Riverkwai Resotel a peaceful accommodation in Kanchanaburi that we just discovered. ^_^ After worked hard for many months, we finally had some free time during weekdays. So we organized a plan to traveled to Kanchanaburi. We didn't want to do any activities, Didn't need any entertainment. We just wanted to escape from the hustle and bustle of Bangkok. Because we had never been to Kanchanaburi before and didn't have much time to planned, so we reserved rooms here based on various reviews. We looked for the convenient place to stay, comfortable, beautiful and peaceful.

We drove from Bangkok with no hurried and stopped to eat, stopped by the gas station along the way. It took about 3 and a half hours to arrived at the accommodation.

In fact, we were able to drove to Phutakian Pier. And took a boat to cross the Kwai Noi River to reached the accommodation straight away that would be more convenient and used less time to drove. When we arrived there would be a staff prepared a small motorcycle with little trailer aside to took us and our luggages to the lobby. (The parking lot is a bit away from the lobby. Can walk but we had a lot of things to carried so got on their vehicle was better) 

After arrived at the lobby and already checked-in to the Riverkwai Resotel. The staff took us to the room. Actually, it could be called a small house. And since we booked 2 adjoining rooms, the rooms we got were 2 adjoining rooms with connecting doors. 

The room was very nice and spacious.

The higher roof like this makes the room look wider and more airy. I liked that there was a day bed in the room. Very comfortable.

There were drinks in the fridge with the listed price. We got 2 bottles of free water, there were 2 hangers and umbrellas in each room.

The bathroom was also very spacious and separated wet and dry parts. I really like this kind of bathroom.

After we surveyed the rooms, we went to walked around the resort. You can see that the rooms were set apart. Give us the utmost privacy. Although we came during the dry season, on the way we drove we saw all the dried trees on the mountains. But the grass and trees in the resort were so beautiful and green, really shady.

The highlight here was the raft that extended into the Kwai Noi River. Here was the  pier that the boat from Phutakian Pier would came up. There were staffs took care of all the time.

There is also a path along the Kwai Noi River where we can come to see the view or taking photos here, the view is really good.

Beautiful and very shady

Beside the pool there is a small bar as well. You can order any baverage here either coffee, beer or cocktails. The bar here would be closed at 9pm and the pool would be closed at 8pm. It may look like it closes a bit early. But I think it is very good because we can be sure that there wouldn’t be noisy at night.

After a short stroll and took lots of photo, it was time for dinner. We were lazy to drove off the resort to eat out. So we decided to had dinner at the restaurant here.

In the evening, the resort turned on the lights around and that made the resort look so beautiful.

There was breakfast buffet in the morning, including fried eggs, freshly mde omelets, hams, sausages, french toasts, pancakes, coffee, tea, fruit, milk, and also cereals.

We checked out from the resort around 11 o'clock and came out with the impression and the fully charged power :)

Overall, we were very impressed with the Riverkwai Resotel. The atmosphere, the rooms, and the service were so great! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 

Sometimes staying in the capital city for a long time and work hard could make you feel so exhausted. So if you have some holidays, don’t forget to take yourself and your loved ones on vacation, go travel, relax and being close to nature. That would let us have the strength to cope with the obligations that are still waiting for us in our busy daily lives.

In terms of room rates we recommend checking directly with the resort. Or on various booking websites. Because Riverkwai Resotel has many types of rooms, many views, and there are also different promotions in each period.

Contact :

"Riverkwai Resotel" 

55 Village No. 5, Wang Krajae, Sai Yok District, Kanchanaburi Province 

Contact number 026425497 

Website https://www.riverkwairesotel.net/

Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/RiverKwaiResotel/

Kaewta :)

 Wednesday, July 15, 2020 3:47 PM