Greeting to all! After I have spent sometimes on following up Mae - Kampong village review, I envy those voyagers. I have promised myself that I will go to this place once I have time in the future. I personally like to travel and see the nature especially in the mountain. For those who have followed up my page, they will notice that I like to travel in the greenery zone. Whenever I would like to travel somewhere I will search for some information in Pantip forum.

For this trip,it is around 7000 kilometers from Khon Kaen passing Phetchabun - Phitsanulok - Uttaradit - Lampang - Chiang Mai. Even though, it is far but I am familiar with this already. Why don't I take the plane? Many people might have this question it is because I would like to enjoy seeing the stunning view along the way.

So, let's go back to the point. First of all, I would like to thank to Samranchon Home Stay who has support me the accommodation for doing the review at Mae Kampong and I also thank to GPS which leads me to Mae Kampong. Actually, GPS might not be necessary because it is no difficult to go to this place. You just simply drive along the way to San Kam Phaeng District till Mae On District and continue driving up to the mountain. Please be note that it is during the process of road renovation, please be careful while driving.

Please feel free to visit my page as per below;

After spending 8-9 hours of journey, I eventually reach in front of the village, it is the landmark for photo shooting where many tourists like to come to this place once they come to Mae Pong. Today is very sunny but the weather will be more cooler in the forest. I have starred at this corner for while and felt a bit surprised of the houses which are built on the mountain, they are nicely arranged.

As I know, Mae Kampong is divided into 2 zones which are outer Mae Kampong and inner Mae Kampong, most of homestay are over there. I need to drive a bit further . It is very nice and attractive place.

Before reaching inner zone of Mae Kampong, my body has reminded me to get a cup of coffee. I have ever read the review of Mae Kamphong and found out that there are many interesting coffee cafes. The first one that I would like to try, it is " Lung Pud & Pah Peng coffee cafe", it is actually the highlight of Mae Kamphong. Many tourists usually come here for taking the photos and sipping a cup of coffee. The outstanding point of this coffee cafe is the waterfall, it is just behind the cafe.

I have spent time to indulge with the beautiful nature for a while. It is such the perfect moment to have a sip of coffee and listen to the natural stream. It can also say that this is the place where natural lovers usually gather together. It is worth for coming here.

It is time to leave Lung Pud & Pah Peng coffee cafe, it suddenly pops up into my mind that it is actually another coffee cafe which also serves good taste of coffee. It is Chom Nok Chom Mai coffee cafe, it is also listed as the recommended coffee cafe at Mae Kamphong. It is quite crowded today because it is the weekend. I need to queue up in order to find the nice corner to talk some photos.

Chom Nok Chom Mai is located in the highest zone of Mae Kamphong, you are able to enjoy seeing the spectacular view of small villages which are surrounded by the forest. I am really jealous of the local people because they stay in nicely natural diversity.

After the stomuch is fulfilled, it is time to explore the area. There is one attraction that should not be missed, it is Mae Kamphong waterfall, it is not far from Chom Nok Chom Mai coffee cafe. Since, the way to waterfall is quite steep, hence it is necessary to be tolerant while walking. However, if you prefer to drive the car to this place, it is not an issue.

In fact, there are many layers of Mae Kamphong, but the staffs has allowed us to see only 3 layers. Unfortunately, I could not reached the third layer because I feel so tired.

After visiting the waterfall, I keep taking photos of nearby area. The next destination is to pay respect to Buddha statue at Wat Kantrapruksa. There is the Buddhist chapel located in the middle of the waterfall. It is really amazing.

After walking for a while, I have reached Wat Kantrapruksa, this is the sacred temple of Mae Kamphong. It is close to the main road, it is not difficult to find. The outstanding point of this temple is Buddhist chapel as mentioned earlier. For those who plan to visit Mae Kamphong, please do not miss visiting this place because it is very beautiful.

Once I look around Mae Kamphong, I have found greenery surrounding. It is really friendly to my eyesight. This is one of the unseen place where I really passionate. The local people told me that the weather is cold and high humidity throughout the year. There is no doubt why moss are grown up very well in this area.

It is time to take rest after long walking, I will stay at Samranchon Home Stay. For those who have ever watched "Lost in Thailand" movie, you might get familiar with this home style, it is decorated with greenery trees which match with the surrounding very well. Furthermore, there is the small stream behind this Home Stay, I can simply get to the stream at the balcony. I would like to thank to Samranchon Home Stay for supporting me the accommodation as well as granting me the chance to listen to the natural stream and indulge with the nature.

In the evening, the dinner has been served, it looks really appetizing. I feel hungry because I did not eat anything apart from coffee. After finishing the dinner, I feel asleep. I highly recommend you come to stay in Home Stay.

Good morning... the time passes extremely fast, the weather is very cold, let's take utmost fresh breath of the atmosphere at Mae Kamphong. I will leave Mae Kamphong in a few hours, I really want to terminate the time over here.

The weather is very nice in the morning, I prefer to take some more photos while awaiting for the breakfast.

Here comes breakfast, they are porridge and banaba... it is so nice... Samranchon Home Stay is the suitable place for spending slow life.

It is time to continue our trip, it is time to leave Mae Kamphong, 1 day trip passes so fast. If you are planing to come to Mae Kamphong, I highly recommend to come to stay at Samranchon Home Stay, you can either come as couple or group.

Lastly, I would like to thank to greenery way to Mae Kamphong, Samranchon Home Stay and Nong Benz who has provided good service. If I have a chance to come back at Mae Kamphong in the future, I will definitely come to indulge with the beautiful nature over here. I really like this place.

For those who like to come to Mae Kamphong, it is not so difficult, it is about 50 kilometers from Chiang Mai's downtown. You are able to access to this place by driving pass Sam Kam Phaeng district to Mae On district and another way is to pass Doi Saket district and tuurn at Pong Din junction. Please be careful while driving because it is during the process of renovation.

** PS. I recommend to come in weekdays in order to avoid traffic jam.**

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