 16-50 and Len 35 F1.4 Camera (the lens consist CPL filters, when shooting just adjust the light. It could take great picture of the sky and sea)

2. Action Cam HD Underwater Camcorder (good quality camera but affordable than Gopro)

3. Tripod Benro A0292TB00 model (could handle approximately 4 kg weight camera).

4. Ocean and Mares Snorkel (great quality).

5. Feelfree Waterproof Bag (10 liters capacity).

6. iPhone 6+

Traveling depends on the feeling.

At first, I choose to travel by rail as same as other reviewers, hence, I could watch and take a photo of beautiful scenery outside the train windows. However, I would not recommend this route.

- The train does not leave on time (Two hours late).

- During the ride, my legs and my bottom got hurt.

- For those who bring much stuff with you, you have to look after the stuff on your own as there are not enough staffs to look after that for you.

- If you book non-reservation ticket or standing ticket, you might need to give your seat up to the person who reserved the seat.

- A waste of time

*** IMPORTANT NOTE*** For the journey from Bangkok to Chumphon, I would recommend a large tour bus + ferry tour of Lomprayah High Speed Ferries Company.

Bus + Ferry tickets cost 1,100 baht altogether. Ticket could be bought at Khao San Road. The bus would depart to Chumphon at around 09:00 pm. and reach Chumphon around 5:00 am early in the morning. Furthermore, you could take the ferry of Lomprayah Company right away when you arrive at Thung Makham Noi Pier.

A large ferry would take approximately 2 and a half hour to Koh Tao and there would be security officers to take good care during the ferry ride.

Review By Adisak J

Single + Couple Traveler

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Review By Adisak J.

Photo By Jittra N.

EP.1 "A free Train ride but missing a night Ferry!!!."

I decided to take a train no.171 line Bangkok - Sungai Kolok. (Free train)

I booked a ferry night ticket of Porntaweesin (Tayang Pier). The train will arrive at Chumphon train station at 11.40pm which I would certainly miss the night ferry!!

Now, I finally reached Chomphon station, no need to rush as I would not catch a ferry ride on time for sure.

I walked to the motorcycle service ride and paid 30baht for a ride to the hotel for tonight sleep. I chose to stay at Fametour residence; they have 2 choices of room which are 250baht per night (shared bathroom) and 300baht (with bathroom) and I chose 300baht room because it is rather convenience. The owner of the hotel gave me the offer of a ticket for van + ferry for 500 baht.

There will be a van picking me up and taking me to the pier

This is a 300 baht room condition.

The owner informed me that the van will leave at 5:40am in the morning and I did buy both van and ferry tickets. After buying the ticket, I then went up to my room to have some rest. The room has two beds which could fit four people comfortably. Today, I am really exhausted so goodnight.

EP.2 "I am going to touch the sky at Koh Tao?!!"

Around 5am in the morning, I heard the knock as the owner tried to wake me up. After I finished taking shower and packed my bags, there is still some time left for a cup of coffee.

A cup of Espresso coffee.

Flyers and brochures.

At the counter inside the shop, there are drinks and breakfast to order.

The owner asked “why are you so tall?" (I don't know how to answer) “How tall are you?" (I am just only 188cm). The owner said that only small amount of Thai people are as tall as European people. I talked with him for a little while and now it's time for my ride to the pier. Before I took off, the owner has given me his business card.

It takes only a short while then I have reached the pier. Wow…so fast.

I then walked straight to the ferry right away with my ticket.

Let's get into the ferry.

It's a large 3-floor ferry including a deck above. I kept my stuff and took my camera and the tripod out in order to take the picture of the scenery in the morning.

Luggage storage room.

My snack in the morning.

It is a picture with a slightly foggy when the ferry is leaving the pier.

A white lighthouse with the rocks that line across the sea.

The first light on the deck (upstairs).

Beside the ferry.

The sun begins to shine and the foreigners start to come up for sunbathing on the deck.

I explored the ship and found that about 90% of the people in the ship are Westerner. There are rather few Asian people.

The second floor of the ferry consists of seats to sit and sleep with the comfy air-con. However, for those who like a nice view, you also could go to the upper deck.

The second floor of the ferry (middle floor).

The first floor of the ferry (ground floor).

Inside the ferry, they also have snack and beverages for sell.

Go up to the upper deck, sipping a Coke. What an awesome feeling.

The color of the sea during the journey.

EP.3 "Reach at the gate to Koh Tao"

After about two hours on the ferry, then I get upstairs and go sunbathing. And I am surrounding with the foreigners who also come up to the upper deck.

The Songserm ferry stickers. Let's set the camera to take some pictures.

My European fellows are laying down sunbathing, nice view.

Selfie myself a little. The wind is rather strong, thus, for those who wear hats need to be careful.

I posted the picture on Fuji X Series Club Thailand web page for reviewing this trip and thankful I got a tour guide lead throughout this journey from this Fuji X Series Club as well.

I tend to see Koh Tao right now.

That small island next to Koh Tao is Koh Nang Yuan.

Getting near the pier.

We could overlook to the beautiful mountains.

Get off at Songserm Ferry Pier.

The bridge stretches out to the shore.

The first step towards Koh Tao.

Get pass a door to the blue world.

EP.4 "Accommodation, Car rental, Sairee Beach".

When reaching the island, first thing to do is to find a map. However, the map is sold with the booking of the hotel room…OMG. I'll find the car rental first then.

I rent a motorcycle from Rambo Travel shop and the motorcycle is very brand new.

The rental fee costs 200baht per day. (No additional deposit).

Before traveling, take a photo of the motorcycle and check the condition of the vehicle before just in case.

I booked a room at the "Jom Thong Guest House" next to the pier as it is really convenient.

The room costs 750 baht and it is a fan room. In a room, they have provided water heater and a refrigerator for you.

At Jom Thong guest house, you would meet with Myanmar staff and they could not speak Thai at all, therefore, you have to speak English with them.

I got a room number "304" (I am feeling some weird energy with this number).

I asked one Myanmar staff: "No Ghost?"

Answer: "No Ghost Sure".

Comfy twin bed.

Another corner.

Nice and clean bathroom.

A fan and a refrigerator.

The space of the room.

View from the door.

Overlook to the pier.

The sit back area for watching the view.

Another view from the corridor.

Photo from iPhone 6.

EP.5 " Blue Water restaurant at Sairee beach. A chic café with delicious cheesecake."

After I check-in the room, I then take a bath, get dress and prepare for food.

As I have mentioned in EP.3 that I have a friend in Club Fuji X Series Club Thailand as my tour guide in this island.

His name is Khun Chanon Boonrod or Khun "Golf" as his nickname.

We agree to meet at Sairee beach as Golf need to discuss some business there. Before going to Sairee beach, I stop over to fill up some gas for 50 baht.

After that I drive ahead to the left side of the clock tower until I reach Sairee beach.

Upon arriving at Sairee beach, Golf has brought me to "Blue Water" restaurant.

"Blue Water".

"Blue Water"

He said that the cheesecake here is really tasty. I ordered smoothies along with cheesecake while he ordered a cup of coffee.

Hot coffee.

Hot Hot.

Cool Smoothies.


This bite is really tasty. Yummyyyyy.

Cheesecake + Smoothies.

Golf works as an interior designer for house and resort on the island. He has meeting with customer throughout the day. However, he finds some spare time taking me to this café shop.

I meet with the manager of this cafe who I would call her "Khun Koi"

She is really generous as we have a little chat and I know that she moved back from oversea to open the restaurant at Sairee beach.

It is because she came to have a vacation at Koh Tao and love the atmosphere here. Moreover, I have been introducing to “Audre" a foreigner who is the assistant at the shop.

The restaurant is still under some construction and decoration, the restaurant has been opened for about three months already. You could order food and drink to sit and chill here.

The atmosphere along the white beach of Sairee beach mixing with the cool sea breeze throughout the day, next time when I return to the island I would definitely come back here.

The counter to order food and drinks.

The restaurant menu has a wide selection.

Another corner.

Go to the rooftop.

You could see the clear blue sky.

From the top of the shop, you could see the clear blue sea and beautiful sky.

At this corner you could overlook the mountains.

Well, thank you Khun Koi for the delicious cheesecake and tasty smoothies.

And thank you Khun Golf for taking me here.

EP.6 "Ao Luek, the layers of the sea".

After that, me and Golf, our tour guide went ahead to "Ao Luek", the route is rather steep and inconvenient.


1. Those who are not a good driver, you should use the island's taxi service.

2. Should wear sunglasses to prevent dust entering the eyes.

3. Should use the rear brake otherwise the car might get crashed.

4. This route should drive along on the way that local people have driven before.

5. It is a place that good for snorkeling.

This route, let's goooooo!!!!!

We drove until we arrived at the entrance of the bay and Khun Golf excuses me to get to work. Though, we will meet again during the late evening for shooting the sunset picture together.

The entrance.

From the sign, "Do not bring food and beverage into this area, Offenders are subject to 2000 baht fine"

On the left side, there is a shady basement, thus, I walked into the area and settled my tripod.

There are shady areas for avoiding the sun and sunbathing and they all are filled with the foreigners.

The sand at Ao Luek.

Coconut hipster. Lol

I really enjoy the cool breeze of the wind in this area. On the right side, there is a bar corner and from there you could see the sea in layers.

The color of the sea contrasts beautifully.

Thank you for these beautiful pictures from Khun Golf. (I am at the rooftop of the bar, but did not take any photo).

EP.7 "Sunset freedom beach"

After I got back from Ao Luek, I returned to my hotel room and took a shower preparing to meet up with Khun Golf during the late evening. We agreed to take some pictures of the sunset at the Freedom beach.

(Actually, Khun Golf will guide me to Freedom beach but on the way back I accidentally came across Freedom beach so I now know the direction).

Before leaving the room, I could shot these two pictures.

Freedom beach is not hard to find, from the pier drive to the clock tower then go straight up to the right side. Go along the way to the Koh Tao resort direction, then pass the resort you would see the sign on the right side for Freedom beach ahead of you.

There are two different walk ways leading to Freedom beach, as I wait for Golf on different track so we miss to take a photo of the sunset today.

However, we could take some pictures of the twilight light instead.

A photo of the ship.

When the ship passes by.

These two pictures, we capture from manual mode of Fuji XT1 from Khun golf camera.

After finished taking pictures, now it is time for some food. Golf takes me to noodle shop which others might think it is just an ordinary noodle shop.

You visit the island and what you eat is just the noodle?? For me, in my opinion, there are a lot of reviews about the seafood out there so why not the local food this time.

The taste of the noodle is not ordinary, it is indeed very delicious. I am amazed how it tastes so good. I ordered beef noodle with meatballs, very yummy.

During the night time.

After finished the meal, we separated and headed back to our accommodation.

That's it for today, I need some rest as tomorrow I have to go and make a reservation for one day trip to go diving around Koh Tao and Koh Nang Yuan.

Goodnight for today.

EP.8 "Diving at Koh Tao and take some photos at Koh Nang Yuan"

I woke up pretty early for my third day of the journey. Let's get some fresh air at the balcony.

Prior to the tour, I have to prepare some equipment for go snorkeling and taking underwater photos.

Today's trip, I booked a one day trip for diving. I drove to the pier and rent a motorcycle for another day at Rambo Travel for 200 baht and then paid 500 baht for diving tour. Additional to that I need to pay 30 baht more for the admission fee at Koh Nang Yuan. In the tour package, they will take us to snorkeling at 4 various points around Koh Tao and then take us to Koh Nang Yuan. And I have to wait at the tour company at 10.00am.

After buying the tour package, and as there is still time left, therefore, I went to find something to eat before the tour begins. I drove to the clock tower for the meal and see the noodle shop on the right hand side, next to the clock tower.

I ordered one bowl of Guay Jap (Chinese Roll Noodles in Thick Soup). Guay Jap with Shiitake is really tasty. It has a rich taste that I feel like taking a cup of coffee. Well, I feel full of energy now.

Guay Jap with Shiitake, very rich flavor.

I have to book for another night at the hotel; however, they only have air-con room left (1200baht). The reservation staff said that now it is close to Full Moon Party, hence, the rooms are pretty full early during this time. Therefore, I decided to book the Au Aon Guest House next to this one instead as there is a fan room at 700 baht tonight. I have to pay deposit at 500 baht and when I check-out I will get the deposit back.

The room is pretty clean and really nice. The view outside is splendid as well.

The balcony in front of the room.

Inside the room.

The balcony to get the sea breezes.

Before going on a tour, I grabbed some iced tea at the shop which located near to Siam Commercial Bank. It is pretty crowded, but it is worth to wait for as their drinks are tasty and cheap. Ice Tea costs only 25 baht.

Let's go snorkeling with Diamond Tour.

During waiting for the boat.

90% are Western people and 5-10% are Asian and Thai.

I am so ready for the snorkeling trip around the island right now.

EP.9 "Underwater World at Second Dive Point".

The tour is led by the Burmese staff who could speak Thai. He informed us that the second point of the diving is really beautiful. You could see a lot of fishes and watch the beautiful underwater view. The sea level for diving is rather deep.

This time the Burmese staff took me to the various diving points and I did take pictures with my Actioncam as well.

After preparing the underwater camera and snorkel, then I ready to go diving now.

A Burmese tour guide.

After the second dive point, it is time for rest and lunch meal. The view is just breathtaking.

"Second Dive Point" From Actioncam HD video cameras.

IG: adisakjaidee

EP.10 "Koh Nang Yuan"

The boat stopped at the island around 03.00pm. They give us time to chill around and diving for 2 hours and the boat will come to pick us up at 05.00pm.

When I arrived at Koh Nang Yuan, I met up with the girl gang who said that it is their first time coming here. I decided to walk to the scenic point, the famous place of this island. You could go diving around the island as the water is beautiful and crystal-clear.

Some useful information:

Koh Nang Yuan consists of three small islands which are Koh Lek (Small Island), Koh Klang (Medium Island) and Koh Yai (Large Island), they all connected by the white sandy beaches.

It is prohibited to bring the plastic bottles into Koh Nang Yuan, this is to preserve the natural environment of the island. In addition, it is not allowed to use fins for diving except those visitor who comes with the resort.

There is only one accommodation on the island which is "Nang Yuan Island Dive Resort". They offer a variety of accommodation to choose from. One day trip tourists need to leave the island before 05.00pm. If you do not choose the tour package to dive on the islands, you also could hire a boat at Sairee beach to Koh Nang Yuan for a round trip at 300 baht.

Scenic point is at Koh Lek area. Ready go!!!

"Welcome to Nang Yuan Island"

Canon girl gang.

30 baht entrance fee at the island.

Ready and Go.

One of the girls in Canon girl gang is a young Japanese girl called “Ari". She came to Thailand for quite a while now.

A famous selfie spot at the island. The view is extraordinary beautiful.

On the way down.

Drinks on the island would be in a glass bottles which drinking water costs 30 baht and a bottle of Coke costs 45 baht.


Once we got off from the boat, we separated to go taking photos of the sunset.

Thank you my trip fellows, Canon girl gang.

Thank you the Burmese tour guide.

EP.11 "The Banana Rock Sunset"

This evening, I have an appointment with Golf as we will go taking pictures at Banana Rock. The road to Banana Rock is quite bad as I almost fell down two times.

I would suggest for those who are not great at driving, please use taxi service for your own safety.

We have a good shot for the twilight light today.

Thank you for the beautiful pictures from Khun Golf camera.

As the light started to disappear into the horizon, it is time to recharge our energy.

The noodle dish is very delicious

After the meal, we will head to the bar.

"Bar Next 2"

The bar owner seems to like the Star Wars movie as the bar was decorated in the Star Wars theme.

Beautiful photos fron Khun Golf who is great at shooting manual mode photos.

This is a bartender "Arisa", which she likes me to call her "Alice". When I am at the island, I barely check my facebook page, only just chill with the nature. Working here is great.

Girl corner.

It's going to be a long night.

After drinking for a while, now it is time to head back. It's a colorful fun night. Good Night.

EP.12 "Return to Chumphon" (The Final Part).

Wake up to feel the sea breezes and the morning sunlight in my last day of the trip. Today, I am not in a rush as in the late morning I just only go to buy a return ticket for the ferry and bus of Lomprayah High Speed Ferries Company.

During the morning time.

The tickets for the ferry and bus cost 1100 baht.

I am very interested in Koh Phangan and Koh Samui, let's plan for the Full Moon Party trip.

I drove to Rambo Travel and asked the rental shop whether there is a nearby area for taking some pictures of beautiful scenery of the sun? Fortunately, the owner is very generous as he guides me there himself.

The scenic point is near Koh Tao Temple. You will notice the sign “Sunset" on the right hand side (Drive from the clock tower).

Overlooking to Koh Nang Yuan.

Packing my bags and prepare to check out, the ferry leaves at 10:15 am.

BYE Koh Tao and Koh Nang Yuan.

You will see the small islands on the left side meaning that it is close to Thung Makham Noi Pier of Lomprayah High Speed Ferries.

Upon arriving, I then handed out the bus ticket to the staff; the bus will leave at 12.30pm and reach Khao San Road around 08.30pm.

Stop over to have a meal and get some drink while waiting for the return trip.

For my single traveler trip to Koh Tao and Koh Nang Yuan this time, I would like to press my thanks to all my fellow travelers throughout this review.

Thank you everyone for reading my review.

Single Traveler to Pattaya, Naklua Market, Naklua Fish Market and Koh Larn Island will be coming out soon.

IG: adisakjaidee

Adisak Jaidee

 Friday, May 27, 2016 3:20 PM