Yanui Beach : Small, Charming Beaches of Phuket

It’s no secret that there are plenty of fabulous beaches in Phuket; but if you want to find one that is small, unspoiled and has an exclusive atmosphere, you have to come to Yanui 

Hidden between Laem Promthep Viewpoint and Naiharn Beach, there was a quiet little beach that hardly anyone knew existed. But after its beauty was discovered, this beach gained in popularity and became known as Yanui Beach.

Although the beach itself is not very wide, it is nicely curved and has sparkling clean water. The soft sand that caresses the feet is another factor that attracts people to this lovely little hideaway.

You don’t really need a lot to feel bliss here, just a quiet spot to lie down, a good book, some gentle breeze, lovely view and an occasional tourists to keep you company.

With an atmosphere like this, it is just as nice to come alone or with someone special to share the moment.

Bringing the whole family to enjoy pure beach fun is great, too. Adults could go canoeing and swim in the cool water while children have fun building sand castles.

Those who are passionate about taking photos would definitely enjoy Yanui Beach. The area offers many cool backdrops for picture-taking and interesting rock boulders to climb on or use as prop in the photo-shoot.

During sunset, this spot offers just as amazing a scenery as the one in Laem Promthep, and much less crowded for that matter.

Now that you know about Yanui Beach, don’t forget to highlight it on your list of not-to-be-missed. This little beach of Phuket is really brimming with happiness that never ends.


                   Saturday, May 30, 2020 1:22 PM