Banana Beach charming beach of Phuket

Another small, lovely beach with a view is Gluay Beach (Banana Beach) located just fifteen minutes from Chalong Bay. It is one of the two beaches on Coral Island (koh Hay), a popular island not far from Phuket.

Banana Beach is a well-loved beach with architectures harmoniously built in thedesign of the Hornbill’s beak and nest. This is because the island is a natural habitat of this majestic bird species.

There are lots to do here from sun-bathing on lounge chairs, swimming, diving, canoeing or whatever your heart desires. Anything can be arranged for your pleasure.

For a little excitement that requires good balance and teamwork among friends, we recommend the banana boat. And if you wish to fly high above the water, parasailing is a must. For a few minutes, you can enjoy the same elation as the birds when they soar high in the sky.

    But if you prefer to explore the mysterious under-water world, there is a scuba diving school that offers courses, too. You will be amazed how beautiful and addictive it is to see the corals up close and swim among the colorful fish.

    We ended today’s trip with a great meal that comprised of all our favorite menus. Special thanks to Banana Beach, Coral Island for this wonderful opportunity.

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     Wednesday, June 10, 2020 7:14 PM