"Listening to the flowing of water and soft music in the midst of chill weather greatly helps the body to relax from stress. "

If you want to know if it's true like I said, try to experience that atmosphere once. Especially if you are working in a large city like Bangkok and its suburbs, where daily life is very chaotic. For instance, you are constantly exposed to toxic air from the PM 2.5 and need to wear a protective mask, making you can hardly breathe. Try to find free time to breathe fresh air and let the nature help the body to relax better.

Details of this trip:

1. Location: Sai Yok View Resort, Kanchanaburi

2. Transportation: Morchit station> Kanchanaburi Bus Terminal> Kaeng Cho village> Resort

I started traveling from the Mo Chit Bus Terminal by taking a mini bus Bangkok - Kanchanaburi (The advantage of a minibus is that the seat is comfortable with a safety belt like a car. There is also a USB plug for charging the phone and a mini screen showing the speed of the car.) It takes about 3 hours to arrive at Kanchanaburi Bus Terminal. From there, there are 2 options to go further, we can either take the red bus or the Sangkhlaburi van and I chose the latter. The van is located behind behind the Bus Terminal. Don't forget to tell the van that we want to get down in front of Kaeng Cho village, otherwise, we could miss the stop, haha. The van takes about 2 hours to arrive in front of Kaeng Cho village. Now, we can call the resort to pick us up and very soon, we will reach the resort. As for the return journey, the resort will have a car to drop us in front of Kaeng Cho village (where we got off when coming). Then, we will take the red bus to go back to the Bus Terminal (the first option that I didn't choose earlier, haha). On the way back, the red bus is the only option because the van will not stop. Despite no AC, the cool air coming into the bus made me feel colder than the van, haha. 

3. Time for check in and check out: Check in at 2 p.m.  and check out at 12 p.m..

4. Food: Eating is a big issue and the resort provides us with two meals. The first meal is a buffet dinner on the day of our arrival, starting at 6.30 p.m.. The food is served in rice and side dishes. On the day I went, the menu included shrimp salad, stir-fried vegetables, stir-fried vermicelli, stir-fried chicken, crispy fried chicken, a soup, stir-fried spicy catfish, and ended up with watermelon and pineapple, the beverage was a drinking water. The other meal is for breakfast on the second day. There were bread, pancakes, sausages, ham, fried eggs, fried rice, fruits, and beverages including water, orange juice, Milo, Ovaltine and coffee. The food here is quite delicious. In addition, the resort also has snacks and drinks (with and without alcohol) for further purchase. 

5. What's in the room: Towels, soap, shampoo, a hair dryer, water heater (with gas system which was a little difficult to use) and also drinking water (no fridge and TV).

6. Resort activities: The resort offers dragging a raft to jump into the River Kwai behind the resort activity. But the water flowing is strong, please be careful to flow along the river, haha. There will be 2 times of this activity, which are around 4 p.m. and 5 p.m.. For those who are not strong enough, you can simply sit on the raft, no need to jump into the water.

7. Summary of all expenses:

- Room rate for a night is 1,200 THB/ person.

- Bangkok-Kanchanaburi mini bus costs 120 THB, a round trip is 240 THB.

- Sangkhlaburi van is 115 THB.

- Red bus fare is 60 THB.

Total is approximately 1,735 THB.

Notes:There may be additional costs from eating while traveling due to hunger.

Finally, I would really like you guys to get to experience this close-up nature atmosphere, listen to the running water, feel the cool mist in the morning. Just give it a try once and I'm sure you will fall deep for it. 😊

General atmosphere: 

The room type is a private house raft. The back of the room is on the waterfront. There are chairs to sit, chill, sleep and watch the stars during the night too.

Open the door and go straight out to jump into the water, but the water is very strong, please be careful to flow along , haha.

The waterfront zone has two swimming pools, indoor and outdoor. One is a pool where you can wear whatever suits to swim and the other one is a large pool open until 9 p.m. located in the Villa zone and you must wear a swimsuit. If you like to swim, simply prepare a swimsuit so that you can jump right in when you are here. 

Waking up the next morning to find the fog that was very thick, I have to repeat that it's very thick. It's very suitable for walking and taking beautiful pictures before enjoying breakfast.

Sipping a cup of coffee while looking at this view, was so good. 

The fog started to fade at 8 a.m. and the light would shine in, it's the best time to take photos because the light was incredibly beautiful. 

Finally, I'd really like you guys to feel the atmosphere of this style once. You can enjoy this with friends, lover, and family or go alone and join other people along the trip as well. 

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 Tuesday, June 16, 2020 3:49 PM