Welcome to Koh Payam

- - - This is my adventure team of this trip - - -

Starting our journey with bus booking from Bangkok to Ranong through http://booking.busticket.in.th

The bus departures from Bangkok at 8.30 pm. and arrives to Ranong at 6.00 am.

We have our first meal at Ranong Ocha Dim Sum Restaurant then heading to the pier.

We book a speed boat ticket with Baan Lung Ngao for 350 THB per ticket. There is also pick up service, if you are interested please see the name card below.

We can see Koh Song of Myanmar and Koh Chang of Ranong from the boat.

Here we are, "Koh Payam".

We rent a motorbike for 150 THB per day and gasoline for 35 THB per bottle.

We ride to the bungalow at Ao Yai.

This is where we are staying "Deeland Bungalows" again.. If you are interested see the name card below^^

The bungalow is located in front of the beach, room rate at 500 THB per night. Electricity will provide from 6.00 pm. until midnight only.

This is our bungalow for tonight.

No air condition but there is electronic fan in some rooms only.

There is only curtain to cover the bathroom...

After put everything in our room, we ride motorbike around the island such as Hin Talu, Ao Khao Kwai.

Then go to Hippy Bar which is pirate style bar.

Happy dog is running around.

Before go back to our room, we stop by Koh Payam Temple which is locate in the sea as in the picture.

During the way back, we find this nice restaurant "Nuch Udon Restaurant" which is not too expensive.

These are some menus.

Sunset at Ao Yai...so beautiful.

BBQ party tonight^^

Tonight we can see clear sky and they said that there are meteor shower tonight. So we are waiting to see.

While waiting...

The water raises in the morning with high wave so it is not a good time to go in.

As water raise up, it is should be more beautiful at Blue Sky Resort. So let's go find out>>>

While waiting for the boat to go back at "Nuch Duck Noodle"

Postcard of Koh Payam memorial

When I look back, I said to myself that I will definitely come back to Koh Payam again.

- - - Thank you for joining my trip - - -

Little Princess

 Thursday, May 19, 2016 12:00 PM