Cebu - Philippines, Let's see what is so good about this island!! written by Hungry Traveller

This is my very first time in Philippines and my destination this time is "Cebu Island". First time here.. and you love it already?? Why do I love it here, you may wonder?? Please go through this 'Mini review' and you will understand.. Visit my page here >>

Cebu - Philippines, Let's see what is so good about this island!!

Cebu - Philippines, Let's see what is so good about this island!!

This is my very first time in Philippines

and my destination this time is "Cebu Island".

First time here.. and you love it already??

Why do I love it here, you may wonder??

Please go through this 'Mini review' and you will understand..

Visit my page here >> (:

Cebu is one of 7,641 islands in Philippines. It is one of the huge islands in Philippines with long rich history. Cebu is also used to be a capital city of Philippines. It is one of the most developed islands of the country as well. Moreover, Cebu is a house of many beautiful natural attractions. As a result, the island has been a dream destination of many travelers from all over the world and a lot of them have made it here..

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what is actually so good about Cebu??

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1. Being a Mermaid/ Merman swimming with a friendly gigantic creature, "A Whale Shark"

@Oslob whale shark watching, Oslob, Cebu, Philippines

One remarkable experience that you shouldn't miss for any reasons when in Cebu and it actually makes Cebu well known all over the world is this

"swimming with whale sharks at Oslob!"

Whale shark or known as butanding among locals is the largest fish on the planet today .

Even though we generally learn that sharks are dangerous, whale sharks are different. They are very friendly and not aggressive. Whale sharks don't even have sharp teeth like any other sharks. They eat only plankton. Therefore, whale sharks are harmless to humans and yes, we can swim with them safely.

However, scuba divers know well that it is not easy to find them and this really depends on how lucky you are. Well, whale sharks here at Oslob are not like any others. You can just snorkel to see them here. They are always around to eat what local fishermen prepare for them every morning.

Those who are not brave enough to go into the water, can just watch them from the boat. On the other hand, those who want to get closer to these gigantic creatures can snorkel or scuba dive right away. Snorkeling actually gets you to be very close to them already.

You can enjoy swimming with them as much as you can as if you were a mermaid or merman.

If you want to have a magnificent underwater shot with these largest fishes on the planet, you should come here!!

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2. Canyoneering, A Lifetime Extreme Adventure!

@Badian, Cebu, Philippines

One of the most extreme activities you can attend when in Cebu, Philippines is 'canyoneering'

The starting point is at the top and canyoneering will let you climb down through cliff and rocks which some parts is where the blue waterfall is flowing. This is also including abseiling into the water.

The highlight of this activity would be rock climbing and waterfall jumping. You need to do whatever it takes to go through these obstacles. Some parts are very narrow that one person can go through at a time and some are similar to the caves with stalagmites and stalactites that you need to walk through.

I am telling you that this is "a lifetime experience" especially that this canyoneering is by the blue lagoon and in the middle of pure nature. You will feel totally refreshing all the times.

This canyoneering last about 3 hours and trust me it is very energy consuming.

You need to be "strong!" in order to accomplish this.

If you like an extreme adventure,

this is your absolute resolution!

. . .

3. Cliff jumping, Be dare to Jump off a 5-floor high Cliff at Kawasan Falls

@Kawasan Falls, Badian, Cebu, Philippines

It is about half an hour by feet to travel from cayoneering spot to Kawasan Falls.

Kawasan Falls is known as one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world.

It is a three-stage cascade waterfall and you can jump off the cliff at all stages. The highest cliff is about 150-meter high which is about 5 floors high. This is also a good viewpoint spot. What is so special about this waterfall is the blue lagoon where you will jump into down below. Blue lagoon is in clear turquoise color which is different from other waterfalls.

If you are not afraid of heights, you have to come and jump off the cliff here..

Are you dare to jump off??..


. . .

4. Swimming in Blue Lagoon, Kawasan Falls

@Kawasan Falls, Badian, Cebu, Philippines

If you are not dare to jump off the cliff, you can just come down to the blue lagoon of Kawasan Falls and swim instead.

The water is totally pure in turquoise color which is absolutely attractive to swim in. It also helps to cool yourself down in the hot weather.

No more waiting, let's swim in!

Don't forget to take the bamboo raft to get to the waterfall,

and let the water go through your body.

It is like a relaxing massage but done by the nature.

This is actually a world-class spa!!

. . .

5. Sumilon Island's Sandbar, A Separated Sea.. with Crystal clear water

@Sumilon Island's Sandbar, Cebu, Philippines

There is an island called Sumilon not far from Oslob. It is very well-known for its super crystal clear water.

Sumilon is a private island where there is only one resort on the island. As you can guess, the room is very expensive.

For a low budget traveler like me can only afford a-one day trip here. I buy a package tour for a day trip to this Island. I will have lunch and swim here. For your information, it takes about 20 - 30 minutes to get here.

What you shouldn't miss is 'sandbar' or 'separated sea' which is on the western part of the island.

It is a sandbar laid into the sea. Well, it is not as long as the one in Krabi though.

However, the water here is super crystal clear and the sands are totally white.

You will love it just like I do.

. . .

6. Snorkeling, Exploring Underwater world, and Finding Nemo..

@Sumilon Island, Cebu, Philippines

You need to swim to the left-hand side for only a few meters from the sandbar on Sumilon Island,

there you will find a huge marine protected area with so many shallow coral reefs.

You can snorkel happily. The coral reefs are all abundant and there are numbers of colorful fishes. These fishes are friendly, they come and greet all tourists warmly.

You can also look for a clown fish here or you can even find his friends whom shown in the animation "Finding Nemo".

You can snorkel here as long as you want. You manage your own time.

Trust me, you will forget the world behind and have fun exploring this beautiful underwater world..

I give it all, my energy I have!!

. . .

7. Infinity Pool, Nothing can come between Me and the Nature..

@Infinity pool, Bluewater Sumilon Island Resort, Philippines

The program in the afternoon after snorkeling in the western part of Sumilon Island is to go to Bluewater Sumilon Island Resort.

I am here at the resort to cool down a bit by swimming freely in the infinity pool. I would say that it is another "must do" activity here.

One-day trip package in Sumilon Island includes the complementary use of facility in Bluewater Sumilon Island Resort as if you were a guest of the resort.

You can get a massage or spa treatments here as well which will be done in a private cottage overlooking amazing sea view.

Anyway, let's talk more about the Infinity pool. Infinity pool is a fresh water swimming pool that allows you to view 180 degree of spectacular nature scene.

Once you reach the edge of the pool, you will feel so free since there is no obstacle between you and the nature.

There you can try to close your eyes and listen to the sounds of waves.

Then you should let a fresh breezy air in to your body,

let your mind say hi to the wind,

and let yourself expose to the warm sunlight..

This is where you will get a natural beautiful pose for your photo. Then it is time to let all your friends envy you by uploading it on the social media.

. . .

8. Oslob Municipality Heritage Park, Ancient architectures.. that let us go over the history

@Oslob Municipality Heritage Park , Philippines

You can take a motor tricycle from Oslob to Oslob Municipality Heritage Park.

It is about 9 kilometers or about 15 - 20 minutes long to get there.

There are ancient architectures by the sea in this heritage park including church, fortress, ancient wall, and old classical buildings made of corals.

Taking a photo with the ancient wall here would give you a vintage feeling truly.

But if you come with your special one and take a photo here, it would make a perfect location for pre-wedding shoot..

After exploring these ancient architectures, don't forget to go for a walk in the garden by the beach.

There you will see a beautiful sea view as well as a magic of nature as the water is in different colors according to the depth of the water.

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